Keep you in my arms

Chapter 173 He Was Inexplicably Angry

This day, she turned off her phone. She sat in the bookstore and ordered a cup of coffee, but she didn't
drank at all. She occasionally stared at the novel on the glass table, and occasionally looked at the
person who is reading.

In a trance, she recalled all the dreams she had since she could remember.

When she just went to school, she liked her teacher very much and wanted to be a teacher when she
grew up.

In grade three of primary school, her parents were doing business in S City, so she followed them to
the S City. She saw people who were doing business with her parents and heard from them that this
uncle was rich by relying on his own efforts. At that time, her parents often worried about too much
expense. At that time, her dream was to earn a lot of money!

When she was in high school, she liked Chinese and history, and preferred the Wei, Jin, South and
North Dynasty, an era when thinking can be freely expressed. She decided to take the postgraduate
entrance exam, but she was also in love. She felt that he would be the only one in her life, and that she
would not be separated from her beloved man. It was enough for her to live a good life with Harriet!

Harriet's betrayal made her less believe in love. She thought that it didn't matter who she was with, but
what kind of life she lived. She had been with Greg, but she was not as anxious as her first love. She
had her own faith, and she had never thought about the future with Greg. Until the reality told her that
the so-called love was to sacrifice her faith, and she left him without hesitation.

Until she met Edward, everything seemed to be out of control. They met for no reason. He chased her
for no reason. In the end, she didn't know why she fell in love with him. When Greg asked her to give
up the postgraduate entrance exam, she refused so decisively. But she hesitated in front of Edward.

Was she really like him and willing to sacrifice herself or to pay off her debt? If she really loved him,
why didn't she feel frustrated when she saw the book on the table? Was it too much for her to have a
second thought?

Dream? Did she really need it?

For the rest of her life, she would have a few children with Edward, raise them up, watch them repeat
the path she had followed, marry and have children...

"Hello, we are off duty now." The shop assistant reminded her.

"Okay!" In a trance, she picked up the book on the table and was about to leave.

"Miss, here is your bag!" The waiter followed her out of the shop and gave her her her bag.

"Thank you." She took her bag and looked at the book in her hand.

"You're welcome." The shop assistant went back to clean up.

As soon as she turned around and took a step forward, she saw Edward standing in front of her. He
stood in front of the glass window of the bookstore and stared at her expressionlessly with his hands in
his trouser pockets.

Didn't he go on a business trip? Why is he here?

She was stunned, and then forced a faint smile. "Why are you here?"

He also smiled gently, but his eyes were less soft than usual. "Are you hungry? Would you like to have
dinner with me?"

"Yes! Yes, a little." She nodded. Thinking that she hadn't eaten anything for the whole day, she was so
hungry that she trembled without noticing.

Her belly rang at the right time. He held her wrist and asked, "don't you have hypoglycemia? Why don't
you eat?"

"Maybe... Maybe it was because she has been a lit recently and her stomach was a little swollen that
she didn't realize she was hungry. I was absorbed in reading in the afternoon. I didn't know it was so
late." At the mention of this, she suddenly remembered something. She nervously took out her phone
and said, "Damn! I forgot to tell mom that I won't go back for dinner tonight!"

"It doesn't matter! I told her. Do you need me take your bag?"

"It's not heavy. I'll take it. Thank you." He was so handsome that holding a woman's bag was too bad
for his image. But...

When did he come here? And how did he find her? And when did he tell mom that she didn't want to go
back for dinner? She looked at his side face suspiciously, "aren't you on a business trip? Why are you

Besides, he told his mother that she wouldn't go back. Did he come here a long time ago?

"I came back ahead of time."

"Why? Is there anything wrong?" She frowned and asked him.

Hearing her question, he stopped, turned around and looked at her seriously for a few seconds. Seeing
that she was a little flustered and wondering why he looked at her like this, he reached out his hand to
her forehead and flicked it gently. "Stupid!"

"Ah! It hurts!" She rubbed her forehead and asked, "what are you doing? Are you jealous of my
cleverness and want to break my head?"

"I just want to flick it to see if your stupid head would get better!" He finished his work as soon as
possible in order to come back to see her earlier. But she asked him why he came back so soon.

Then he walked straight ahead. Angela caught up with him and retorted, "you are such a fool! Your
whole family are fools!"

He squinted at her and asked, "a whole family?"

Hmm... The whole family... Wasn't she included? Her brain was indeed stupid.

After dinner, the two of them went home. As soon as they entered, they saw Anna and Hilda sitting on
the sofa in the hall.

"I'll go upstairs to take a shower first." Edward changed his shoes and went upstairs.

"Yes! Call me when you finish." She went to the living room to say hello to the two people, and then
looked at the big bell. It was already half past ten, but they were still awake?

Seeing that Edward went upstairs, before Angela could ask, Hilda came over and asked, "where have
you been today? Isn't it fun?"

"? ? ?" She was confused. What does she mean by where did they go?

"What surprise did my brother give you?" Hilda couldn't wait to ask.


"Well, they have played for a whole day and are tired. Stop gossiping!" Anna held her daughter's hand
and dragged her upstairs. Hilda was reluctant to go upstairs

Seeing that they had left, Angela went upstairs to her room. When she was packing her bag, she found
the book that Harriet gave her, the book of New Words of The World. She paused and took it out to turn
a page.

Ten minutes later, he came out and saw her absent-minded. When he passed by, he asked, "what

The shower gel on his body made her feel refreshing, and she was just read an interesting chapter, she
raised her head and smiled subconsciously. "New words of the world, have you read it?"

Then she showed him the cover of the book. Originally, his face was mild, but became cold when he
saw the cover. He glanced at it and said coldly, "no!"

The obvious displeasure emotion confused her. Why are you so angry? Does he have any problem
with this book? But she remembered that he also had this set of books in his study!

"Don't you like it?"

"No." He said expressionlessly.

"I think it's interesting!" As she said, she lowered her head and wanted to finish reading the chapter, but
she didn't see his face darken.