Keep you in my arms

Chapter 161 It's Cold On The Ground. Get Up

"Even you are bullying me..." She cried on the ground.

Rubbing his temples, Edward got out of bed and squatted down. "Didn't you just say that such a thing
happened in this era was nothing?"

"What can I do? Can I kill you? Boo... Boo..." She choked with sobs, but the more she felt wronged.

So in fact, she still cared about.

"That's to say, Aaron was right. Is this a duplicity?"

She was not the kind of person who affirm with her lips but deny in her heart.

"You know clearly that I want to go to school. If I am pregnant, I can do nothing. You didn't mention
about the baby thing originally. And you said that if I marry you, you will let me study at ease."

He was stunned and didn't know how to answer.

At first, he did want to give her a good environment, but now he was only afraid that she would leave
him. Thinking about it, he felt ridiculous. The thing he used to despise, he had done all them because
of her.

"Will you fall in love with someone else if you pass the examination?"

Angela had never seen him so worried about losing something, although it was just for a moment.

Seeing her in a daze, he lowered his head and sneered.

"The floor is cold. Get up." Then he pulled her up.

That night, Angela went back to the Yan Family with him. After dinner, she stayed there for another
hour. Angela tugged at Edward's sleeve to express that she want to leave, because she had not done
finish reading the book.

Knowing that she was urging him to go back, Edward glanced sideways and then looked at the tea
table to refill the tea for his father and mother.

"There is a sacrificial ceremony in September, which was held by the ancestor of the Qing Dynasty.
Angela was just entered our family, she should also went back to give a worship. Moo moo, now that
you have a family, you have to learn how to deal with a lot of things."

Although Jonson was not very satisfied with her, he couldn't treat her shabbily since she had married
into the Yan Family. And in the C Area, the most sincere way to admit a woman was to allow her to
worship and attended the traditional etiquette.

Although it only took four hours from H City to C District, it would take at least three days to go back
and forth! Angela was already unhappy because of the lie of Edward, and now she had to delay her
study. She was totally in a bad mood.

She pinched him hard on the back of his waist. The latter was stunned but expressionless. "Yes!"

Half an hour later, in the room.

"Edward, if you want to go back, you can go back by yourself. I will live in Lesley's house from
tomorrow on!" Marriage was always a busy thing. The Yan Family was rich, and they were looking
forward to a grandchild. If she didn't leave early, she would really spend the rest of her life in it.

She didn't mean to ask for his permission. After that, she packed up and was about to leave.

As soon as she opened the wardrobe, she saw her previous clothes hanging in it.

Edward was crazy. He said he would keep her as a mistress from the very beginning. He led her into
the trap step by step, but failed. He took her things and forced her to accept his gifts. He cheated her
with the marriage agreement and wanted to trap her in the Yan Family to give birth to his child.

She took out the clothes from the wardrobe, put them in her bag, and slammed the door.

With a darkened face, she held back her anger and said to Edward who blocked at her front, "get out of
the way!"

He grabbed her arm and looked down at the necklace around her neck.

"I promise I will help you get into the postgraduate school as I said before."

"What about the agreement?"

He loosened his grip, turned his head a little, and looked into her eyes. "You are still the daughter-in-
law of the Yan Family. It's not contradictory."

Like a cold wolf, Edward was full of conspiracy.