Keep you in my arms

Chapter 199 Then Don't Touch Me!

Although she wanted to cry out, she could only lower her voice tremblingly when she thought of the
existence of someone in the next room.

She was stubborn and refused, but there was no trace of pleading tone. This was his Angela. However,
the more he examined, the more carefully he became.

According to the past situation, since he hadn't touched her for such a long time, her body should've
returned to its original smooth and flawless. Only there was a bruise between her breasts, and there
was no other bruise. He breathed a sigh of relief.

"How did you do this?" He pointed at the bruise on her chest.

She had bought a new bra a few days ago. The front button was made of metal, and it was stuck too
tightly, so there was a bruise on her chest.

Angela thought he would do something to her, but she was stunned by his suddenly concern. Thinking
of his disrespectful behavior, she was so angry that she wanted to push him away. "It's none of your

How could she push him away without his permission?

With a cold look in his eyes, Edward grabbed her hand on his chest and asked, "none of my business?"

Now, she even retorted like a hedgehog when he cared about her?

His tone was like saying why he couldn't ask her.

"Why do you care about me?"

"We are a couple. Why can't I care about you?"

"Husband and wife? When you slept with other women, why didn't you think that you still have me as
your wife? When you deliberately asked that five businessmen put my father and brother in a difficult
position, why don't you think they are your wife's family?"

So, was it because of these two things that she got angry? But his anger these days would be gone as
long as she didn't betray him. Seeing her tears rolling in her eyes but waiting for him with resentment,
he suddenly felt that she was quite cute in this way.

The coldness in his eyes had gone. He stared at her and smiled faintly because of her expression.
Then he got off her.

The sudden smile on his face was still so gentle and pampering, which made her stunned. Before she
could react, he let go of her and got out of bed. However, no matter what he wanted to do, all she
needed to do was to leave far away from him!

Angela quickly got up, pulled over the nightdress that was thrown aside and put it on. When she just
put the dress on her head and was about to put it on, he turned around and asked, "is there no
medicine oil here?"

Medicine oil?

What medicine oil?

However, what he was looking for had nothing to do with her!

She paused and ignored him. After putting on her clothes, she covered herself with the quilt and
ignored him.

When she just lay down, she felt that she had done something wrong! She wondered if she should find
an excuse to sleep with her mother. But if she slept with her mother? What about her father? If she

made it so obviously that she didn't want to share a room with Edward, wouldn't it tell the whole world
something unhappy had happened between them?

Besides, her eyes were wet. It was not appropriate for her to go out!

She tossed and turned in bed for several times, which made Edward laugh. He straightened his clothes
and walked out of the room.

Under the quilt, Angela heard the light sound of door closing. After a while, someone opened the door,
closed and locked it.

Something unknown was approaching him...

When the quilt was lifted, she deliberately lay on her side with her back to him and closed her eyes,
ignoring him.

Seeing her like this, Edward reached out his hands and turned her around. Although she tried her best
to resist his movements, she finally lay down from her side to the ground and was firmly fixed.

"Do you want to take it off yourself or let me help you?"

Take it off? Why should she take off her clothes?

She ignored him, but soon she felt him pulling her skirt up. She was frightened to open her eyes and
stopped him.

Her action was so abrupt that she accidentally hit his head when she sat up.

"Ouch... It hurts..."

Edward also stood up and rubbed his head.

She glared at him, but she was too angry to scold him. When Angela was about to lie down, he
grabbed her and said, "take off your clothes first."

She was a thin girl, and she must have eaten little recently. Her arm was so thin that he felt sorry for
her! He couldn't help but look at her body. Seeing that she seemed to be thinner than before, he
couldn't help frowning!

Angela only saw the coldness and frown in his eyes, and thought of his brutality and those things he
did to injury her. She glared at him and said angrily, "Edward! Don't go too far! If you are afraid that our
divorce will ruin the reputation of the Yan Family, I won't divorce you. But if you are with another
woman, then don't touch me! "

When did he refuse to divorce her for the sake of the reputation of the Yan Family?

He frowned even deeper!

"Who says it's for the reputation of the Yan Family?"

Not for the reputation of the Yan Family? Huh... Then there was only one other possibility.

Thinking of this possibility, her face turned pale. "Just give up! At this point, it's even more impossible
for me to have a baby with you!"

She stared at him, but her tears suddenly welled up from her eyes. When she said this, she was so
angry that her teeth were trembling.

He indeed wanted to have a baby, and only she was qualified to give birth to his child. When he heard
that she didn't want to have a baby with him, his heart was stabbed, and his eyes were sullen.
However, so many things had happened, and she hadn't betrayed him. What he could do at the
moment was to take it slow.

After a long while, his anger subsided. Then he lowered his head and unscrewed the medicinal oil in
his hand. His tone was a little calmer and said, "take it off."

His low mood made her stunned.

Sometimes he was rude, sometimes gentle, sometimes worried, sometimes angry, and sometimes
depressed. His emotions were getting more and more confusing to her. But anyway, it was his fault that
he cheated on her. Since he couldn't let go of his first love, there was no need for her to be with him.
Since she had decided to divorce, she shouldn't have longed for his care, nor should she care about
anything about him.

She has always yielding to soft approach but rejecting force. She could feel his concern. Even when
she was naked, he cared more about the bruise than about possessing her. She knew that he still
loved her, but this made her more painful.

Why did he choose to be with another woman even though he had her in his heart

"I won't take it off. You don't have to help me apply the medicine oil. I've applied it myself." She lowered
her head and said in a low voice, with her tears falling down.

He didn't worry about her angry tone, but her sad look made his heart ache. He stood aside for a while,
put down the bottle of medicine oil, sat next to her and held her in his arms.

She was not the only one who was in pain.

Angela resisted, but he hugged her tightly and said, "give me some time. I'll explain to you."