Keep you in my arms

Chapter 174 Hello! You...

"It's late. Go to take a shower." The implication was stop looking!

Before Angela could react, he took the book from her hand and threw it into the trash can.

"Hello! Why did you throw my book away?"

It was really strange that he had such a quick temper! Angela picked it up hurriedly and wiped it with
some wet tissue.

The two of them were both clean. She really cherished the book and pick it back even it was being
thrown into the trash can. Although she saw his darken face, she remained sullen because she felt that
he was unreasonable.

She was so angry that she was not in the mood to read. Then she put the book aside and went to take
a shower. Thirty minutes later, she came out of the bathroom, but the book on the table was gone.
Then she looked at Edward, who was lying on the bed with his eyes closed.

She walked over and asked, "where is my book?"

He didn't bother to open his eyes. "That book is an extract. I have a complete book in my study. You
don't need an incomplete book."

"So you threw it away?" Even if it was a section, he shouldn't have thrown it away!

He opened his eyes and looked into hers. Seeing that she was a little angry, he felt even more

It was said that women's mood was like the day in June, and they could change at any time. She felt
that his mood was just like a tornado!

She knew that he was stubborn, so she didn't want to argue with him. She glared angrily at him and
planned to turn around to look for the book. Suddenly, her wrist was grabbed.


Caught off guard, she was pulled to the bed by a force. In the chaos, he had already pressed on her
and firmly imprisoned her.

"What kind of book do you want? I'll buy it for you."

His angry and strong tone aroused her resistance. The next second, she thought of something.

wait! Was he jealous?

She opened her mouth and was about to refute, but on a second thought, she asked, "you are not a
person who will fuss about a book. What's wrong with you today?"

How could a proud and lonely man like him admit that he was jealous?

"Nothing. I just don't like incomplete books."

Angela was speechless: "......"

The reason was so lame. Since he didn't want to admit it and was unreasonable, she didn't have to
consider his feelings.

"This book was given to me by others. If you don't like it, you can ignore it! If I don't like your books. Will
I throw them away?" She said in a little angry.

Sure enough, she would cherish what her first love gave her!

Edward didn't say anything but stared at her angrily.

"Why are you staring at me? Did I say anything wrong?" He was like a tyrant, a dictatorial man! He
threw her book away with an expression of "she did something wrong". She wanted to push him away.
"Let go of me. My hair hasn't dried yet!"

It was late, even if he threw it, he would only throw it into the trash can at home. She should quickly find
it back before it was disposed of.

However, he firmly grasped her wrist and fixed her under his body. "We have been married for some
time. Why don't we have a child?"

give birth to a child? It's not easy to have a baby!

Before she could refuse, he lowered his head and started to kiss her. She felt uncomfortable and
resisted, "Hey! You..."

"Let go of me... Hmm..."

His overbearing made her feel helpless. When she resisted, he did not compromise at all. Different
from the past, he was a little anxious that night. A few times ago, she could still feel that kind of
indecent longing and bearable pity. And this time, he reminded her of the two words "possession".

He asked Lesley and Hilda to cooperate with him to give her a surprise. When she received the phone
call from the two people and knew that she was stood up, she went shopping alone. He was curious
about what she would do when she was alone, so he didn't show up in a hurry.

At first, he thought it was interesting, but when he saw the loneliness, absent mindedness and
depression in her eyes, he frowned.

The Angela he knew was always full of energy and self-confidence to pursue what she want. How
could she show such an unhappy expression?

Just as he wanted to ask her what happened, Harriet suddenly appeared. The two of them talked for a
while. He looked at her affectionately, and she slightly smiled.

She was Edward's wife. It was a blasphemy to be stared at like this by other man. And she was in a
bad mood just now, how could she smile at him. Edward was almost going crazy, but he didn't like the
feeling of losing control.

In the business world, he had the strategy and could control the situation. But every time something
related to her, he felt out of control. He frowned and tried to calm himself down.

The two didn't talk for a long time. After Harriet left, he left a book for her, but she stared at it until night!
Even if the bookstore was about to close, she didn't notice that he was standing outside the window.

He was standing in such a conspicuous position, but all she saw was that book, which was sent by
another man!

Hilda once told him that for girls, their first love was different. Maybe it was someone they would never
forget. So, what should he do?

It turned out that she was not the only one who had no sense of security.

In the romantic room, he became more and more anxious.



She felt uncomfortable and wanted to have a rest. However, would it be too embarrassing for him to be
interrupt such a scene?

"I'm so thirsty..." She could only find an excuse casually.

However, he didn't stop. He left his own marks on her body, as if declaring that she belonged to him

"I'm thirsty..." She softened her tone a little and even seemed to beg.

He loved her so much. How could he ignore her when he heard such a tone? He stroked the hair on
her face aside and looked into her eyes affectionately and unwillingly.

Angela was stunned.

Although her face was flushed, her eyes were clear. Just now, he could feel that she was not as
obsessed as before. She just cooperated with him in the whole process.

His eyes gradually became cold, and then he got down from her. She was like a rabbit that had taken
off a vending machine. She nimbly left his arms, put on her clothes and went to pour water.

She could feel his cold eyes behind her.

He was so smart. Would he notice her coldness just now? She was just a little tired, but she didn't like
him to be so arbitrary. Sure enough, people shouldn't owe others. Since he handled everything for the
Xu Family and helped her brother open a company to maintain the current rich life of the Xu Family,
she felt that her life would not enough to pay him back. She knew that the whole Yan Family was
looking forward to their baby, so she didn't dare to disobey.

But she knew clearly that she was afraid from the bottom of her heart. She was afraid of the hard work
of October pregnancy, the pain when she gave birth, the fear that her body would deform after giving
birth, and the fear that she would become as numb as described in the book of "Life and Death Field".

Giving birth to a baby, taking care of the baby, watching the baby get married and have a baby, the life
was over in this kind of circle...

Feeling guilty, he read the word from her expression.

She was afraid that if she went back to bed, he would start to kiss her again endlessly. Although she
was a little reluctant, she still forced a smile and asked him, "do you want to drink it?"

He stared at her and wondered what she was thinking. After a while, he answered,