Keep you in my arms

Chapter 158 You Are Cheating On My Marriage!

Angela stood outside and saw his perfect figure through the frosted glass. She swallowed and muttered
in her heart, 'Is this hotel deliberately made into such a glass bathroom? If he saw her body, it would be
too good for him?

That was why she asked him to wash first. After the test, she could know it can see clearly. She would
never be watched by him to wash. But how could she stop him from looking at her?

Twenty-five minutes later, Edward came out with a bath towel. He wiped his wet hair. Angela came over
and said to him, "Mr. Lucas came to you and said that he had something important to tell you face to
face! I asked him to wait outside when you just took a shower. "

Lucas? Why did Lucas come to him at this time?

Edward frowned but didn't think too much. He dried his hair and took off the bath towel.

Ah... She had seen everything.

Angela didn't expect him to be so casual. She was so scared that she broke out in a cold sweat and
forgot to turn around.

Edward put on his clothes naturally and opened the door. Lucas, who was standing outside, greeted
him as soon as he saw Edward, "Mr. Edward."

"Yes. What can I do for you?"

At this time, the door slammed shut, and the two of them were somewhat confused. After a while,
Lucas was confused, "Isn't Mr. Edward looking for me?"

"Am I looking for you?"

"Yes! Mrs. Angela just called and said that you have something to talk with me face to face. She asked
me to come here. "

"……" This girl's mind couldn't be understood by ordinary people!

Edward put his hands in his pockets and sighed angrily.

'Mr. Edward asked me to come here. Why are he so angry now?'

Lucas's heart was in his throat, waiting for Edward's answer.

Thirty minutes later, in the cafe, Edward's phone rang. He glanced at the message and found it was
from Angela. She asked him where he had gone.

Where are he going? Didn't she lock him outside?

Edward sneered, which made Lucas, who was sitting opposite to him, sweating.

"That's all for today. Arrange more people to keep an eye on Carl."

"Yes, Mr. Edward!" Seeing him leave, Lucas heaved a sigh of relief.

In the hotel room, when Angela heard the doorbell, she ran to open the door and greeted him with a
smile, "Have you finished your talk?"

Edward stared at her coldly. If it had been in the past, she would have trembled with fear. But now, she
didn't think it was terrible. It made her happy to take a shower smoothly.

She closed the door and turned around, but was thrown against the wall by him.

"Ah..." Her back hit a cold and hard wall, and she squinted in pain.

"Can you explain why you locked me outside?" He got close to her, imprisoned her and questioned her.

"How did I lock you outside? Didn't you walk out by yourself? "

"Stop pretending." Edward raised his eyebrows.

"I... I..." Now that her goal was realized, there was nothing to hide. She muttered, "Who let you choose
such a room? I can't even take a good shower. "

He glanced at the bathroom. Some hotel's bathroom was made of frosted glass, so he didn't pay
attention to it. Was that why she asked him to go out?

He looked at her complaining face again and said, "We're married. There's nothing to do with the

It had been more than once that she was still so polite. He had wanted to give her more time, but now it
seemed that he couldn't wait any longer. He had to make her adapt to the intimate relationship between
the two.

They had a contractual marriage, but he always took it as a real marriage these days. Angela was not
satisfied with this. "Edward, I think it's necessary for us to make it clear! Let me get something first! "

Seeing her walk into the room, Edward didn't stop her and let her go. Angela went to take the suitcase,
and then took out a document bag from it. She took out a piece of paper and put it in front of him. "It's
written on the paper and this is your signature. We just have a contractual marriage. Don't always think
that I really marry you! "

"What are you talking about? Where did you get this? " He showed an inexplicable expression.

"Don't..." She turned the paper over and was stunned when she saw the words on the contract.

"Where are the signature?" What was going on? Why did their signatures disappear?

She had not yet recovered from the shock and looked through the contract again. She did not see the
corner of his mouth curling up.

He grabbed her slender arm and pulled her to the bed.

"No! Edward, wait! How could it be missing? "

At the bedside, he took the paper from her hand and put it on the bedside table. He said indifferently, "I
went to your house to propose and spent a lot of money to marry you. You are my legitimate wife."

As soon as he finished speaking, she was thrown onto the bed by him.

"Ah..." When she screamed, his soft and wet lips fell on her neck.

Edward's expression was serious. For a moment, even she thought they hadn't signed any agreement.

"Edward! Get away from me! " She pushed him, but he didn't move.

All of a sudden, the soft part of her body was pinched, and she trembled. Her face was hot, but her
body froze. He sensed her reaction and thought she was too interesting, so he released her and sat up
to take off his clothes.

Seeing this, Angela held his hand and said, "Edward, you can speak as you like. Why do you take off
your clothes?"

"How can we have a wonderful night if not take off my clothes?" He smiled faintly.

Angela was disturbed by his words and didn't know how to respond. When she came to her senses, he
had thrown away his clothes and wanted to take off her coat.

She stopped him in a hurry, "Hey, hey... What are you going to do? "

He couldn't help but press down and stroked her face with his finger pulp. "You should get used to our

His warm and gentle breath swept across her face, instantly ignited the flames all over her body. She
blushed and turned her head away. She didn't dare to look into his charming eyes. His eyes caught her
smooth neck, so he kissed her naturally.

She pushed him away and said anxiously, "Edward! Get way! "

When she was about to lift her foot to kick, he grabbed it. He smiled faintly and touched her feet with
his hand. She was so angry that her eyes widened.

When his hand hooked on her trousers, she quickly grabbed his hand and said, "Enough! Why don't
you explain the contract to me now? Did you change my documents? "

"Don't talk too much at this time." He smiled slightly, but his eyes were as cunning as a fox.

If she didn't say anything or resist, she would have be forced to have a sex.

She pinched his hand with all her strength and asked, "When did you become so despicable?"

He frowned and asked, "How despicable I are?"

"You changed my documents! You are cheating on my marriage! "

"Ha ha..." He wasn't in a hurry to enjoy his wife and answered, "I don't know what document you are
talking about, let alone change it. We went to the Civil Affairs Bureau together, and we attended the
wedding together. I didn't tie you up. Well, I know you have read too many novels. You always think
about something strange. Stop it... "

In terms of lies, she had lied to him a lot!

Just now, he was just teasing her. When the two of them played, he also felt his body getting hotter and
hotter. She could still struggle for a while when playing, but how could she resist if it was serious?

"Don't... HMM... "