Keep you in my arms

Chapter 201 Are You Out Of Your Mind Miss internet celebrity

Sometimes, unintentional words were the most destructive.

Hearing her words, Edward's face darkened. He grabbed her arm and warned, "how dare you? !"

She hated being threatened the most!

"You can give a try!"

In the past, he could always control his emotions well. Just as what Aaron said, he was so rational as if
he had no emotions. But facing her, he could no longer control himself.

After calming himself down, he said, "mom cooked breakfast. It's tomato and egg noodles."

Angela threw the ice cubes on the dressing-table heavily and then went out.

Looking at her angry back, Edward leaned against the wall tiredly. He raised his head and looked at the
ice pack on the table for a while.

It was a little cold in late autumn. After getting out of the car, Angela pulled up her clothes.

Her eldest sister Shawn was waiting for her in the shop. As soon as Angela sat down, she handed
Shawn the gift from her bag. "Congratulations!"

When Shawn was just graduated, her parents asked her to be a civil servant in her hometown. They
said that girls didn't need to work too hard, all they need to do was found a stable job and then a good
husband. Shawn also thought it was good to be a civil servant, but she didn't like the atmosphere of life
in a small town. Therefore, she was in the S City, preparing for the civil servants in S city while working.
It was the fourth year and she was finally admitted.

"Yes! Finally, I got it!"

"It's so enviable!" It must be a good feeling to get what she wanted!

"Do you still envy me for such a small achievement? You got your favorite major and have a rich and
handsome husband. You don't need to envy me." Her elderly sister joked.

She had been admitted to a university she liked, but in the end, she had chosen a university that she
didn't like for a unworthy person. Thinking about it, she felt a little sad...

She smiled faintly and said, "I'm so hungry! I want to eat fried rice with pineapple!"

After ordering, Shawn returned the menu to the waiter. Seeing that Angela had dark circles under her
eyes, Shawn asked, "have you been doing a lot of homework recently? It seems that you can't sleep

She would have a holiday of more than a month, and it indeed took her a lot of time to write her thesis.
But mostly it was because of Edward. The day before yesterday, Vanessa came to her and told her
something, which made her sleepless for the past two days.

"Yes! There are a lot of documents to read, and the thesis is not even eye-catching." She smiled and
took a sip of water.

Finally, Shawn reached a turning point in her life and career. She was in a good mood. She looked
outside and saw a familiar figure not far away through the French window.


Angela followed her sight and murmured, "isn't that my second brother-in-law? Who is he waiting for?
Second sister?"

"Ella said that she had to take her child to the hospital for a heads up today, so she couldn't make an
appointment with us. Is she here for a date?"

Alexander seemed to be waiting for someone. Not long after, they saw a woman in a chiffon shirt and a
tight skirt trotting towards him and throwing herself into his arms. They looked like a couple, and the
two didn't forget to kiss each other's lips.

The two people sitting in the restaurant turned pale with fright.

"Bastard!" Angela was so angry that she pounded the table and rushed out of the restaurant without
saying anything.

As soon as she rushed out of the restaurant, she calmed down a little and took a picture of the sweet
movements of the two.

"Calm down!" The elder sister also felt angry, but she was afraid that Angela would cause trouble.

"I know!"

The two of them strode over and saw the woman's delicate makeup and figure, which were far from
Ella's style.

"Alexander..." "I want to eat salmon. Let's go to eat salmon, okay?" The Internet celebrity look mistress
said while throwing herself into Alexander's arms.

"Okay." Alexander touched her head and said dotingly.

"Didn't you say that the dishes my sister left for you isn't hot enough? What kind of salmon do you like?

Back then, Alexander chose to be together with Becky, but he couldn't let go of Ella. As a result, there
was a rumor in the school that Ella was a shameless mistress. She had talked to Alexander, and said
that he would treat Ella as same as he did to Becky after they got married. Because he was unfaithful

At that time, Ella didn't like to hear it. Alexander accidentally known what Angela said about him, so he
hated Angela very much.

When he was with Becky, he had been thinking about Ella. Now he married Ella and hung out with
others outside. It was true that dogs couldn't change their preference for eating shit!

Angela sneered behind him coldly, which frightened him to turn around suddenly. When he saw the two
people, Alexander's face turned pale.

"Who are these two people?" The mistress blinked her big eyes which were as wide as aliens. Seeing
that the two of them didn't come with a good intention, she raised her pointed chin.

"Oh! These two are my customers. Iris, you go back first." Alexander was a little embarrassed, but he
was calm though.

He must be the only one who cheated on but still so calmly?

"I'm Alexander's elder sister! To be exact, I'm his wife's elder sister!" Shawn sneered at Iris with a
gloomy face.

All of a sudden, Iris threw herself into Alexander's arms and said, "I've told you that she won't let me
go! Alexander, let's forget it..."

Then she burst into tears. Though she said "forget it", but held Alexander tightly!

"Huh! A dog can't change its spots!" Angela said coldly.

Alexander values his face, and the two of them had been at odds, so he was naturally angry by her

He let go of the woman in his arms and said, "you go back first."

"Alexander, don't you want to explain?" Shawn had already slapped him hundreds of times in her heart!

"This is my private affair with Ella. Of course I will tell her!"

"Inform? Was he going to abandon his wife and daughter? Or do you want to enjoy the happiness of
both of them?" If she hadn't been rational, Angela would have stabbed him. "My sister went to the
hospital alone with Ashley to give her a heads up. It's all right you don't keep her accompany, but what
have you done here? Alexander! What did I say back then?"

"Shut up!" Alexander glared at her.

"Alexander and I really love each other! It was Ella who didn't want to let him go. Alexander just felt
sorry for her. If he divorced her, she would live alone! Don't be ungrateful!" Iris said aggrievedly.

This was the biggest joke Angela had ever heard.

"Are you out of your mind? Miss internet celebrity? Do you know what are you talking about? If
Alexander really loves you, why did he married my sister?"

"It's all my fault. I met Alexander too late!"

"Huh!" Angela decided not to talk to an idiot anymore!

Shawn suppressed her anger and said, "Alexander, now Ella is in the hospital. Maybe the child is
making trouble, and she is in a hurry alone. Think about it. Do you want to continue to fool around with
this woman or go to the hospital to see your wife and child right now?"