Keep you in my arms

Chapter 196 His Appearance

Since she stabbed him on his shoulder in the company, they had no contact. It had been nine days
since they met again. Angela couldn't help feeling uncomfortable. Although she didn't want to talk to
him, in order to hide it from the Xu Family, she had to stood up and looked at him.

Her mother didn't really want to blame her. When she saw her third son-in-law, she asked her son to go
up to help him pick up the things, and then asked him to sit down and have dinner quickly.

Just as Edward was about to sit down next to Angela, he saw that his mother-in-law was about to serve
him a bowl of soup, so he took the bowl in a hurry and said, "I can do it myself." After filling the bowl for
himself, Edward saw that she had finished drinking and was waiting to add another bowl, so he put his
own bowl in front of her and added the empty bowl for him to drink.

Alas! Who allowed him to take her bowl away? He was so hypocritical?

Angela was about to lose her temper, but she was afraid that her parents would find out something, so
she kept silent. Edward took a sip of soup and glanced at her. Seeing that she also drank the soup
quietly, so he transferred his sight to his own bowl.

Darcy also sat down and the family chatted casually.

"I don't mean to blame you. You've been married for almost a year, and you'll have a baby sooner or
later. You'd better have a baby as soon as possible, so that I can take care of the child for you for a few
more years!"

Now that they were going to divorce, how could she have a child? It was not a permanent solution to
hide it from her. Paper could not wrap fire. Or should she tell her the truth?

"Actually, we..."

"We are going to have a baby!"

He said before Angela could say it out. Seeing the expressions of the two people, Darcy knew that it
was her daughter who didn't want a child. She glanced at Angela and said patiently, "you're young and
full of energy now. After two years, you're not as energetic as now. I'm afraid you can't bear to have a
baby then!"

"Is that so? There are a lot of girls give birth in their thirties!" Angela retorted.

"That's other people's quality of body! You have been weak and always got sick since you were a child.
When you were young, you recovered quickly!"

"Oh..." Angela knew that if she continued to refute, her mother could convince her with no less than
one hundred reasons, so she said awkwardly, "Mom, the braised pork you cooked is delicious!"

"Moo moo, I heard that the stock market of the DC Capital Group is a little unstable recently. Is
everything going well with the company?" Asked Angela's father.

"Several shareholders are not satisfied with the decision of the new project. Besides, the group
purchased a lot of companies last year. It's normal for the price of the stock to be unstable. Father, you
don't need to worry about it." He smiled faintly.

Walter frowned and said, "seven or eight among the dozen companies that the DC Capital Group
purchased were invested by the President of the KD Group. Although they are all emerging companies,
they don't seem to be worth that much?"

After a pause, Edward replied, "yes."

This made Walter even more confused, since Edward had the acknowledgement that the purchase
could not bring the DC Capital Group benefits, he still determined to do it... It must be a personal

Angela was lost in thought after hearing this. She didn't pay much attention to the DC Capital Group,
but recently the stock market of the group was very unstable, so she learned something more or less
about it. As for the acquisition of the KD Group, which was exclusive owned to Chuck, she also knew it.
At the beginning, she thought it was because they had personal grudges. But a rational man like
Edward shouldn't have done such a thing that detrimental to the both sides!

During the whole process, Barry felt like sitting on pins and needles. Finally, he couldn't help but pull
her sleeve.

Angela was lost in thought. She asked subconsciously, "what are you doing?"

She moved so fast that everyone looked at her. Angela was still confused, but Barry looked like he was

He was a little embarrassed, but he couldn't help looking at Edward and said, "brother-in-law, about the
thing I mentioned to you last week..."

What happened last week? Yes?

Following her brother's gaze, Angela looked at Edward. The latter looked into her eyes and said
indifferently, "I will take over the ZX Bank this month. At that time, I will approve a loan of forty million
dollars to WC Company."

It was a private bank founded by Edward's father. It had great influence not only in S City, but also in
the whole country. She had heard from Jonson that since he was married, he could hand over the ZX
Bank to him. But...

"Why does WC Company need so much money?"

"It's all because of those clients. They promised to pay the first half year of the money in June, but it's
already October and they haven't paid it back yet. Now, the WC Company's financial can't be turned
over! " Barry said worriedly.

"Why aren't they unwilling to pay back the money? Is there something wrong with their company's

"The five companies are our main clients. 80% of the revenue in the second half of last year was relied
on them. There isn't anything wrong with their economy. Maybe they would rather to invest than to pay
us first." Barry dared not say the last sentence.

Angela was a little angry, "how could they do that?! If they keep dragging like this, the company will not
be able to operate it sooner or later!"

"That's true..."

"Cough, cough, cough..." Walter gave a dry cough to remind his son not to say anything more, and then
said, "it's rare for everyone to come back for dinner. Let's not talk about work!"

"Okay!" Although Barry lowered his head to eat, he didn't forget to take a secret look at Edward.

After dinner, Edward and Walter were having tea in the hall. Angela sneaked into her brother's room
and locked the door.

Barry had just hung up the phone from the financial staff of his company and asked, "sister?"

"What's the matter with the customers who are dragging the money you just mentioned?" Angela had
always been suspicious. Just now, he wanted to say but he didn't dare to say it, but her father didn't
allow her brother to say it. How could she not doubt it?

Hearing her question, Barry put down his phone and walked to the door. After confirming that the door
was locked, he walked to the computer and said, "come and have a look. These are the ones I marked
with red marks. After WC Company was founded last year, my -in-law introduced these big customers
to us. At that time, the agreement was that they would pay the money every quarter. Last two quarters
went well. At the end of March this year, they said that they would pay the money to us next quarter.
Because they are customers introduced by my brother-in-law, my father and I dare not offend them. "

"Did you mention it to Edward?"


"What did he say?"

"My brother-in-law said that it's inevitable that the financial turnover of business is not good. It's normal
to delay for a quarter. But... "

"But for these big enterprises, millions of dollars are not a big deal."

"Yes! Moreover, it was understandable that if one company in this situation, but these five companies
were postponed to pay the money at the same time! I don't think it's simple..."

Although she was not stupid, it was difficult for her to figure out what was on Edward's mind. She
couldn't help but think, 'if it is said that Edward did it on purpose, then why? If it was from this month
that they owed the money, she could take it as a warning to her. But why did the company get into
trouble step by step since March?

"Sister! Do you think it's because these customers don't trust brother-in-law anymore because of the
unstable performance in the stock market of the DC Capital Group, so they don't take us seriously? As
a matter of fact, in March, the stock market of the DC Capital Group seemed to have fallen a little. But
later, it also increased... I still can't figure it out... How can these people be so untrustworthy..."