Keep you in my arms

Chapter 157 Edward, You Take A Shower First

"Don't talk nonsense in front of me!" Lesley tried to get rid of him with a cold face.

It was not easy for Moo moo to get married. As his uncle and good friend from childhood, how could he
let others tell him on her so easily?

He pulled her back so hard that Lesley's back fell against the wall.

"Ah..." She squinted her eyes in pain and then flew into a rage. However, he didn't give her a chance to
get angry. He put his hands on both sides of her and imprisoned her. He said calmly, "if Angela doesn't
like Moo moo, will she marry him?"

"Just because she likes him, we can't let her be deceived!"

He stared at her seriously, which made her hair stand on end.

"Do you have someone you like?"

"What?" Why did he ask this?

"Do you feel sad if the person you like is with someone else?"

"Fuck off!" Lesley pushed him away and glared at him before she strode forward.

Behind her came his voice, "Angela likes Moo moo. She just got married today. Do you think it's
appropriate to tell her such a thing?"

She was stunned and stood there for two seconds before leaving.

When Lesley returned to the lounge, she saw that Edward pinched Angela's face dotingly, but the latter
didn't dodge. She joked, "Edward, my makeup will be ruined if you do this. Don't you want me to be

Yes! If she was too beautiful, he was afraid that she'll being coveted by other men! Edward just smiled.

It wasn't the first time that Angela fell in love. Lesley knew that she was sweet in her heart at the
moment. In this world, the biggest pain for a wife was that her husband fooled around with other

Do you feel sad if the person you like is with someone else? ——

All of a sudden, Lesley didn't know whether she should say something or not. Without taking a look at
Edward, she went straight to Angela and said, "your water."

Although she smiled, but the faintly smile at the corners of her mouth was not the same as usual.

"What's wrong with you? What happened?" Angela stood up and asked worriedly.

Lesley wasn't expect that Angela was so observant. She glanced at Edward and explained, "nothing
serious. It's just that my suggestion to my boss was rejected, which made me a little disappointed."

What Lesley cared about most was the project at hand. Sometimes she only slept for three hours a day
for this project. Angela hugged her and said, "sometimes it's not that the suggestion is not good that it
is not taken into consideration. Just like in the ancient times, as a virtuous official, many good
suggestions might not be taken into consideration by the emperor. With the world Bole before it took!"

"Ha-ha..." Lesley smiled, "it's so tired to talk to you! You always incite an old story. If it goes on like this,
I have to make up a lot of literary knowledge to understand you."

"You always talk about codes with me!" She let go of her and retorted.

The wedding banquet of the Yan Family was held by both business celebrities and political leaders. If
Angela hadn't been bold naturally, she wouldn't have been able to hold such a big scene.

When they were about to toast, Angela pulled his sleeve and asked in a low voice, "is there red wine in
your glass?"

She wouldn't forget the last time he kissed her after drinking.

"Grape juice." He gave her a reassuring look.

Seeing that she cared about him, Lesley felt even more uneasy.

Although there was Lesley who was blocking wine for her, when they walked to the table of the Yan
Family, most of them had a bad expression on their faces, but they forced a smile.

When they stood up, Angela found that the woman next to Carl looked familiar. On this table, except
this woman, everyone else was from the Yan Family, and this woman was definitely not from the Yan

The woman also saw her eyes and smiled faintly at her. Noticing her impoliteness, Angela looked away
and with Edward to proposed a toast them. When they left the table, they heard that Carl called her

Becky? Even her name was so familiar?

"Watch out!" Noticing that she was absent-minded and almost spilled the wine in her hand, Edward
hurriedly held her hand.

When they walked to the table in the bride's house to propose a toast, Angela felt that the atmosphere
was a little strange. However, her elder sister and younger brother were as crazy as usual, but her
second elder sister was a little silent. Then she looked at her second brother-in-law, Alexander, and
found that he had an indifferent expression on his face.

'Have I thought too much?'

She kept a decent smile for the whole day. She felt her bones were broken down after the wedding.
After the wedding finished, she went back to her room and lay directly on the bed. Without any focus in
her eyes, she said, "I know it's dirty to lie down directly like this, but I'm really tired..."

Edward looked at her and couldn't help laughing. He was about to walk over and urge her to take a
shower before she go to bed. At this time, his phone rang. He turned his back to the bed and answered
the phone.

"Mr. Edward, the woman who went to the wedding with Carl today is Becky from the Financial
Department of our company." Lucas said on the other end of the line.

He frowned and asked, "when did they get together?"

"Maybe in the middle of last month, Christa was pregnant. But she refused Carl and didn't have an
abortion, so they broke up. To be exact, Christa no longer was a mistress of Carl."

"What about her? How is she now?" Angela asked nervously before Edward replied.

Only then did he find that his little wife was standing on the bed, with her ears close to him and
eavesdropping. He took a look at her, and the latter realized that she shouldn't have eavesdropped, nor
should he care about the person who had hurt her again and again. She got out of bed timidly and said,
"I'm going to take a shower."

"Mr. Edward, did I disturb you and Mrs. Edward" Lucas didn't understand why Mr. Edward asked him to
investigate something unimportant. Today was his big day, and it wouldn't be something fresh for Carl
to change the women who like clothes to him!

"It's okay. You can continue."

"Becky happens to be in the Financial Department. Does Carl want to do something else?"

"He doesn't have the guts and intelligence." I'm afraid...

He frowned and his eyes were far-reaching.

When he proposed a toast in the daytime, the woman beside Carl suddenly glanced at him. Although
she moved very fast, he saw her eyes. It was not a look of curiosity, nor a look of appreciation for a
handsome man, but an indescribable strange look, as if... He was her opponent!

How could a woman he had never met look at him like that?

Since Carl didn't have the guts and intelligence, what was Mr. Edward worried about? Lucas really
couldn't figure it out!

"Then Christa..." He heard Mrs. Edward asked nervously just now.

"As long as you keep an eye on her, don't let her do anything to hurt Angela." Then he took a look at
the bathroom.

Through the frosted glass wall, she stood in front of the mirror and turned her head to have a look.
Then she stood there, looking a little strange.

He hung up the phone, walked over and knocked on the door. "What's wrong?" He asked.

"What? Uh..." What's up? Needless to ask, did Edward choose such a room on purpose? This is made
of glass. You can see it from the outside, right?

She thought for a while, opened the door and smiled at him, "Edward, you take a shower first?"

He didn't know what was wrong with her. He frowned and asked, "why?"

"A husband is the God. Besides, you are my boss. I will let you first! As she spoke, her round eyes
sparkled with excitement.

Give Way? This was not her personality. What was in her head?

After thinking for a while, he replied, "okay!"