Keep you in my arms

Chapter 206 You... What Do You Want To Do

In the Mu Shadow, there was dynamic music and cheers. In room 207 on the second floor, the door
was suddenly opened. The woman was wearing a slim middle skirt and a flounce collar, sexy but also

"Lesley, where are you going? !"

Although her colleague called her name loudly behind her back, Lesley still didn't hear it clearly. She
knew that alcohol was swallowing her reason.

It took them half a year to finish their project. The whole department decided to drink together. There
was only a few women in the IT industry, and she was the only one in the office. Those people were
crazy, who knew what would happen! She had to go home when she was still awake!

She walked out with the help of the door frame, suddenly a hand passed on her shoulder. She couldn't
see clearly who he was. She just wanted to dodge and then go back home. But the person wanted to
pull her back to the room.

"It's so late. Why are you still here?"

A familiar voice came. She turned her head and saw that Aaron's fair face was a little red after drinking.

He frowned, pushed away the hand on her shoulder and pulled her away without saying anything.

In a daze, Lesley was dragged into a car. She leaned against the car chair and felt very comfortable.
Seeing her leaning against the chair lazily, Aaron reminded her, "fasten the seat belt."

Lesley didn't respond. She closed her eyes, moved her body a little and fell asleep.

Fell asleep? Forget it. He helped her tie it.

At this time, the driver said, "you are very considerate to your girlfriend!"

Girlfriend? Since that woman left, he was destined to be lonely all his life!

"You misunderstood. She is... She is just my cousin."

"Your cousin! Your cousin is pretty!"

With a faint smile, Aaron said, "it's a pity that she didn't hear it. Otherwise, she would wake up with a
smile even if she was asleep."

The two of them didn't say anything more. They just looked out of the window, with endless memories
in their eyes.

Thirty minutes later, they arrived at the Western City of the BH City. Aaron called her several times and
pushed her shoulder again since she didn't respond. Lesley was sleeping soundly, which made Aaron
feel a little helpless. Finally, he got off the car and opened the door of her side. Then he unfastened her
seat belt, put her arm around his neck, and helped her walk towards the gate of the community.

They walked not a long time, she suddenly woke up and pushed him away drunkenly. Then she turned
around and left. Being pushed hard, Aaron almost fell to the ground. When he stood firm, he said
angrily, "Hey! Do you think it's appropriate for a woman to have such a strength?"

Lesley ignored him and staggered on her own way.

"Hey... Where are you going?"

He called her several times, but she didn't seem to see him at all! "I really owe you in my previous life!"
Aaron felt speechless!

After saying that, he walked over and pulled her back. She fell into his arms.

Just now she was like a tough woman, but now she was in his arms and nestled obediently like a cat.
"You bitch..." Aaron was stunned.

Different from Angela's shrewdness, in his eyes, Lesley was not like a woman. She was fooling around
with a group of IT men in vest, underwear and slippers. They usually wore denim shirts and casual
pants, T-shirts and denim clothes. Little pepper looked very woman in her skirt!

With such a safe face and dressing, she shouldn't be afraid of leaving it outside?

Hmm... Incorrect! It seemed that Lesley was wearing a dress today!

He didn't pay any attention to her clothes just now. Now he was curious about whether it would be
strange for a tough woman to wear a dress?

Thinking of this, he held her shoulder and pushed her back. He looked down and accidentally saw the
looming depth. Then he looked at her waist. It was really a small waist!

I didn't expect her to hide so well!

"You're kind of count to be a flower. I'll send you upstairs!" Although he said so, in fact, he had never
thought of leaving her outside.

He pulled her into the elevator and let her lean against him because she couldn't stand steadily. Along
the way, she leaned against him obediently. But when he heard the "Ding" sound of the elevator, he
suddenly felt someone push him harshly. When he looked back at the elevator, Lesley walked towards
him with a gloomy face.

"You bastard!" He was just about to teach her a lesson, but he stopped when he thought it was
unnecessary to reason with a drunkard. Seeing her strange expression and approaching him step by
step, he was a little scared. "You... What do you want to do?"

As soon as he finished speaking, she pushed him. His back hit the wall, and her hand stopped on his
shoulder. He tried his best to avoid her face, but she got closer and closer.

Lesley had good skin. She had put on light make-up today and looked very feminine in her skirt and
high-heeled shoes. The breath swept across his neck, making it difficult for him to control it!

If she really kissed him now, would he push her away or not! It seemed that he was not a gentleman if
he didn't push her away! It seemed to be hypocritical to push her away...


The sudden voice startled him. He turned around and saw Angela looking at them in shock.