Keep you in my arms

Chapter 198 As Long As You Don't Divorce Me

Although he knew that it was not easy to fool her, he was still stunned when she exposed him face to
face. But it was good. Since she had guessed it, he didn't have to hide it anymore. He showed a cold
expression and said, "yes!"

Yes! ——

He was decisive and assertive, without any guilt or uneasiness. This was Edward. So, was his noble
character, aloof and arrogant just to deceive her into marrying him? But why was it her?

She was so angry that her whole body trembled, and her fingertips were pinched into the flesh of her
palm. Finally, she couldn't help but stand up and questioned him, "why?"

He approached her step by step and raised her chin. "You are so smart. How could you not know why I
did that?"

For her, no matter how much he loved her, it was not as safe as blood relations. As long as someone
cared about something, it was not that difficult to deal with them. As long as he controlled what she
cared about, she wouldn't do anything wrong.

She was forced to look into his eyes. Although she pursed her lips stubbornly, tears gushing out from
her eyes.

So... In order to control her, he even planned the whole Xu Family!

He reached out his hand and took her tightly held hand, "as long as you don't divorce me, I will let the
Xu Family live a good life."

His tone was obviously so distressed, but it was so unacceptable.

"The Xu Family doesn't need such help!" She believed that her parents would support her if they knew
the truth.

The Xu Family was indeed not so spineless!

He seemed to have expected her to say so, and said lightly, "your parents will indeed give up
everything here for you. What about you? Are you really willing to let them go back to the L County?"

If they went back, they would have to live in the spittle stars of other people...

"Edward! Why do you make me hate you?" She gritted her teeth and glared at him, but she could do
nothing to him.

"As long as you are my wife, I will not leave the Xu Family behind. But... " He pinched her chin harder
and harder, and his eyes turned cold. "If you dare to betray me, I will make you regret!"

Angela felt a pain on her chest. There was so much resentment and hatred in it, but it was blocked

"You bastard!" Being controlled by others, she couldn't even get the basic dignity, which made her feel
an unprecedented hatred.

"A bastard!" His heart was stabbed by her hatred, he grabbed her fist and sneered, "that's because you
haven't seen me really behave like a bastard!"

He sneered. The mockery in his eyes made her heart lifted and her fear spread.

"Angela, have you done anything wrong to me as you met with Chuck frequently these days?"

His sharp questioning made her feel ashamed and angry. She wanted to shake off his hand on her
wrist. "Do you think everyone is as shameless as you?"

These days, he could see her with his own eyes, only one hour after her school. This afternoon, he
took her into the car. Who knew what the two had done!

She hated him anyway. He glanced at the partly hidden and partly visible scenery under her collar, as if
he saw a bruise somewhere, in sharp contrast to her snow-white skin. He simply smashed the jar and
said, "take off your clothes."

He would like to see what she had done with Chuck since she refused to go home these days.

Seeing that he reached out his hand, Angela wanted to dodge him, but was suddenly lifted up by him.

"Ah..." She screamed in horror, and he had already lifted up her nightgown from the bottom.

"No..." She struggled, but he still succeeded, because not long after, she felt cold all over her body.