Keep you in my arms

Chapter 172 If You Want To Divorce Me

That night, his mother sat in the living room and sobbed all night. A week later, the aunt came with his
uncle, Aaron, to reason with him and asked him what his mother did wrong, he wanted to divorce her.
My father said he didn't love my mother. My uncle is such a gentle man. He gave my father a punch
without saying anything. The two of them began to fight. Everyone was trying to dissuade them, but his
grandmother didn't. when she saw the two stop, she stood up and said, "Jonson, you can divorce.
Don't you want to get even a penny."

Everyone looked at her in surprise. Her grandmother was well prepared. She put the prepared
agreement on the table and said, "since Anna married into our family, she has been keeping her duty."
She quit her job and gave birth to two sons for you. We can't do anything to betray the Chen Family!"

All the time, Grandma had to see her son indulge in dissipation all day long. She felt sorry for her
daughter-in-law. As for her daughter-in-law, she endured it silently and defended the dignity of the Yan
Family. Because of grandma's interference, father didn't dare to mention the divorce again.

After listening to his calm and slightly heavy narration, she asked, "although dad has gone too far,
fortunately, he knows how to be filial."

Filial piety?

He lowered his head and smiled.

Wasn't it?

"If you want to divorce me, will you give up all your property?" She looked at him and said half jokingly
and half seriously. He looked at her expressionlessly and said nothing. No one could tell what his
emotion was. She smiled again and said, "the Yan Family is rich, so you don't have to give up all your
property. If I'm still young, I think I can live on my own if you give me a suite!"

"I won't divorce you!" He said and held her in his arms again. "I won't do that for the rest of my life!"

She felt his strength, and the panic deeply touched her. He was so superior and always had a strategy.
It seemed that he could calmly face everything. How could he be afraid?

Lying in his arms, she was stunned for a long time. Her heart was as warm as spring. The corners of
her mouth slightly raised, and her eyes were full of satisfaction.

On the weekend, outside the department store, Angela listened to the person on the other end of the
phone and asked with a frown, "are you going back to the company to work overtime now?"

"I'm sorry! I don't know what's wrong with the circuit board. The company is urging me to check it out as
soon as possible!" Lesley said apologetically.

"Nothing! We can make an appointment next time!"

"Well, you can play with Hilda first. I'll treat you to barbecue next time!"


As soon as she hung up the phone, Hilda called. She answered, "hello? Have you arrived?"

"Angela, please. I'm really sorry. There's an emergency in the company. I can't leave."

"Are you not coming?"

"I don't know yet. If I can handle it as soon as possible, I will go there. But I don't know when it can be
solved..." Before Hilda could finish her words, someone called her name on the phone.

Hearing several people talking on the phone, Angela said to Hilda, "if you have something to do, I'll
hang around first. Call me when you're done, ok?"

"Okay! Thank you for your understanding!"


She put down her phone and looked at the people coming and going. Some of the best friends were
laughing happily, some couples were sweet, and the children were playing... The bustling crowd was so
lively, but she only thought of two words - loneliness.

Edward had gone on a business trip, and he hadn't come back yet. There was something wrong with
Hilda's company, and Lesley had to work overtime. Her elder sister was preparing for the exam, and
her second elder sister was also working with her baby. Everyone had their own career and their own
sustenance, but she didn't. The moment she chose Edward, she could only see him as a belief, and
she was destined to be an accessory.

She stood there and thought for a long time. It was not that she didn't have any hobbies, but she was
afraid that she would change her mind when she read those books. Just then, her mother Darcy called.

Her father had been discharged from the hospital for more than a week, and he had almost recovered.
"Have you had dinner?" Her mother asked

The three of them had agreed to have lunch together. Because both of them were busy and she hadn't
eaten yet. But she still replied with a smile, "yes!"

"Are you used to staying at the Yan Family?"

Angela had her own ideas since she was a child, decisive and straightforward. She would fight for
whatever she wanted, and her temper was not good. She was the youngest daughter and had been
spoiled by her parents since she was a child. Mrs. Xu worried most that she would still act willfully after
she married someone.

"Of course I'm used to eating and sleeping well!" She pretended to be relaxed.

"Although there is a nanny at home, you don't need to do anything. Don't just sit there. You have to
help them do some necessary things." The Yan Family was such a good family. Darcy had always been
afraid that Angela would be bullied.

"Yes! I've watered the flowers for Kay and cooked sweet water when I'm free. His mother told me not to
do anything. Just let them cook whatever you want to eat! "

Hearing that her daughter lived a good life in other people's house, she felt a little relieved. "Edward
has a grandmother, doesn't she? She asked at length. "The family has an old, a treasure." You should
spend more time with her when you are free!"

Darcy taught her daughter to behave herself and didn't want others to blame her!

"Yes, I did. Grandma wasn't at home last time." She asked, "how's dad's foot?"

"He is still a little lame. The doctor said that he would recover slowly after taking off the plaster for a few
months. Are you coming here?"

"Let's wait and see!"

"Okay!" On the other end of the phone came her mother's somewhat disappointed response. Then, she
said, "I'm going to take a nap."

"Yes! Have a good rest. We'll talk next time."

She walked around the Department Store aimlessly. When she passed the bookstore, the artistic
window attracted her attention. She stopped and stared at the book, Intrigues of the Warring States, on
the bookshelf. She thought of the chaotic era in which various schools of thought flattered their own

beliefs. In that difficult era, they wandered among the noble clans, not afraid of life and death, and did
not care about their future...

She admitted that she had a place for Edward in her heart, but she couldn't condense him into faith.

"Don't I love him enough?" She lowered her head and sneered at herself.

She probably couldn't understand the love of losing herself! She married him just to pay off her debt...

"What did you say?"

The sudden voice startled her. She turned around and saw Harriet holding a book. He handed the book
to her and said, "you said the Wei, Jin and Southern Dynasties were a magical Dynasty. Here you are."

He handed over a book called "New Words Of The World", which they often discussed in high school.
Harriet said that he liked Ji Kang's simple and proud and admired his courage. Angela remembered the
handsome bodyguard most. She said that she could laugh for the rest of her life.

The Wei, Jin, southern and North Dynasty, this was the direction she had chosen for the postgraduate
entrance exam.

He shook the book in his hand, indicating her to take it. Her heart was stabbed by a knife. Although
disappointment flashed in her eyes, she still refused with a smile, "no, thanks. I have this book."

Although... She had left it at Lesley's house. She didn't know if it had been thrown away.

"Just take it as a souvenir! I haven't given you anything before." Although it was too late, he just wanted
to give her something. He probably hoped that when she saw this book, she would remember that
there was still him in the world.

She had married to Edward, so it seemed not good to accept other people's kindness.

Seeing her frown, he knew that she was hesitating, so he quickly put it into her arms and said, "I'm
waiting for customers here. I read books in the bookstore because I'm bored. I didn't expect to meet
you, so I bought you the book by the way. The guests are almost here. I'm leaving now."

After saying that, he strode away before she could refuse.

"Hey... Harriet..."