Keep you in my arms

Chapter 167 Do You Want To Cooperate With Me

Edward finally let go of her. At the same time, his phone rang. He walked into the yard naturally. Seeing
him leave, Barry rushed over excitedly, "sister! My brother-in-law is so cool! He just said that all the
compensations were at most ten million. He said 'only'! Besides, he asked Kevin to calculate the
compensation for the order and the restoration of the brothel. Fifty million was absolutely more than
enough! I heard from my brother-in-law that he wanted to help my father rebuild the brothel."

"Don't talk nonsense!" Although Angela felt suffocated, she was afraid that she couldn't afford to pay
the debt for the rest of her life with her financial ability.

Darcy glanced at Angela and she knew what in her daughter's mind, but in the current situation, this
seemed to be the best solution.

"But where do we get so much money, Angela?"

"I don't agree anyway!" In terms of the relationship between them. How could she take so much money
from him? How could she face him in the future? It was too unreasonable!

Angela was stubborn since she was a child. She had to follow her heart on the issue of breaking off the
engagement with Greg even if she broke off the relationship with her family. Hearing this, Barry went
back to the sofa, sat down and sighed.

Although her brother was usually lazy, she knew that he could only rely on her. If he could not rely on
her, he would be more or less able to take the responsibility. Seeing his dark eyes, she couldn't bear it,
but she still insisted on the decision in her heart.

The Xu Family never took it for granted for others to help, even if the person was their son-in-law.

Thinking of the desperate situation, Darcy couldn't help but shed tears.

In the Mu Shadow in S City, an enchanting figure wiggled. Only enjoy themselves in the happy hour
could describe the people who came here.

In the room upstairs, the woman's charming breath stimulated the man's hormones. After a fierce
entanglement and vent, the man came down from the woman.

He put on his clothes and looked at the woman on the bed.

Lying prone on the bed, Vanessa's smooth back was covered with the marks of madness. The ups and
downs of her body and her flushed cheeks made Chuck smile. "This is just what Edward's taste. He
thought it was the same as Angela's, but he didn't expect it to be so far away!"

Vanessa, who was still immersed in joy, suddenly opened her eyes. Then her eyes became clear and
vicious. After a while, she came to her senses and closed her eyes.

He touched her shoulder and whispered in her ear, "how is it? Do you want to cooperate with me?" He
passed his hand on her and touched downward and asked in a seductive tone, "shall we cooperate
with the matter on the bed too?"