Keep you in my arms

Chapter 203 Didn't You Say That You Want To Have A Baby

Edward just paused and then walked out. Feeling the depressing atmosphere, Lucas didn't dare to
make a sound and followed him.

In the office, Angela's eyes were turned red with anger, but she couldn't lose her temper since Yvonne
was also there.

Angela sat on the sofa angrily, while Yvonne stood aside and didn't dare to speak. It was the first time
that she had seen Edward was such infuriate and Angela hold back her tears.

She poured a glass of water for Angela carefully and said, "drink some water."

Angela forced a smile and said, "you can go to work now. I won't leave."

Yvonne didn't dare to go out and said, "I think... Mr. Edward might be just angry for a while..."

Angela didn't know how much they knew. She felt a little embarrassed at the thought that she might
know that Edward had an affair. She was obviously so unhappy, but she still forced a smile and said, "I

Seeing this, Yvonne didn't dare to say anything more or go out. Angela knew what she was worried
about, but she wanted to cry and felt very uncomfortable to bear. She couldn't vent her anger here, so
she said, "I'm sleepy. I want to go in and have a rest."


Two hours later, when Edward returned to his office, Yvonne hurried up to him and greeted, "Mr.

He glanced around but didn't see Angela. He frowned and Yvonne explained immediately, "Mrs.
Edward said she was sleepy and went to bed."

Then she looked at the door. Hearing that she didn't leave, Edward felt a little relieved. He put the
document aside and said, "well, you can go back to your own business."

"Yes, sir!"

When Yvonne was about to go out, Edward stopped her again, "Oh! Buy some food for me."

"What? Oh! Okay! "

The door of the CEO's office was closed, and he was the only one left in the huge office. He walked to
the door and pushed it open. On the bed, Angela curled up with a single folded sheet, which was where
the two of them usually slept. There was a big vacant space beside her, which was his space.

She didn't like to be too bright when she was sleeping, so the room was a little dark. He closed the
door gently and walked to the other side, squatting down and looking at her sleeping face.

Angela was a light sleeper. Too many things had happened recently, so she became more sensitive.
She suddenly woke up as if she had felt someone approaching. When she opened her eyes and saw
him, her sleepiness disappeared in an instant. He had been staring at her, lost in thought. When he
saw her hateful eyes, he was stunned.

Angela sat up and stared forward with blankly eyes. He also stood up and stared at her. In the room,
the two of them were kept silent for a while. He asked, "do you want to eat something?"

The economic lifeline of the Xu Family was still in his hands. If he really fell out with her, her parents
would suffer. Angela had never felt so painful in her life. She was controlled by others and lost her
freedom to choose.

"If it's a payment for freedom..." She didn't hear what he was asking and groaned alone.

"What?" Edward was looking at her, she held back her tears, turned her head and asked, "do you want
a child, Edward?"

Vanessa came to see her once and only once. She said something to make her give up completely.

Sitting opposite to Angela, she said helplessly, "I didn't expect that he still gave me money with guilt
these years. In fact, he looked for me, but I avoided him and didn't see him. I thought we were over, but
he said he wanted to make up for it. In fact, I... I still love him..."

Then she gave a diagnosis certificate to Angela.


It said that there was almost no chance for her to get pregnant.

"I'm born to be an infertile girl. It's impossible for me to have a baby, so Edward's parents don't agree
us to be together. I know it's cruel to you, but why do you have to make three people suffer?" Speaking
of this, her eyes were wet.

"If... Will you let me go after I give birth to the baby?" Although she had tried to steady her trembling
voice, the desperation was like to come out from the bottom of the valley, cold and penetrating her

She closed her eyes, tears spilling over them. Then she opened her eyes and looked at him. She said
firmly, "Edward, let's have a baby. I will let you have the baby, then you let go of me and the Xu Family."

With a gloomy face, Edward stared at her for a long time and sneered, "for Chuck? Or Harriet? Or

What does he mean? What for Chuck, Harriet, Greg?

Angela felt humiliated by him. She was about to get angry, but she felt it was unnecessary.

"Just take it as that!" She took a deep breath and said, "it doesn't matter as long as you let me go!"

Just take it as that?!

His heart sank, and it seemed that he was slapped hard again. With red eyes, he asked, "is it Chuck
who help you to hit people today?"

"It's my fault. It has nothing to do with him."

"So you beat him?"

She didn't know why he insisted on what happened today? She asked impatiently, "is it so important
who beat him?"

"Then why did you take the blame for him?" He couldn't hold back his anger and raised his voice to
question her.

He suddenly shouted at her, which irritated her. She retorted, "what does it matter to you? Do I need
your permission to take the blame for anyone? !"

What did it have to do with him? She must have wanted to get rid of him for a long time?

Taking her silence as acquiescence, he suddenly grabbed her arms and said with a gloomy face,
"Angela! What was the hell wrong with you? !"

"Ouch! Let go of me!" She struggled, thinking of all kinds of scenes, and said, "you are all bastards!
You men are all bastards!"

She couldn't figure it out before. She thought he loved her, but it turned out that he was just regarded
her as a uterus, a tool to give birth to a baby. Vanessa couldn't have a baby, so he asked her to have

"Why me? There are so many women who wanted to marry you. Why do you choose to marry me? !"
Why did he choose her to be a surrogacy? Even if it was justifiable, it was only for the sake of the Yan
Family to have an offspring?

She roared with a ferocious face, and then cried sadly.

Was it so painful for her to marry him?

He gritted his teeth and asked angrily, "what about you? Why did you burst into my room? !"

Huh... Yes! Why did she enter his room? Because she thought he was good-looking at that time, was...
Was it her fate?

In that case, she would accept this fate...

She took a deep breath and tried to calm herself down. "Edward, I will give birth to the baby you want,
but don't forget to return the freedom I want and the freedom of the Xu Family!"

"That's what you said!"

Child! Just as Aaron said, once a woman gave birth to a child, she would at least consider for the child.
Angela had such a strong sense of responsibility that she couldn't abandon her child.

He didn't care what she was really want. All he wanted was to keep her, even if he used some tricks to
threaten her, or even tied her with her child...

He pushed her on the bed so rudely.

"Ah..." She struggled subconsciously.

"Didn't you say that you would give birth to a baby and let you go?" He sneered.