Keep you in my arms

Chapter 205 Are You Afraid Of Her Poisoning You

"Okay!" Edward replied casually and went straight to his office. He didn't take his eyes off the glass of
kiwi juice and kept smiling.

Yvonne looked back at him in confusion. "It's so late. Be careful on the way," said Aaron with a smile.

"Thank you, Manager Aaron."

Aaron was mature and steady. He was a gentleman and knew how to keep a distance from others,
because he often came to the company to see Mr. Edward. All the employees on the 22th floor knew
him. In the past, Edward didn't have a girlfriend, and the only one who got close to him was Aaron. At
the beginning, the people in the office thought that he was the true love of Mr. Edward, but since Mr.
Edward had a wife, he had changed totally, and Aaron was happy for him. They knew that they were

"The man who works with Mr. Edward must be a rich man. I don't know if he is married or not. He is so
handsome and excellent..." Yvonne looked at his back and said with praise.

Twenty minutes later, in the CEO office.

"You've been staring at this glass of juice for more than twenty minutes. Love will feed people, but
you're just looking at it."

As soon as he entered the CEO's office, Edward sat on the chair and looked at the kiwi juice in his
hand. After a while, he carefully put it on the table, and after less than five seconds, he picked it up
again to have a good look. Aaron remembered that he didn't like drinking kiwi juice. He said it was too
bitter, and now he couldn't stand his affection.

Hearing this, Edward put down the glass of juice and asked, "why did she buy me juice?"

And kiwi juice? At the time he chased her, she gave him two pearls to express his love. What did this
kiwi juice mean?

"Maybe it's because coffee is bad for your health and juice is healthy!"

"Is that so?" He didn't believe it.

"Or what?" Aaron shrugged.

He couldn't figure it out. Wasn't it just a relationship? They even used the poetry to express their love to
each other. It was just a simple concern. How could it be so complicated?

"The juice... Are you sure she didn't touch it?" He asked again.

"What? Are you afraid that she will poison you?" Aaron smiled.

To be honest, she hated him so much. He thought she could poison him!

"Moo moo, I think you misunderstood little pepper on this issue. I think she was hurt by you." Thinking
of her red and swollen eyes and her lost soul, Aaron felt a little pity. He paused and continued, "she just
ate a toast, a steak, spaghetti, salmon... Hmm... What are the other two dishes? She usually eats so
much at home?"

Hearing this, Edward was stunned and regretted in the bottom of his heart. He stood up and picked up
his coat and the glass of kiwi juice. Seeing this, Aaron asked, "are you kidding me again and throwing
me here to look for your little pepper?"

"I have no choice. There is only one pepper in the world that suits me."

Seeing him leave in a hurry, "hello", Aaron shook his head and said, "I'm the only one in the world! And
I was bossing around by you..."

Thirty minutes later, when Edward returned home, he didn't see his little pepper in his room. He went
downstairs in a hurry and asked Anna, "Mom, is Angela back?"

"No! She said she would have dinner with her sister. Will she go back to her mother's house?" Then
she frowned again, "she didn't say that she wouldn't come back tonight!"