Keep you in my arms

Chapter 169 A Huge Change In The Xu Family

The next day, in the Central Hospital of L City.

In the face of the rumors in the county, Angela suggested, "the circle in the county is small, and rumors
are spread. Her parents couldn't help getting angry when they lived here. Why don't you live with us in
the S City for a period of time? You can reopen the kiln factory after figure out what was really

They had lived in the L County for decades and was reluctant to leave. Fortunately, twenty years ago,
Walter had worked hard in the S City and knew some people. There were so many people died in the
kiln factory. He was afraid that he would feel sad as soon as he entered it.? "Let's not talk about
reopening the kiln factory in advance. I have a plan in my mind since Barry has grown up." He sighed
and said, "let's go to the S City and live there for a few days as Angela has arranged. I'll talk about it
when my wounds are healed."

"But if we just move out like this, they will say 'escape punishment'!" Barry frowned.

"Fuck you! If they really broke the law these days, could they escape? Besides, we just don't want to
hear those nonsense, do we?" Said Shawn.

"Let them be! People in small places are always like this. When they see your glory, they want you to
be down and out. Now that the Xu Family had encountered a big disaster, there were many people
snickering behind their backs. But the Xu Family has always been kind. There are still people who
willing to help us!" Said Walter seriously.

All the people in the room sighed at the fickleness of the world, but they still had hope because of what
Walter said.

"Well, Edward and I will go to S City to do some management. And we will leave this place to big sister
and second brother in law first, ok?" Angela suggested.

"Yes," said Shawn, "moving to the S City may be a good idea. After all, we are both there and we can
take care of each other!"

Although she didn't want to leave L County, Darcy still said, "yes! I used to say that I didn't have time to
take care of Ella, but now I can take care of her, so that I don't have to worry about her all the time!"

In the afternoon, Edward contacted the best hospital in the S City, the hospital of the G College, and
settled the Xu Family in S City. The house that Edward found was fancy, and he even hired a nanny.

Darcy said, "Edward, don't bother. I can do housework."

He smiled, "it doesn't matter."

For her, something that could not be solved, as long as he said a word and smiled lightly, she felt
unprecedentedly relieved. It seemed that he would help her when the sky fell.

Seeing that her family could be settled in S City, she was relieved and left with him.

"Edward, I want to go to Lesley's home first and bring my things home."

This was the first time that she called the Yan Family her family. With a smile in the corner of his eyes,
he said, "okay."

"I have spent you so much money. Why are you still laughing?" And also smiled from the bottom of his

"I'm happy that you are willing to spend my money." He looked at her with a smile and then drove
straight ahead.

In the western city in BH City, when Edward was about to move the books he had already packed up,
Lesley took a book and gave it to Angela "and this one!"

Angela just put away her clothes and said, "I don't want it! I don't want it..."

The first sentence was still very firm, but the latter sentence was a little hesitant.

"Really?" These were all her lives! In the past, if someone wrinkled her book, she would feel sorry for it
for a long time. Lesley didn't believe it.

She didn't say anything and just lowered her head sulkily. A few seconds later, she raised her head and
smiled, "no, I don't want it."

After saying that, she pulled her suitcase and walked out of the room. She was afraid that she would
regret her decision the night before when she saw these books.