Keep you in my arms

Chapter 202 Edward! You Bastard!

"Alexander..." Iris was afraid of being abandoned, so she held his hand.

Alexander looked at them coldly and said nothing, but they could see that he was stubborn.

"Iris, let's go."

"Okay!" Hearing this, Iris immediately showed a sweet smile on her aggrieved face.

"You! ——"Shawn didn't expect that men would be so arrogant even they cheated on their wives these
days. "Alexander! Wait for the lawyer's letter!"

Angela flew into a rage. Without saying anything, she smashed her bag on that bastard's head.

"Ah! Ah..." Being hit repeatedly, Alexander felt a sharp pain in the back of his head. He touched it and
found it sticky. When he looked at the hand, there was blood on it!

"Oh my God! Alexander, you are bleeding!" Iris was at a loss.

Angela looked at her bag with metal edge and blood on the sharp corner. For a moment, she was

"Angela, you shrew!" Alexander cursed angrily.

At first, she also felt that she had hit him too hard. But when he shouted at her, she came to her senses
and sneered subconsciously, "since you are bleeding, why don't you go to the hospital! My sister is still
waiting for you there!"

"You are crazy!" Alexander was about to walk towards her, and Iris, who was standing aside, also
seemed to want to take revenge. At first, Shawn had never thought of fighting on the street, but when

she saw her sister being besieged by two people, she also ran up to help. As a result, the four people
started to fight.

Angela signaled Shawn to attack Alexander with her together. Iris wore high-heeled shoes and a tight
skirt, which made it inconvenient for her to move. Angela and Shawn, one in casual clothes and the
other in a long casual dress, were easy to fight.

Iris was soon squeezed out by them, and she could only shout, "stop it..."

Alexander was tall and a man, but in fact, he was at a disadvantage. Angela was pushed out at once.
When she took a few steps back and was about to fall, she was held around her waist and spun in a
circle. Then she saw the icy face of Chuck, which had never changed for thousands of years.

"Stand aside."

Chuck put her aside and grabbed Alexander. When Shawn was frightened and took two steps back,
there was a man horizontally between them.

Angela hurried to push Shawn a distance away from them, "Chuck has foundation of martial arts.
Dodge them."

Sure enough, within two minutes, Alexander was beaten to the ground. Chuck punched him one by
one, which made others feel pain for him.

Shawn couldn't bear it and said, "I'm afraid the bones on his face will break if you keep beating like this,

"It would be better if his whole body is broken!" Angela cursed angrily, but the next moment, she was
really afraid of something bad would happen, so she walked over and grabbed Chuck's hand. "Well,
that's enough."

Seeing her stopped him, chuck let go of Alexander, got up and asked, "are you okay?"

He asked worriedly and reached out to help her tidy up her messy hair.

Angela stepped back subconsciously.

Chuck took a looked at her and smiled, "do I owe you in my previous life that I have to fight for you
even I come to buy a cup of coffee?"

"Haven't you been following me all the time?" Angela exposed the truth.

"Do I look like an idle person?"

"Isn't it too coincidental for you to appear in such a scene every time?" She also smiled and said, "I
can't figure out how small the probability is except for 'well planned'."

He frowned, but didn't respond. Because this time, he really happened to buy a cup of coffee!

"You guys, go to the police station with us!" Outside the bustling square and the high-end department
store, the management staff were of course kept an eye on it.

Although they didn't want to go, they had to go with them.

An hour later, in the police station.

The policeman said, "how old are you? Why do you still fight?"

They stood in a row, feeling a little embarrassed. Angela knew that her sister was going to be a civil
servant. She afraid of her being affected, she said, "I beat this bastard first. As a man, he fought back
against me, a woman!" Angela pointed at Alexander and took all the blame on herself. She didn't want
to get her sister involved! In fact, Shawn wasn't hit him!

"Do you mean he should stand still and let you beat him to death?" Said the policeman.

"You can't say that! I'm just a little girl. How can I beat him to death?" She smiled.

At this time, there was a stir outside the police station. Soon, a man broke in. Everyone looked over
and saw that the hair on Edward's forehead was a little messy, and his forehead was full of sweat. He
was worn out and anxious.

As soon as he came in, he fixed his eyes on Angela.

Angela knew that she did something wrong, so she shrank her neck at the sight of him.

Edward strode to her, grabbed her hand and looked at her for a while. Then he held her face and
looked at it carefully. He loosened his grip and relieved when he found that there was no wound or
bruise. Then he asked, "are you hurt?"

Angela was stunned by his words.

She thought he was here to blame her!

"I... I'm not hurt." She answered with a guilty conscience.

"Is Angela your wife?" The policeman asked. Seeing that he nodded, the police pointed at Alexander
and said, "your wife beat him like that!"

"You hit him?" Asked Edward frowning, he stared at Alexander, whose face was half swollen.

Alexander is Ella's husband. Why did she hit him?

Angela didn't deny it and nodded, "it's me."

If it was in the past, she might still worry that he would blame her. But when Alexander did the same
bastard thing as him, she wanted to beat the two together. How could she be afraid of him scolding

He grabbed her hand and looked at it. It was a small fist with tender skin. How could it beat a man like

At this time, he saw Chuck standing aside and had an answer in his heart.

It must be Chuck. Angela was a stubborn girl. She would never admit what she didn't do. How could
she be willing to take the blame for Chuck?

His face darkened...

At this time, someone walked to the policeman who in charge of the case and whispered in his ear.
Hearing this, the latter looked at them and said, "are you going to settle this privately?"

"Yes! We'll settle it privately!"

"What's your opinion?" The policeman asked Alexander.

Just now, he asked Iris to go back first. Although Alexander was arrogant, he was afraid that others
would know that he had an affair. He didn't dare to say he was wronged! She nodded, "yes!"

After leaving the police station, Shawn whispered in her ear, "there is something wrong with Iris. I'll call
you later!"

Instead of driving her home, Edward took her to the DC Building.

He dragged Angela into the elevator and then into his office. Along the way, she wanted to resist, but
everyone greeted them respectfully. How could she not give him the face?

As soon as no one was around, she tried to break free from his hand. "Let go of me, Edward. You men
are all bastards! I don't want to go to your office!"

That place was her nightmare. She had been molested and almost raped by him there, and she had
almost killed him there...

As soon as they entered the door of the office on the 22th floor, Lucas came up to them and said, "Mr.
Edward! You are finally back. The shareholders are still waiting! The scene is a little..."

"I see!" Without stopping, Edward directly sent Angela to the CEO's office.

"I want to go home!" Angela wanted to go out.

Then he turned to Yvonne and said, "keep an eye on her. If I can't see her later, you don't have to come
to work tomorrow!"

"Yes, yes..." Yvonne replied.

"Edward! You bastard! Do you think you can lock me up?" She was so angry that she picked up the
bookshelf on his table and threw it at his back.

"Ah..." Yvonne covered her mouth and screamed when she saw the bookshelf smashing on Edward's

Lucas didn't expect that Angela would hit him so hard. He looked at the two in surprise.

Edward paused in pain and squinted when he was hit. Angela was a little angry. Although she still
looked stubborn, she felt a little guilty.

The office was so quiet that even the sound of a needle dropping could be heard.