Keep you in my arms

Chapter 197 His Threat

Barry was too ignorant of the world. The Yan Family had such a stable foundation, and the stock
market of the DC Capital Group just changed a little. How could it collapse so easily? Even if the
prestige of the DC Capital Group was not here, they had to take Jonson and Carol's faces into account!

Barry suddenly thought of something and murmured, "the slight change in the stock market won't
cause the DC Capital Group to collapse. It shouldn't have been influenced so big. Does brother-in-law
think that our company has the ability to deal with this problem?"

Hmm... It seemed that his brother, Barry, was not an incapable person. He was just lack of experience!

On the one hand, Angela was a little relieved by her brother's statement. On the other hand, she began
to doubt if Edward did it on purpose. Then she said indifferently, "maybe..."

"What's this?" All of a sudden, Angela occasionally saw the Transformers on his table. It was full of
metal and very exquisite, with the factory address on the tag. She stretched out her hand and was
about to take it. "When did you go to R country? Why didn't I know?"

"Don't move!" He pushed her hand away and protected the Transformers. This inevitably made Angela
more curious. She wanted to get it from his side, but was blocked.

"Why are you so nervous? Is it from a girl?" She joked with an ambiguous look.

"You think too much! That's a gift for myself! You're so carelessly. I'm afraid you'll break it!" Barry
stretched out his hands and looked at her nervously.

"How can I be so carelessly? I'm so gentle! Don't worry. I'll pay you back right away!" As she said it,
Angela stretched out her hand to take it. Barry blocked her and pushed her to the door. He opened the
door and wanted to drive her out.

"What's wrong with you? You've broken a lot of toys of mine when I was a child! Besides, I just want to
have a look!" After saying that, she slipped back to the room from under his arm.

When Angela was about to touch the Transformers, she was pulled back and then pressed on the bed
by her brother. The scene of trembling in their childhood quickly formed. She didn't want to show
weakness. She wrapped his neck with her arms and pretended to threaten, "will you give it or not?"

"No way! I'll protect him till to death! As long as I am alive, I won't let anything happen to him!" Although
she wrapped her arms around his neck, it didn't really make him out of breath. He said in a tone of
desperate defense.

"Well, you're being stubborn, aren't you?" Angela turned around and pressed him on the bed. She
picked up a pillow and smashed it on his face. "Are you convinced or not?! Or not?"

"No! "Ahhh!" You violent woman..."

When Angela was about to hit him again, her mother behind her suddenly said, "you're old enough to
be a father and mother, but still behaved like a child."

"Mom! My sister bullied me!" As soon as Barry saw his mother came in, he immediately became a

In fact, how could he lose to Angela? He just gave in to his sister.

Angela also turned around with a smile, only to see a gloomy face behind her mother.

Edward stared at them coldly, with anger and murderous look in his eyes. Angela felt uncomfortable
under his stare and subconsciously got down from her brother. Then she said in disappointed way,
"fine, I won't look at it. I'll buy one and hold it in my hand to enjoy! Humph!"

Then she pretended to be arrogant and left the room. Standing at the door, Darcy smiled and said,
"what does your sister want to see?"

He pointed at the Transformers on the table and said, "here... That! I'm afraid she'll tear it down!"

Edward took a look at the things on the table and frowned.

After taking a shower in her room, Angela sat in front of her makeup mirror and began to take care of
her skin. As soon as she took the toner, she saw Edward coming in from the mirror.

Hasn't he left yet? Did he have the face to stay here? But on the second thought. Although the house
was written with her name, it was bought by him. How could he be embarrassed to stay here?

Her face suddenly turned dark. She paused and pretended not to see him. She lowered her head and
poured the essence on her palm.

He put his hand on her shoulder. She slapped his hand away. But he put it on again and held her
shoulder hard. Then he put his hand cross her neck and rested his chin on her head. "Do you know
that I lost too much blood and almost died in there?"

In the mirror, there was some sadness and anger in his eyes. Her heart twitched, and with a guilty
conscience on her face. She lowered her head in panic. But the next second, she raised her head and
tried to take his arm away from her neck, but she couldn't. At last, she had to look into his cold and
sharp eyes in the mirror. She snorted coldly, "you deserve it!"

Hearing this, her neck was suddenly strangled. She could not help but feel uncomfortable and groan,

Edward's heart was stabbed, and a hint of killing intent flashed through his eyes. But when he saw that
her face was red because of suffocation, he loosened his grip and took a step back. He lowered his

head and sneered, "we have said that we would be together for the rest of our lives..."

'Edward, I find I fall in love with you.' ——

Do you think I'm lying to you? ——

I beg your pardon? ——

I... I like you! ——

I like you, too. ——

This life? ——

Generation after generation! ——

Angela had the same feeling as him. She lowered her head to hide her embarrassment and care. After
hiding her feelings, she raised her head and said coldly, "why do you still say that?"

She didn't notice that she reached out for the toner and wiped her face again mechanically.

Why did you say that?

"Huh!" He couldn't help sneering, "so, are you determined to divorce me?"

"Isn't this your choice?" He had no choice but to choose between her and Vanessa. He didn't want to
leave Vanessa. Did he want her to turn a blind eye to him?

He looked at her in the mirror with red eyes. He was so angry that he gritted his teeth and could not
help clenching his fists. After a long while, he loosened his grip on his teeth and put his hand in his
trouser pocket. He said indifferently, "do you think WC Company can survive so easily only by your

father and Barry's current situation? If the Xu Family returns to the L County at this time, how will they

It was true that without him, WC Company couldn't manage to operation anymore. The case of the Xu
Family's kilns hadn't been solved yet. If they went back, they would live in the public opinion of their
neighbors every day. However, what she feared most was not that, but that he would really say
something like that.

To his surprise, she didn't get angry. She just stared at him in the mirror, tears streaming down silently.
She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Her voice trembled, "the reason why the five clients are in
debt is that you let them do it on purpose, right?"