Keep you in my arms

Chapter 195 I Hope This Is The Last Time We Meet

Outside the classroom of the S University Research Institute, a red Ferrari was parked beside. As soon
as the class was over, it attracted a lot of attention. As soon as Angela walked out of the classroom, her
classmate Colin, who followed her closely, patted her on the left shoulder. She turned over and saw
that Colin had already walked to the right of her.

"Hey! Angela, I just fell asleep and haven't finished my notes. Can I borrow yours?"

He was 1.8 meter tall and had a healthy black skin. It was said that he was good at playing basketball.
Compared with other weak male students in the school, he was unique! Therefore, it was known as the
school beau.

Since the second week of the new term, he had been flirting with her from time to time. Angela certainly
knew that he had a crush on her, but he didn't express his love, so she didn't even have a chance to
refuse. She had said more than once that she was married, but Colin only took her words as a joke.

Seeing that she frowned, Colin reached out his hand to touch her head. Angela stepped back angrily
and said, "don't always touch women, you little child. Besides, I'm married!"

"You always say that you have a husband, but I've never seen him pick you up. You haven't called him
even once during the break of the class!" He thought he was smart enough to "expose" her.

"We meet every night. I don't want to disturb her when she is studying."

The sudden voice made the two people turn their heads. They saw that Chuck came over and put his
hand on her head. He was clearly such a cold person, but showed a warm and intimate expression.

Angela was a little reluctant, but she took a look at Colin. Seeing that he didn't look well, she smiled
gently, "Why are you here?"

Angela had always been disgusted and kept distance with him. It was the first time that she saw her
smiling at him like a spring breeze. He was stunned.

"I'll take you home."

As Chuck spoke, he took the book in her hand and held her wrist. "Say goodbye to your classmate."

He sounded like her husband!

She rode the tiger first and it was not easy for her to get off. In this case, she said "Bye" to Colin, and
then let Chuck take her away.

After Angela got in the car, Chuck started the engine. On the other side, seeing the two get on the
Ferrari, Colin was a little depressed.

In the distance, a figure stood. He could clearly see their movements, but he couldn't see their faces
clearly. His cold eyes were filled with anger at the moment, and his eyes were filled with bloodshot. His
originally fair face was morbid pale, and his thin lips were pursed into a line.

Edward clenched his fists so hard that his knuckles turned pale.

Ten minutes later, in the Ferrari, Chuck asked, "where do you want to go?"

After what had happened between her and Edward, she lived at school from Monday to Friday and at
Lesley's home on weekends. She originally thought the Yan Family would come for her, but a week had
passed, only Anna called her two times and asked when she would go home. From Anna's words, she
guessed that it was a lie from Edward to the Yan Family that the apartment was closer to the school, so
they moved to the apartment and live for a while. Angela had to say that she would see it for a while.
As for Hilda, she was on a business trip abroad, so she didn't know about them for the time being.

"Just drop me off at the roadside. Thank you!"

After parking the car at the roadside, he turned around and asked her, "There's something I don't know
if I should tell you."

Angela stopped opening the door, turned around and forced a smile at him, "Mr. Chuck and I shouldn't
be on the same side."

After saying that, she got out of the car. Before closing the door, she heard the person behind her say
unwillingly, "are you on the same side with Edward?"

She paused again. Seeing that she didn't move forward, he said, "I don't understand..."

She turned around and said seriously, "I'm not on the same side with you. You just hate Edward. We're
now on the verge of break up. There's no need for you to revenge him from me. Mr. Chuck, if possible,
I hope this is the last time we meet."

Then she left without looking back.

Looking at the receding figure, Chuck was still in a daze for a long time. In the past more than thirty
years, he had met many women, but Angela was the only one he couldn't figure out. It seemed that
there was nothing in the world that could tempt her. He didn't believe that there was really someone in
the world who had no desire for anything. He believed more that he just didn't know what exactly
Angela wanted!

As soon as she arrived at the bus station, Angela's phone was rang. It was from her mother.

"Mom? What's wrong? "

"Tomorrow is the National Day. Do you plan to travel with Edward?"

"There are so many people out there. We don't want to go anywhere." She had only been married to
Edward for one year, but she wanted a divorce. If her mother knew it, she would cry to death? To be

honest, Edward didn't want to sign the divorce agreement! So she just keep the divorce thing a secret

"No class tomorrow. Are you coming back for dinner?"

As a matter of fact, she seldom went back to her parents' home after she married into the Yan Family
because she was busy preparing for the exam. She was busy with the second round of the exam this
year, and she didn't have time to go back until May. She had been busy since the new semester began,
and found that Edward had an affair, so she didn't go back to the Xu Family.

Although they used to quarrel with each other a lot, and angry words were also spelt out like she would
never go back to the Xu Family, or she would never go back even she starve to death and so on. But
after she got hurt, all she wanted was to go back to the Xu Family, but she didn't dare to go back
because she was afraid that her parents would be sad. A week had passed, and she could resist crying
when she mentioned it. She said, "I just finished my class. I'm waiting for the bus now."

"I'll ask your brother to pick you up."

"No, thanks. He is very busy with the company's affairs. I can go back by myself!"

"Didn't you like to take the bus before? Every time you go home, your father has to pick you up. Why
do you want to take a bus now?"

"Didn't you always say that I was delicate? Why do you want me to be delicate now?" Angela retorted
with a smile.

"Okay! Whatever. The soup will be ready when you arrive home. It's your favorite lotus root soup."

At this time, the bus she had been waiting for arrived. She said to her mom, "the bus is coming. I have
to hang up now!"

The H University was the second stop of this bus. There was still a seat on it. She sat down by the
window, playing music and looking out of the window. From dusk to night, the sky gradually darkened,
and the lights were also lit up one by one.

Angela felt this feeling strange. At that moment, it seemed that she had returned to more than a year
ago. At that time, she had a quarrel with Greg. Her parents were very angry. She had a big quarrel with
her family and came to the S City alone.

At that time, she had thought that she would make a lot of money in the future and could afford to buy a
car, so that she wouldn't have to take the dirty and stinky bus. But now, she felt more relieved sitting
here than driving the car sent by the Yan Family. Perhaps, no matter how good the thing didn't belong
to her, she didn't have a sense of belonging!

Forty-eight minutes later, the dinner was ready. When Angela just finished washing her hands and sat
down to eat, the doorbell rang. When her brother Barry went to open the door, she heard him call
"brother-in-law" happily. She wondered why her second brother-in-law would come to the Xu Family at
this time. When she turned her head, she saw that Edward came in with a bag of letters and a small

She was stunned. Her mother just came out of the kitchen. When she saw her three son-in-law, she
blamed Angela, "why didn't you tell me that Moo moo came with you? I can prepare more dishes!"