Keep you in my arms

Chapter 159 I Will Let You Get Pregnant As Soon As Possible

"Angela, I want to be your real husband."

Her eyes widened, revealing his gentle smile. It was like a long winter, ushering in the spring of the new
disciples. She was so looking forward to it. Because of the lack of safety, she pursed her lips again.
Seeing her limbs settle down, he kissed her. This time, she didn't push him away.

Expectation, hesitation, fear... And the uncontrollable uproar. At that moment, Angela didn't seem to
think about what would happen in the future any more. She was clearly so scared, but gradually fell in
love with him. And he, from tenderness to plunder...

On the second day, he prepared lunch and went into their room to ask her out for lunch. Angela
wrapped herself in the sheet and sit on the bedside. Her eyes were empty, and she didn't even see him
come in.

He approached her and held her hand gently, which made her stunned.

"Are you hungry?"

"What?" She was still in a trance. After a while, she came to her senses and said, "well, I'll brush my
teeth first."

Seeing her enter the bathroom in a trance and the agreement on the bed, Edward's eyes became far-

Wait, the pen is out of water. Use this one. ——

In the bathroom, Angela looked at herself in the mirror and thought about the whole thing thoroughly.

Although their signatures were not found on the agreement, there were traces of writing on it. So there
was something wrong with the pen he gave to her.

Edward was smart, but she always thought he was a man with good morality. But this time he cheated
her into getting married and made her his legitimate wife, which made her angry and disappointed.

After she washed up and went out, he already sat at the table and waited for her to sit down and have
dinner together. On the table, three dishes and one soup were her favorite dishes. She tasted it and it
tasted good. Suddenly, her mood became complicated.

"What's wrong?" Seeing that she was in a daze, he asked.

She came to her senses, lowered her head and took a bite. "Let's talk about it after dinner."

The mixed feelings were tangled in her heart during the meal, but she still couldn't accept the fact that
he lie to her at length. During the meal, she was not as lively as before, which made him frown.

When she was full, she put down her chopsticks and saw him also put down his chopsticks. She took a
deep breath and said calmly, "what's the point of lying to me about getting married?"

As expected, she was angry about this.

"What's wrong with marry me?" There are so many people in the world who want to marry into the Yan
Family, even if they are not welcomed by him.

"Edward, I never wanted to marry you."

After saying that, she stood up and walked away from his sight. Ten minutes after she left, he'd been
staring at the door and clenching his fists.

Edward, I never wanted to marry you. ——

Then why didn't she push him away that night?

Edward, pretended nothing had happened last night. ——

Was it all his wishful thinking?

Why did you bring me here... If I hadn't come, such a thing wouldn't have happened... ——

I met Miss Vanessa in the hotel. She said that your coat was left her place. ——

She was very beautiful! ——

Why did he try his best to please her? He had never been so interested in a woman. He was willing to
sacrifice so much for her sincerely, but she seemed to have feeling nothing.

He stared at the untouched dishes with red eyes and blue veins on his forehead.

With a bang, the beautiful bowls and chopsticks on the table, which he had cooked for the whole
morning, all fell to the ground. He sat on the chair in despair. He stared into the distance with empty
eyes. After a long time, his eyes moved...

In the pharmacy downstairs, Angela paid and was about to go out with the medicine.

She stood there, unscrewed the lid of the water bottle and the pills, and was about to put them into her
mouth. All of a sudden, something in her hand was knocked down.

"Who allows you to take this medicine?" Edward's eyes turned red with anger and grabbed her wrist

Angela was a tough woman. How could he yell at her like that? Besides, he lied to her. Why should he
yell at her?

"I don't need to get permission of what I want to eat." She retorted angrily.

Was she so unwilling to have his baby?

He continued to grab hard on her hand, and his angry eyes seemed to devour her.

"Let go of me, Edward!" If it went on like this, her hand would be broken.

She shook him off and glared at him again. Then she squatted down and picked up the pills and water.

"Ah..." Before she could stand up, he grabbed her wrist, grabbed the thing in her hand and threw it into
the trash can beside. Angela still wanted to resist, but she was pushed by him and her back hit a pillar.

"originally, I planned to let nature take its course. But since you don't want to have my baby, I'll let you
get pregnant as soon as possible." His face was cold, and his eyes were full of threat and fear.

She was shocked, but he had already taken her back to the hotel.

"You can't do this! You liar!" Angela struggled in fear and tried her best not to be pulled over by him.

When she passed by the pillar outside the hotel, she held the pillar in a hurry. The two of them were so
noisy that they surrounded a lot of curious people.

"I want to call the police!" Angela was so anxious that she blurted out. When she saw someone coming
over, she immediately asked for help, "help me call the police. I don't want to die..."

Edward was speechless: "......"

The guards at the entrance of the hotel were afraid of affecting the hotel's business and image, so they
quickly contacted the hotel security and manager. At this time, the security guard wanted to hold
Edward's hand and said, "you are a man. It's such a shame to bully a weak woman."

"Exactly! I want to call the police!" Afraid that he might took her upstairs by a sudden hard strength.
Angela held the pillar with one hand while asking the enthusiastic security guard for help, "brother, help

Angela had an innocent face, with her pitiful eyes, she was easy to get others softer to her. Seeing her
like this, the security guard thought she had been bullied. He glared at Edward and comforted her,
"don't worry. Our manager will be here soon!"

Seeing her acting like a spoiled child in front of another man, how could he not be angry? But he was
never a person who would lose his temper in public. He could only stare at her angrily.

At this time, Manager Yang of the hotel came over. The security guard hurried walked forward and
reported, "this man is obscene. He is bullying this female guest at the door of the hotel."

Following his words, Manager Yang looked at Edward's direction, whose face turned pale at that

From the security guard's position, he could only see the back of Manager Yang. He didn't know the
expression on the manager's face at the moment, so he added, "a man who bullies a woman is not a
man! He looks like a gentle man with good-looking face, but he has disgraced our men!"

"Shut up!" Hearing the security guard's words and seeing that Mr. Edward's face was very bad,
Manager Yang turned around and shouted at the security guard. Then he smiled politely to the
confused Angela, and then said respectfully to Edward, "Mr. Edward, this security guard is a new
recruit and doesn't know the rules. He got involved before figuring it out and broke the rules of the DC
Hotel. I'll fire him."

"Manager..." No matter how stupid the security guard was, he had already realized that he had made a

How could she forget that he was the boss here! It was a disaster that the security guard lost his job.

She hurriedly released the pillar and said nervously, "he is also kind. He is so kind of being the
employee of the DC Capital Group. If you fired him, it will be a loss to the company!"