Keep you in my arms

Chapter 200 Please...

"Can you let go of me and the Xu Family? Please... "

She had never asked anyone for help, regardless of her self-esteem. She could cut the relationship
with the friend who betrayed her; She would try all kinds of methods to get her own salary back when
she was cheated by her boss. She was like a hedgehog. Whoever wanted to hurt her, she would not
hesitate to prick up the thorns on her body, making people afraid. But how could she defeat such a
powerful man like him? But she didn't want to spend the rest of her life on him...

Hearing her begging, his heart tightened and he hugged her more tightly. "I said I wouldn't divorce you."

He was calm and determined, without anger or any room for negotiation.

Angela choked with sobs and then burst into tears.

Edward let go of her a little and dipped his hand with the ointment and wiped for her. During the whole
process, she just cried sadly, but his expression was always indifferent.

This night, she seemed to cry all her tears dry, but he did not make a sound. He just held her in his

The second day, when she woke up, sat in front of the makeup mirror and looked at herself in the
mirror. Her eyes were dry and swollen like walnuts.

She had cursed him, resisted gun. Even this soft hearted move didn't work. She couldn't be tough or
soft. What should she do that she could successfully divorce him?

If you dare to betray me, I will make you regret! ——

Betrayal could make him hate herself, but he was afraid that the whole Xu Family would be involved.


She looked at herself in the mirror blankly.

At this time, the door opened. She immediately sat up straight. When she saw the reflection of the
mirror, she saw that it was Edward. Her face was stiff.

He came in with an ice cube in his hand and stood beside her. Although his tone was light, there was
no lack of concern in it. "Close your eyes."

Why should I listen to him? He didn't want to divorce her, and he even had to meddle in the matter of
her eyes? What did he take her for?

She ignored him and was about to stand up, but was pressed by him back to the chair.

"Do you want everyone to see you like this?"

If mother saw this pair of walnut eyes, wouldn't she ask what's going on?

Angela glared at him, grabbed the ice pack from his hand and applied it by her own.

Seeing her angry, Edward frowned, he stood by aside but said nothing.

She looked at him in the mirror and saw his displeasure. She felt a little happy after revenge. However,
his cold face still made her vigilant.

Edward was temperamental. What if he was angry and destroyed the Xu Family? She didn't believe
that he loved her so much. To be exact, she didn't want to be delayed by the so-called love after so
many things had happened. But Edward was so capable and intelligent. How could she defeat him?

Seeing that she was closing her eyes but rolling them a few circles, Edward said, "you don't have to
make any plans. I won't divorce you anyway. As long as you are my wife, I won't make things difficult
for the Xu Family. But..."

He thought for a while and said in an indifferent but somewhat threatening tone, "I can support you if
you want to go to school, but you have to be the daughter-in-law of the Yan Family."

He didn't want to let go of the Xu Family, but even threatened her with her study?!

She couldn't stand it anymore. She pounded the table angrily and said without thinking, "Edward! Don't
go too far! If you push me too hard, I won't give birth even if I am pregnant!"