Keep you in my arms

Chapter 166 Mr. Edward Spoiled His Wife So Much

Outside the room 2021.

"You return my son to me! Return my son to me..."

"You are such a profiteer! You regardless of human lives in order to swindle the insurance money, why
don't you go to die? Why don't you go to hell...?"

"Don't do this! My father almost lost his life, and he was just rescued..." Barry stopped them at the door
and prevent them from gushing in.

"A life for a life. Walter was not hurt at all. My husband told me in person that he directed all this!
Unexpectedly, my husband wanted to dissuade him, but he was killed to keep his mouth shut..." A
middle-aged woman in floral clothes said ferociously, and the people behind her rushed forward.

When Angela ran to the door, she didn't understand what it meant. She saw that Kevin and her brother
were difficult to stop them.

"What's going on?"

As soon as she finished speaking, someone in the crowd said, "she is the daughter of Walter. I heard
that she married a rich man. If we kidnap her, aren't we afraid that we won't be able to pay for it?"

"Yes! Kidnapped her daughter!"

"He killed my son, and I will also kill his daughter!"

"Kill his son together!"

When Angela saw a group of fierce looking people rushing over, she took a step back in fear. It was the
first time that Edward had seen such a terrible scene. He steadied her and stared at them coldly,

preparing to protect his wife.

At this time, hurried and orderly footsteps came from behind, and it was a group of people.

"Take those who make trouble in the hospital back first!"


Angela was about to greeting, but the crowd over there began to fight with the police.

"Collusion between government and business! Walter would have a horrible death! You will be shot
sooner or later!"

"There's no fairness at all! Depending on the relationship with the officials in the government, he could
killing people and offending the law.

"You greedy officials! Sooner or later, you will have no descendants!"

The chaotic scene gave her a headache. The Xu Family had always been respected, and her uncle,
Brian, had always been honest and upright. It was the first time that she felt malice towards people,
and she was somewhat absent-minded.

"Watch out!" Seeing that someone was about to hit her with a stick, Edward held her in his arms.
Angela raised her head. Before she was held by him, she saw a man waving his stick at her, gritting his
teeth. In an instant, his protection flashed through her mind again and again. Her heart rose to her
throat and she shouted, "Edward!"

For a long time, she did not hear his groan. He loosened his grip a little and turned around. The
bodyguards came in a hurry and subdued the attacker in a professional manner, they was well-trained
and shouted together, "Mr. Edward!"

"Yes! Protect my wife's family!" Edward didn't dare to let go of her until he was sure that the
surrounding environment was under control. "It's all right. Let's go inside to see Dad."

"Sister! Brother-in-law!"

When Angela entered the ward, her mother was standing by the bed and wiping her tears, and her
father leaned against the head of the bed, crying silently. The man, who was in his prime, was so down
and out at the moment. Her heart skipped a beat. "Dad..."

"Six lives... They have worked in our brothel for more than ten years... Even Jim had worked for five
years... How can I explain this? It's better to follow them to die..." As he spoke, he was so excited that
he wanted to get out of bed! Her mother Darcy held her husband and cried, "what are you talking
about! What about me if you die?"

Angela knew that the business of the brothel was not as good as before. This year, she graduated, so
the pressure at home was less than before. Three years ago, the Xu Family built the villa they lived
now and spent millions of dollars, there's still some debts to pay off. The Xu Family had always been
smooth and profitable, far from the glory that others saw.

"Stop arguing! Now that he just came out of the operating room, he said he was going to die! I'll just go
to work!"

After finishing high school, Barry didn't go to school anymore. He said that he was helping with
business at home, but everyone knew that he was playing online games most of the time.

That night, when Darcy came back to their home, she finished calculating all the accounts and then
collapsed on the chair.

Eight million... Even if she sold all the assets of the Xu Family, she still needed one million.

"Your second brother-in-law's mother just called and said that she could take out five hundred
thousand. Your second sister and your second brother-in-law provided two houses on loan, and the five
hundred thousand was given by your second brother-in-law's family. I don't expect your elderly sister's
salary, but..." If they sold their car and house, where could they live? What should Barry do in the near

Her mother cried before she could say anything. Angela also saw the number and said, "eight million is
far not enough. I heard that three of the six people who died were registered permanent residence, and
one of them was a second year student of university who was a summer worker. He didn't need one
million but needed eight hundred thousand. My uncle said that the people here are not from a rich
family, and they can't afford to hire a good lawyer. It's okay to compensate a little less. Today, my father
said that at least compensate one million per each person..."

But in fact, even one million couldn't save a person's life!

"The only good thing is that dad is still safe."

"Yes!" Thinking of this, her mother wiped her tears and stopped crying. "I'll borrow some from your
uncle later. I'm afraid that your aunt... Well, let's wait and see!"

When the two of them went out, besides Barry and Edward, there was a handsome strange man in the
living room. He said, "don't worry, Mr. Edward. According to the current situation, the security facilities
of the brothel are complete. If there is no evidence, the so-called crime of murder is not convicted! This
can only be regarded as an accident. According to legal procedures, one million dollars is more than
enough for a person to compensate!"

"Then I'll leave it to Lawyer Hu!" Seeing him come out and have made everything clear, Edward stood
up and said.

"Yes! Thank you for your trust! Mr. Edward. Three days later, I will bring all the documents!" Winston,
Edward's private lawyer, also stood up and replied respectfully with a smile. Then he looked at Angela
and asked, "is this Mr. Edward? I didn't expect to see you again."

See me again? They had met before?

Although Angela couldn't remember who he was, she greeted him politely, "Hello!"

Winston had been a private lawyer of many rich people, and all of them were arrogant. He didn't expect
that Mr. Edward would greet him so respectfully, which made him feel flattered. After being stunned for
a second, he came to his senses and said, "to be exact, we haven't seen each other before. Madam's
salary owed by the YR Media Limited Company. I was lucky to get Mr. Edward's trust, so I read
Madam's information."

Back then, Baron was aggressive and bullied her, but later he suddenly gave up his dignity and called
her "aunt". Beg her don't apply for arbitration. It seemed that the lawyer in front of her was not as gentle
as his delicate face when he was in a lawsuit!

"You helped me! Thank you so much!" She said gratefully and habitually raised her hand, trying to
shake hands with him.

"I don't deserve it! Baron broke the law. I was been paid and just doing what I have to do!" The
implication was that she should thank Mr. Edward.

As usual, Winston stretched out his hand to respond. At this time, Mr. Edward walked between the two,
coughed, held Angela's hand and said, "it's almost seven o'clock. Why don't you stay and have dinner
with us, Mr. Hu?"

Although Edward said politely, his eyes were as cold as ice. Then he held her hand tightly.

Winston was a smart man. He had heard that Mr. Edward spoiled his wife very much, so he realized
that Mr. Edward cared about other men holding Mrs. Edward's hand. He quickly put it down and smiled,
"the earlier it is solved, the better. I won't disturb you anymore!"

Seeing Winston leave, Angela rolled her eyes and thought, 'childish!'