Keep you in my arms

Chapter 170 Why Do You Get Up So Late

When she walked to the car, her phone rang. Seeing this, Edward put the things in her hands into the
trunk. When he came over again, he saw her surprised face. "What's wrong?" He asked.

Angela's phone was still near her ear. She nodded her head mechanically and hung up the phone. She
said to him, "it's my uncle. He said something was wrong with the kilns, but because he is my uncle, his
colleagues took over the case."

"Did they found anything?" He asked.

"He just said there was something strange, nothing else." She frowned.

The Xu Family's kilns had never been in arrears with the worker's salary, so it was unlikely that the
workers did it. Moreover, almost all the workers were in danger on this matter. She didn't believe that
they would be so crazy to kill so many familiar people. The Xu family had always been benevolent. If
they had to offend anyone, they would just be a few jealous peers!

The two of them kept silent for a while. He rubbed her head and said, "let's go home!"

She glanced at him and smiled, "okay!"

In the morning of the late summer, there were white clouds floating in the blue sky. In the villa of the
Yan Family, when Kay arranged the hourly workers to do the cleaning, she heard a noise from outside.

"You bad girl! How many times have I told you to take out the flowers to bask in the sun when the sun
is not so poisonous?" Grandma Carol said sternly and patted her on the head.

"Mom! I'm Anna! Your daughter-in-law! Hilda is my daughter!" Although Anna didn't want to talk to her,
she said helplessly.

"Nonsense! Although my daughter-in-law is stupid, she is good-looking! Why don't you inherit from her
some good genes?"

Anna was speechless: "......"

Upstairs, Angela heard the conversation between the two in the yard clearly. She couldn't help but feel
funny in her heart, 'what an interesting grandma!'

However, Angela couldn't help frowning at the thought of what she had said to her in the hospital. All of
a sudden, she remembered that Hilda had returned the bank card to her last night and said, "now, you
are my sister-in-law. Although grandma mistook you for me, it's better to give this card to you!"

She smiled and said, "haven't you got the password yet?"

"Hmm...... The money that grandma gave to you is just your money. Your money is my brother's
money! Although not all my brother's money is mine, he will give me some pocket money..." She smiled
ambiguously and said deliberately.

She turned over and took out the bank card given by Carol from the bedside table. Then she stared at
the bank card for a long time before putting it back into the cabinet. It was almost ten o'clock. She got
up to wash up.

When she went downstairs, she heard Carol shout, "It's so late! Why did you get up so late? !"

Angela had just married into the Xu Family, and all the members of the Xu Family were looking forward
her to giving birth to a son and a daughter for Edward. Considering that the couple went to bed late at
night, Anna didn't ask her to get up on time.

For several times, Kay wanted to wake her up, but Edward said, "let her sleep a little longer."

After several times, they just let Angela sleep until she woke up naturally.

Carol's face made Angela stunned. The next second, she came to herself and greeted them politely,
"grandma, mom, Kay." Then she said to Carol, "grandma, I got up early. I just read a book in my room
for a little while."

"What are you reading?"

"The family gathering will be held next month. Edward asked me to recite the rules for disciples at

This was what Edward taught her.

As expected, grandma Carol's knitted brows relaxed and her face softened. "Well... Edward did not
forget the family rules of the Yan Family?"

"Mom, what brings you here today?"

When Carol was young, she was a difficult mother-in-law to deal with. Even at this age, her prestige
was still there. Every time Anna saw her serious expression, she would think of the past when she was
punished to kneel in the ancestral temple. Thinking of this, she was somewhat afraid of her mother-in-

But the Carl didn't look at her. Instead, she looked at Angela and said seriously, "the daughter-in-law of
the Yan Family can't be as useless as you! This is a good candidate. She can't be mistaken by your!"

Carl was really ruthless. Although Anna was angry, she felt relieved at the thought of her old age. Then
she muttered, "no matter how bad I am, I gave birth to an excellent grandson and granddaughter for

"My grandson is better than his father. At least he knows to go home..." When Carl said this, Anna's
face turned blue, and then tears began to ripple.

Angela also knew that Jonson seldom came back home these days, so she felt sorry for Anna. She
thought Carl would feel sorry for her, but she didn't expect her to shout at Anna, "don't cry! Useless!"

Anna held back her tears and gritted her teeth.

After a while, she turned her head and changed her anger into a kind face. "You've been married into
the Yan Family for a long time. I've been looking forward to Moo moo getting married every day. I
thought I wouldn't be able to wait for that day for the rest of my life. Now I'm finally able to see him to
get married!" She touched Angela's hand as if she was touching a piece of precious jade.

Angela knew the old lady was truly happy from the bottom of her heart or not, but she also knew that
she was a good actress. She smiled politely.

"How about you stay with me for a while?" Carol invited.

To grandmother's house? She had heard from Hilda that there were only books and documents in her
place. If she said something wrong, she would kneel down in the ancestral temple to copy books. She
wouldn't want it!