Keep you in my arms

Chapter 204 Are You Looking For Little Pepper

Deep in love, endless hatred brewed. It was like the cold air coming from the abyss, penetrating
through the bone marrow. This was an indecent love, only hatred entangled. When she opened her
eyes again, the person beside her fell asleep deeply.

He frowned. The face that she had been obsessed with for countless nights was now imprinted in her
eyes, and her chest ached. She didn't want to see this face anymore, never!

A sharp pain came from her chest. She sat up subconsciously and covered her chest to gasp for

Enduring the pain all over her body, she got up and pushed the door open. Outside the French window
of the office, the night view was prosperous. On the table was the food bought by Yvonne, and the bowl
of soup was covered with a layer of white oil.

The clock showed that it was twenty-one thirty-four. From this morning to now, she had only had
breakfast. Now she was exhausted. As soon as she walked out, she felt her legs weak and almost fell

"Are you up?"

Yvonne pushed the door open carefully and asked when she saw her pale face.

"Well..." She felt a little embarrassed being seen by Yvonne in a mess. "Yes! Are you still working?"

Only then did she find that her voice was hoarse.

They didn't expect that Mr. Edward was not as incompetent as they thought, but as ferocious as a tiger!

"Puff..." Hearing this, Yvonne wanted to laugh, but when she saw her red and swollen eyes and
indifferent face, she didn't dare to laugh.

"I have a lot of work to do recently!" So I overworked often lately!"

How could she remember that she seldom worked overtime before!

Seeing that she frowned, Yvonne said, "as Manager Lucas never arranged you to work overtime, we
thought he had a crush on you at first, but it turns out that it was Mr. Edward doesn't want you to work

Why did she say that?

Angela didn't respond. Seeing that her lips were a little chapped, Yvonne poured her a glass of water.

"Thank you." After drinking several glasses of water, she said, "I'm leaving now."

"Does Mr. Edward know?"

If she said he didn't know, she would definitely stop her again. So Angela said, "he knows."

This afternoon, when she came back from buying food, she faintly heard the groans coming from the
room. If it was someone else, Yvonne would definitely overhearing them until the end. But it was
related to her work! How dare she? She didn't even dare to say it when she went out, which merely
killing her!

The whole company knew that Mr. Edward and Mrs. Edward were having an intimate relationship. In
the afternoon, when the two of them quarreled, the CEO's back was smashed. With these two people
were both angry at the moment, nobody knew what was going on between the two of them when they
made love? But judging from the expression on her face, it seemed that they were in love!

As soon as Angela said she was leaving, Yvonne felt that something must have happened between the

"Well... Mrs. Edward, haven't you eaten these food?" Yvonne asked, noticing that the food on the table
remained still.

"Oh, I'm not hungry." She left without looking back.

Yvonne wanted to stop her, but seeing that she had no intention of staying, she didn't dare to call her

Although she said she was not hungry, she was too hungry to even lift up her feet.

She entered the restaurant on the first floor of the DC Capital Group and ordered a set meal. The
waiter asked, "what do you want to pay for it?"

"Cellphone..." She touched her pocket and realized that her bag was left in Edward's office.

"I forgot to bring my phone. I don't need it now." As soon as she finished her words, she heard the
person next to her say, "how much is it?"

"Eighty-nine in total." The waiter said with a smile.

Aaron paid and asked, "Why are you here alone?"

"Oh..." She felt a little dizzy. When she was about to say that she didn't need his treat, the waiter had
taken out her order. Angela was indeed hungry, she had no courage to refuse but to eat with him in the

Although she was usually gentle and quiet, she was in a hurry to eat this time.

Angela didn't realize that she was a little embarrassed until she almost finished eating. She put down
the knife and fork and smiled awkwardly.

"Isn't Moo moo too stingy to give you money?"

"I forgot to bring my phone." She was afraid that he would ask more, so she asked, "Why are you here
at this time?"

It was about nine o'clock in the evening. Did he should've gone to bed?

"Moo moo doesn't sleep well recently, and he is always too busy to eat. My sister asked me to come
and urge him to remember to have dinner. There are a lot of things to deal with today. I came a little
late, and saw only this shop is still open. I didn't expect to meet you here so coincidentally."

Can't sleep well?

Since she broke up with Edward, what she cared most about every day was when the Xu Family's
company would not rely on him, so she didn't pay much attention to Edward's state. Her mother-in-law,
Anna, had also mentioned that Edward had lost some weight recently, Angela didn't want to focus on
him, so she'd be perfunctory.

"Oh..." Angela couldn't tell how she felt at the moment. Although she hated him so much, she still felt
sorry for him. She scolded herself in her heart, why should she feel sorry for him?

"Sir, all the things you ordered were well packed." The waiter put down the things he bought for Edward
and said.

Smelling the aroma of coffee, Angela asked, "is this for him?"

"Well, is that enough?" He thought she think it was not enough.

"Change the coffee into juice! The kiwi juice here is not bad."

After a short pause, she said to the waiter, "please change my coffee to kiwi juice."

"Why don't you go upstairs?"

He asked her after they walked out of the restaurant.

"No, I want to go home first."

"Back... The Yan Family?"

She didn't expect him to ask such a question. Stunned, she nodded, "yes!"

"Be careful on the way."


Without thinking too much, Aaron carried the things upstairs. As soon as the elevator arrived at the
22th floor and opened the door, it was Edward's anxious face.

"Where are you going?"

Seeing that he didn't respond and just entered the elevator and anxiously pressed the elevator button
several times.

Perhaps only Angela could make him so nervous in this world?

"Are you looking for little pepper?" Seeing that he paused, Aaron knew that his guess was right and
said, "she said she went home."

"Which home?"

"The Xu Family."

Angela wanted to leave him, but she couldn't divorce him because of the current situation of the Xu
Family. He looked at the phone she left, lost in thought for a long time, and didn't even react when the
elevator reached the first floor.

"She asked me to buy you a glass of juice. Do you want to take it home or drink it before going back?"

As expected, as soon as he heard this, Edward looked at the thing in his hand and couldn't wait to take
it. After he took the glass of juice, he returned the rest to him and asked, "did you meet her?"

Seeing this, Aaron pressed the button of the 22th floor and said with a smile, "we had a meal together!"

Edward took out the kiwi juice and stared at it carefully. His anxiety just now was mostly reduced.

The elevator arrived at the 22th floor.

"Mr. Edward!" Yvonne was about to get off work with her bag. Just now, she saw that he was in a hurry
to find his wife, but now he suddenly took a glass of juice and smiled at it! It was really hard to see him