Keep you in my arms

Chapter 162 Floating In The Air

When Angela was about to go out, she heard someone knocking at the door.

"Brother, sister-in-law..."

Hearing it was Hilda's voice, Angela was stunned.

She was really pissed off. This was the Yan Family. On the first day of their marriage, she left with her
luggage in public. Wasn't it too embarrassing for him?

Thinking of this, she turned back and put the luggage bag into the wardrobe.

Edward's sight had been following her, and he heard her said, "I'll leave later."

If Angela made up her mind, no one could change it. He didn't know what was on her mind when Hilda
knocked on the door, but she changed her mind all of a sudden.

She walked to the door and opened it with a big smile. "Hilda?"

"sister-in-law, I have something for you!" She walked in with a delicate glass lamp in her hand.

"Lavender lamp?" She put the lamp on the bedside table and connected it to the power supply. After a
while, the cover of the lamp emitted fragrant mist. The pink light and dense mist were very beautiful.

"Yes! I heard that lavender can soothe people's mind. By the way, it's more beautiful to turn off the
light!" Then she turned off the light. As she said, in the darkness, the faint Lavender lamp was
shrouded in mist, ethereal and dreamy.

"It smells so good!" Angela couldn't help but said.

"You're right! I have one in my own room!" At this time, her cell phone rang in her pocket. She took it
out, looked at it and said, "ah! I almost forget that I have an appointment with my friend tonight. I won't

bother you anymore!"

After Hilda left the room, she didn't forget to close the door. After she went out, she quietly took out the
key and locked the door.

In this room with the dim light, the two of them looked into each other's eyes, and the atmosphere was
somewhat strange and embarrassing.

"Ahem..." To ease the embarrassment, she dry coughed and turned on the light.

Edward kept staring at her which made her feel a little uncomfortable. She pretended to sit on the sofa
and picked up her phone to recite the English words. Seeing this, he also sat down, picked up a book
but glanced sideways at her.

Twenty minutes later, she felt a little stuffy. She walked to the balcony door and wanted to open it, but
she couldn't. Edward also felt a little hot. Seeing that she couldn't open the door of the balcony, he
stood up and walked over.

Angela thought the lock of the door was stuck, so she turned it on and off several times. Suddenly, a
shadow behind her shrouded her, and his warm breath lingered around her. And there was another pair
of hands on hers. He wrapped her around and tried to open the door with her strength, but it was in

His hand suddenly held the back of her hand, and the ambiguous breath came to her face. In an
instant, she felt a hot stream running away from her body.

What's going on? How could she react to such an action? Angela, don't you feel ashamed?

He opened the door as usual. How could he not open it? Was the door broken?

Edward glanced at the balcony outside the glass door and seemed to see something. Then he
released her hand and opened the curtain. Sure enough, there was a wooden stick outside the glass

He frowned and turned on the air conditioner.

"Why is there a stick?" Did he put it there? But judging from his expression just now, it didn't look like

"It might be Hilda!" He seemed to be used to such a scene.

"She wants to lock you up?"

"Maybe!" Hilda was a naughty girl since small. She had locked him up more than once.

"Okay!" Angela also knew that she was lively and active, and she was smart, so she didn't doubt it. She
felt a little uncomfortable and looked at her watch anxiously.

It was almost ten o'clock. Were they going to sleep?!

Edward felt something was wrong. The air conditioner had been on for a while. Why was he getting
hotter? Besides, the heat didn't seem to be from outside to inside. He loosened the top two buttons, but
he also felt a little difficult to breathe.

Angela also felt hotter and hotter. She looked at the air conditioner and asked, "how many degrees
have you turned on? Why isn't it cold?"

Her voice was soft, and it sounded gentle when she was not angry. His heart was fluttering like
feathers, and an unbearable impulse came.

"It's so hot..." She blushed and didn't help but used her hands to wave in front of her face to cool
herself down. However, she found that it was a little strange. Not only did she feel hot, but she also
wanted to... I really want to...

She looked at Edward, whose forehead was covered with sweat, and his eyes fixed on her, like a
hungry wolf staring at a piece of fresh meat. His collar was open under his handsome face. Because of
the heat, the sleeves of his shirt were bent up and his arms were exposed. The silver watch set off his
noble temperament. And his fingers were as slender and good-looking as the scallion...

Scenes of sex flashed through her mind: his rough breath, his sweating chin, his gentle touch, and his

What the hell was that? Oh, no! Angela, you are poisoned by him! No, no! How could she have such an
evil idea?

She was afraid that she couldn't help but pounce on him, and then she couldn't help swallowing.
Suddenly, a pair of hands stretched out from her back. When she was in panic, he hugged her from
behind. "Angela..."

At this moment, his voice became a huge temptation, and she was like a bee smelling the fragrance of
flowers, and her last patience was defeated.

She couldn't help...

She tugged at her collar, and he unzipped her back as he saw that she didn't refuse. Her flawless neck
and back were sexy and charming because of her slender figure.

He gently put his hand on it and slid it along her clothes to her shoulder. The white silk dress slipped
down from her body. In an instant, at the moment, both of them were burning in their bodies. Her mind

went blank, and she could only hear his slightly heavy breath and the thumping of his heart.

In a trance, his gentle hand stopped at her waist, and then her feet left the ground. Her burning skin
clung to his exposed chest, and her strength seemed to have been all taken away.

She raised her head and he lowered his head. The four eyes were full of desire. When the soft quilt
wrapped the two people, there was an unconscious guidance. In the quiet room, his heavy breath, her
charming groan, and the dreamy Lavender lamp...

In the middle of the night, her body seemed to have been spared, and he got down from her body
endlessly. The room was filled with fragrance, and the liquid from the lavender lamp was burnt out,
leaving only warm light.

He held her and contentedly took her into his arms. Although she felt strange, she was too tired to raise
her eyelids.

"Edward..." Do you find it strange?

She was so tired that she fell asleep before she could finish her words.

"What?" He lowered his head and found that she was fall asleep completely.