Keep you in my arms

Chapter 171 Let's Divorce!

"Few days ago, Edward said that he would pay a visit to his grandmother when he was free. Recently,
he had a lot of work to do in the company, so he had to put it off!"

She looked sincere, her tone was respectful, and her words were appropriate.

Carol couldn't help smiling more, "that's right. Moo moo hasn't been my place for a long time. But it was
Hilda who came once and ate my persimmon pies."

"Mom, it was ten years ago that Hilda ate the persimmon pies!" Anna said worriedly.

"Really?" The old lady frowned and suddenly thought of something. She stood up and said, "my nine
floor tower hasn't been watered yet! I have to go now!"

"Nine floor tower?" Seeing her so nervous, Angela couldn't help but wonder what the nine floor tower

Seeing that grandmother was about to run out, Anna quickly stopped her and said, "Mom, wait a
moment. I planted a few peppermint here, and the smell is also very fragrant. I heard that it has the
effect of mosquito repellent." Then she said to Kay, "pick two pots of better looking and ask Grace to
take them back."

Before that, Anna left an impression on Angela as a vain rich lady, but this time, she felt that Anna was
not as bad as she thought. 'grandma is so mean to her. Why is she still so filial to her? Ordinary women
can't do that!'

Kay immediately asked someone to bring the mint and put them on the car of Granny Carol. Granny
Carol rolled down the window and smiled at Anna, "thank you, Sandy. But I won't take it. Don't try to
poison me!"

She said resentfully and threw the mint out. Fortunately, it was a plastic flowerpot and could not be
broken. Anna wanted to be filial, but the smile on her face froze when she saw this. But when she
thought that her mother-in-law treated her as her sister-in-law, she rubbed her forehead.

Grace picked up the mint in a hurry and tried to smooth things over. "Granny Carl, you are confused
again! This is your second daughter-in-law, not the eldest one!"

"Oh! Is it the poor child Anna?" Carol was suddenly enlightened, "she said she wanted to give me
mint? Oh! Anna also liked flowers and plants. It was her! Let me see the mint!"

Then she took the mint from Grace's hand, smelled it and said, "it smells so good! It's good! It's good!"

"Yes! Madam Anna has always been sent flowers and plants to you!"

"Yes!" She smiled.

Anna said to Grace, "please send Granny Carl back!"

"Granny Carl's condition is getting worse and worse..." Kay frowned and sighed.

"Yes. She's a vigorous and resolute woman. Many men are not as smart as her. Since dad left, she has
been supporting this family alone. Two sons and two daughters, but in the end, she only lives alone in
the villa."

If she hadn't known that Granny Carl was a good actress, Angela would have been deceived by her.
Hearing what Anna said, she asked, "but why doesn't grandma live here, or in big uncle's house?"

Anna smiled, "you will understand in the future!"

At first, she thought that it was because of the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law
that she was live alone in the resort, but from what happened today, it seemed that she was thought

too simple.

Anna didn't want to be frank, so she didn't ask more and followed her into the room.

That night, Edward said he needed to see a client, so he went home late. She sat on the bed and read.
As soon as he entered the room, she put down the book.

"You are back?" She wanted to throw herself on him as soon as she got out of bed.

He pressed her head to stop her from walking forward. He smiled and said, "I was just spilled by the
wine. My body is a little dirty! I'm going to take a shower first."

There was indeed a piece of wine stain in his suit, and a strong smell of alcohol pervaded. She frowned
and asked, "did you drink?"

"No, it was spilled by the waiter by accident." He replied.

Edward was so gentle in front of her. She could imagine that the waiter who spilled the wine was
frightened to lie on the ground by his staring?

"You didn't make things difficult for him, did you?" After asking, she felt it unnecessary, because he was
not that kind of person.

"I didn't say anything, but the manager of the restaurant scolded the waiter." After saying that, he
couldn't help but move his hand down and pinched her cheek. "Why don't you blame me for splashing
my clothes?"

She prevent him from pinching her face and said, "although the waiter was too careless, I guess he
was also scared to death by you. Maybe he will lost his job!"

A complicated emotion flashed through his eyes, and he smiled, "you care about his job, but you don't
care about my clothes?"

"I heard that it's immoral to let someone to lose a job! I don't want you to become immoral!"

"So you care about me?"

Was he jealous? She said deliberately, "although your clothes are expensive, they are just clothes for
you. But for him, that job may be very important, so I care more about him!"

He frowned and said, "no way!"

What? It was just a joke! How could you so serious? Why did he frown so seriously?

"Why?" She winked deliberately.

"Because this waiter is a man!" After saying that, he glanced at her coldly and then took his clothes to
take a shower!

"It turns out that Mr. Edward loves jealousy the most! She laughed at him with a "stingy" look, but she
was pleased in her heart.

The moment he brushed past her, there seemed to be a smell of perfume mixed with it. It was not the
one he often wore. She asked, "did you change your perfume?"

He paused for about two seconds and lowered his eyelids. "Yes! I'm going to take a shower!"

"It smells good!" It seemed a little familiar.

Thirty minutes later, he finally finished washing, packed up and sat next to her. She couldn't wait to tell
him what had happened today, and then said, "I think your mother is so broad-minded! No wonder you

and Hilda are so excellent!"

He glanced at her and his eyes became deep. After a moment of silence, he said, "when I was twenty
years old, my father said that he wanted a divorce. My grandmother said that if he wanted a divorce, he
had to give up all his property. She didn't recognize her son but only her daughter-in-law."

'what? Is that true? In this world, she had heard a lot about mother-in-law's partiality to her son. It was
the first time that she had heard about the matter of defending her daughter-in-law and kicking her son
out. She immediately admired her grandmother.

"Then why didn't dad divorce you?"

Glancing at her, Edward thought for a while and told her the whole thing.

Everyone was used to the fact that his father had a woman outside, including his mother who often
wiped tears in the room. In order to maintain this broken marriage, her mother turned a blind eye. He
remembered that one summer night, he stood on the stairs on the second floor and looked at his
mother sitting on the sofa downstairs. His mother looked at the door from time to time.

Finally, her father came back at nearly eleven o'clock. His mother heated the soup for him as usual and
brought it to him.

His father didn't drink the soup as usual, nor did he ignore his mother as usual. Instead, he stared at
his mother and said, "Anna, let's divorce! As long as I can afford it, I can give you whatever you