Keep you in my arms

Chapter 163 You Can't Leave!

Seeing that she was asleep, Edward turned off the light and went to bed.

At two o'clock in the afternoon, the sun made the whole villa wore a golden circle. In the past, Anna
would only lie in the room sleepy. But now, she was standing at the stairway and looking upstairs.

When Kay came in from the backyard, she asked, "it's afternoon. Why are the two kids still sleeping?"

"I guess you will have a grandson soon!" Kay burst into laughter.

Back then, when she just got married, although the new couple were intimate, they only slept until
eleven o'clock! Is Moo moo even more stronger than his father?

At this moment, there was a sudden noise from above. Hearing footsteps, Anna immediately ran to the
hall and sat up straight.

Angela trotted downstairs. Kay greeted her with a gentle smile. Angela had been angry. When she
raised her head and saw the kind smile on the Kay's face, she quickly forced a smile and said, "Good
morning, Auntie Kay."

On the other side, Anna pretended to be calm and walked over. She smiled, "are you awake?"

As she spoke, she looked down at her neck and collarbone subconsciously. When she saw the red
marks, she smiled more happily. Angela was stunned at first, and then noticed her gaze and
expression, which made her very embarrassed.

Half an hour ago, when she woke up, she was so angry that she wanted to kick him out of bed, but she
found that she had no strength at all. Edward was woken up by her kick. He rubbed his forehead and
asked lazily, "are you awake?"

Hearing Anna's question, she remembered what happened last night and was too angry to say

However, her mother once said that she couldn't vent her anger on the elder. Even if the elder did
something wrong, she couldn't be impolite to the elder. Moreover, what happened last night didn't
matter to her!

"Yes, I'm awake." She tried to smile and nodded.

Noticing that there was something wrong with her expression, Anna thought she was tired. She took
her hand and walked to the dining room. "Moo moo hasn't had a girlfriend before, so he doesn't know
how to be tender to women. You must be exhausted last night, right?"

Although she said so, she smiled happily. Angela's face turned red as if she was on fire.

At this time, Kay saw that Edward was buttoning his shirt and running downstairs in a hurry. She asked,
"where are you going? Why are you in such a hurry?"

"yes..." He didn't stop but answered and walked out of the door. When he passed by the living room, he
saw a figure he wanted to chase from the corner of his eyes. He paused and looked over.

Seeing him looking at her, Angela turned her head away with a cold face.

Noticing that the two were strange, Kay and Anna looked back and forth between the two. Angela was
holding back her anger, Edward relaxed his tense face and walked to the living room.

The two of them were both experienced people, so they could see something wrong. Anna looked at
them and smiled, pretending to be confused. "Are you hungry? Kay, take out all the dishes!"


Angela wanted to refuse, but she felt it disrespectful to the elders, so she refrained herself from saying
it out. After Kay brought out the dishes, Anna saw that the two of them sat down, so she said, "Kay,
didn't you say that the daffodil flowers bloomed? I want to pick one for my elder sister!" Then she
turned to the them and said, "there is still soup in the kitchen. If it's not enough, you can go in and fill it

"Okay! Thank you Aunt...... Thank you, mom. Thank you, Auntie Kay." She replied with a smile.

After the two left, Angela put down her chopsticks and walked towards the door. She had only taken a
few steps when her arm was grabbed.

"Where are you going?"

She stared at him fiercely. "Anywhere is fine, but it will never be here!"

"You can't go!"

"Edward, I've shown enough respect to you! I hope you can stop when it's enough!" Last night, she
wouldn't have been drugged by him if she hadn't thought that she wouldn't be able to save his face with
her luggage in front of his family. Even if she hated him so much, she would go out empty handed and
try not to let others see their difference. She had done everything she could!