Keep you in my arms

Chapter 164 Something Happened At Home

There must be something strange about what happened last night. Even if he wanted her so much, he
could've resisted his desire. He had thought that she had made up her mind, but if she had, she
wouldn't have to want to kick him down this morning. He subdued her and went to take a shower.
When he came out, she was not in the room. He wanted to explain to her nervously, but when he saw
her desperate and angry eyes, he knew that she would no longer believe him!

He let go of her, and she turned around and left with red eyes.

Angela ran out of the villa without looking back. Although the road was wide, it was a little desolate.

She took out her phone and checked the nearest bus station. It was five kilometers. She had no choice
but to ask an online car to pick her up. It was already four o'clock in the afternoon when she arrived at
the West City of the BH City.

Lesley opened the door and was surprised to see her. "Angela?"

"I'm so hungry..." Then she walked directly into the kitchen, made herself a bag of instant noodles and
asked her, "do you want it?"

"I'm not hungry!" Seeing that Angela was so hungry, she joked, "didn't the Yan Family give you dinner?"

"I'll stay here for the next few days!" She didn't answer Lesley's question, and she spoke vaguely while
eating the noodles.

Thinking of the scene that Edward hugged a woman at the wedding, Lesley didn't ask more and said,

At eleven o'clock that night, in the car of the apartment building, Edward frowned tightly. At this time,
his phone rang. It was his mother, Anna.

"Where have you been? Why didn't you come back for dinner without saying anything? Why don't you
come back, it is so late?"

"Hmm... We've had dinner. We won't go back tonight."

"Not coming back? Live in DC International Garden?"


"When will you come back?"

"Let's wait and see!"

Before he wanted to hang up, Anna asked, "you..." After thinking for a while, she didn't ask. She just
said, "come back early."

As parents, they'd better not get involved in the relationship between the couple. After hanging up the
phone, Anna went to her room to rest. The big room was cold and quiet, just like this villa, magnificent,
but always only her, she was like a canary in a golden cave.

She sneered and called her daughter again, but the other party hung up and sent her a message, "I'm
in a meeting. What's the matter? I'll reply to you later!"

It was eleven o'clock at night. Was she still in a meeting? She said the same words as her husband.
Although she was dubious, she chose to believe it in the end. "Nothing. Don't be too late. Go to bed
early." Then she turned off the light and went to sleep.

A month later, at eleven o'clock in the middle of the night, at the gate of the West City District of BH
City, Angela said to Chuck, "I'm here. You don't have to send me in."


"By the way, don't bother to send me back in the future."

She didn't want to have too much contact with Chuck! To be exact, she didn't want to talk to any man
who had a crush on her. She just wanted to study hard and didn't want to be delayed by anyone.

For the past half a month, he had been waiting for her in the library every night. He had never been so
interested in any woman, but he was refused by her like this. Of course he felt uncomfortable.

However, he was not in a hurry. He restrained his displeasure and said, "I know the masters of H
University. I can introduce them to you."

Chuck could always know what she wanted, but this temptation really made her feel dangerous.

"What the hell do you want to do?" Her eyes were sharp and her tone was aggressive.

Famous brand handbags, expensive skin care products, jewelry necklace, house and car, and even he
used her as a bait, but she had never been tempted. Her eyes were always vigilant and sharp and
calm. Now, even if lending her a helping hand to pass the examination of the postgraduate, she was
also indifferent.

For the first time, he felt that women were also difficult to deal with!

Seeing that he didn't say anything, she sneered, "no matter what you want to do, I advise you not to
waste your time. I, Angela, can only get what I want by myself. No one can help me!"

In this world, there is no one who doesn't ask for return after a requited effort. Now she had already
seen through people. The reason why they fawned on her was that they wanted to get something from
her. She was extremely disappointed at the three men before, and now she would no longer naively
think that there was pure love.

Now, everyone knew that she was the wife of Edward, but Chuck had been pestering her. He said that
he didn't mind her getting married, and that Edward would give her up sooner or later. Not to mention
what he was up to, even if he really liked her, his behavior now has proved that he was a bad guy!

There was resentment and mockery in her eyes, which made him stunned. For a long time, he couldn't
say a word. It was not until she had gone far that he came to his senses. Looking at her thin but
powerful back, he smiled slightly. Even he didn't notice that he, as cold as an iceberg, could laugh from
the bottom of his heart.


Chuck smiled, turned around and left.

Not far away, the people in the car were so angry that he held the steering wheel tightly, and his
knuckles were turning pale.


Edward couldn't help beating the steering wheel. After a while, his head leaned against the back of the
chair, and his eyes were empty

One month! A full month! He couldn't help peeping at her every night. Even if she didn't come out of
Lesley's house, he could just look up at the light from the window!

Half a month ago, Lesley had to discuss the details of the project with her colleagues at home, so she
began to study in the library. She was always calm and wise. Sometimes she was in a daze, but when
she came to her senses, it turned out she was reciting the acknowledge points of the examination.
Didn't she miss him at all?

Although he could see that she was just putting on a poker face to Chuck too, he still wanted to
separate the two! However, he couldn't be so impulsive!

He didn't know how long he had been lost in thought. It was not raining, but the car was covered with

He moved his fingers and stared at the phone. When he thought of Angela's face and the scene that
Chuck flirted with her behind her, his eyes were as cold as ice. Then he dialed the number.

It was getting colder in September, and even in the afternoon, it was not as hot as summer.

At four o'clock in the afternoon, she closed the ancient literature. Before reviewing another course, she
planned to rest for ten minutes and check if Lesley had left a message to her. At this moment, she
turned on her phone and saw dozens of calls from her brother Barry, two sisters and Edward.

What's going on?

Just as she stood up nervously, she saw Edward walking towards her. In astonishment, Edward walked
up to her and said, "something happened to our family!"

"Something happened? What is it?" She looked at him packed her things up and asked, "how do you
know I'm here?"