Keep you in my arms

Chapter 207 Are You Going Back With Him

As soon as he saw Angela, Aaron pushed the woman in his arms away. He didn't expect that Lesley
would fall to the ground by accident, which made him even more embarrassed.

"I... I saw her drunk in the Mu Shadow. I was afraid that she might be in danger, so I brought her back."

Mu Shadow? Did he go with Edward? It was a bar owned by Vanessa and opened for Edward. Last
time, she had seen them have an intimate relationship there.

Her heart twitched and her eyelids lowered to cover the pain in her heart. It was not until then that
Aaron realized why she was still here?

"Aren't you home?"

Angela squatted down and helped her up. Without looking at him, she replied in a low spirit, "I forgot to
bring my phone and my wallet. I can't return home."

After walking for a while, she found that she didn't bring anything with her. She wanted to borrow some
money from Lesley and take a taxi home, but she was not at home. After waiting for more than an hour,
she just saw this scene.

"Then you..." Aaron was about to ask her how she came here, but she said to him, "help me!"


Lesley was a little taller than Angela, so of course Angela couldn't lift Lesley up by herself. Aaron
squatted down and said, "I can do it myself."

After all, it was a man who easily held her waist and helped her up.

"Open the door!"

"Okay!" Angela found the key in her bag and opened the door. Aaron was not familiar with her house
and almost take her to the kitchen. Angela hurriedly said, "that's the kitchen!"

He then changed the direction and sent her to her room, while Angela turned on the light for her.

Aaron walked to the bedside and threw her on the bed. The moment he let go of her, he thought
everything was fine, but she suddenly reached out her hand and grabbed his shirt.

"Ouch..." His shirt was torn up by her.

Hearing the voice, Angela looked to the direction where the noise came from and saw him bending
over, while Lesley was lying on the bed and grabbing the corner of his clothes.

"……" Aaron's face was gloomy, and Angela was stunned. Finally, she couldn't help but burst into

"This woman... Is so brutal... "

Aaron's fitness belly was exposed, Angela felt a little embarrassed as she saw it. She didn't know
whether she should go out or not. On the other hand, Aaron didn't care about it at all. The clothes torn
by Lesley were still connected to his clothes, but Lesley held them so tightly that he couldn't tear them

"Wait a minute. I'll go get the scissors." Then Angela turned around and went out to get it.

After cutting her clothes, Aaron smiled at her and said, "it's not appropriate for me to take care of her.
I'll leave her to you."


Angela closed the door, changed her clothes and breathed a sigh of relief. She looked at her watch
again and found that it was already twelve o'clock. She had to go back as soon as possible!

As soon as she opened the door, she saw that Aaron opened the door of the living room. Edward
rushed in and asked, "where is Angela?"

"Where are my clothes?"

The two said at the same time.

It seemed that Edward didn't hear what he said. He walked in after he saw her. He was so angry that
he grabbed her wrist and pulled her out.

"Hey! My clothes!"

"I was already on the way when you called me, so I didn't take it." Edward paused a little and then he
dragged her away.

"Moo moo, you..." Aaron was pissed off! He was drunk today, so he didn't drive. The clothes were torn
by the violent woman. He couldn't go back in such a mess, could he?

After dragging Angela into the elevator, Edward pressed the button of the first floor. Then he turned
around and saw her lowering her head expressionlessly.

According to his past experience, she should be struggling desperately and shouting to let her go.
When she got anxious, she would even say something recklessly. But today, she didn't say a word,
which made him more uneasy.

He frowned and was about to ask her, but at the moment the elevator reached the first floor. He didn't
let go of her all the time. When the elevator arrived, they went out first. She was like a puppet, being
led out by him.

As soon as they went out, they saw Chuck leaning against the gate. Edward paused and grabbed her
wrist more tightly.

Feeling the pain on her wrist, she raised her head and happened to meet Chuck's eyes.

"Are you going back with him?" Chuck looked at the two and asked her with a frown.

When she found that she couldn't go home without her phone and wallet, Chuck appeared again. He
stopped his car beside her, rolled down the window and said, "I admit that I followed you on purpose,
and I followed you on purpose before!"

[许晓晴] didn't want to give him a chance, but said, "how can you go back if you haven't taken your bag

He could tell at a glance that she had forgotten to bring her things. In fact, he had wanted to pay for her
before she ran into Aaron. But he didn't like to be refused by her. After hesitating for a while, he let
Aaron take the lead. He had to hide somewhere and wait for her to finish eating.

She had been in his car for so many times, and she could take one more time! Besides, she didn't
need to consider the reputation of the Yan Family and the feelings of Edward. Why did she make things
difficult for herself? But after getting in the car, she was a little worried. She didn't dare to ask a man to
send her back to the Yan Family, so she said she would come here. Chuck didn't make things difficult
for her, but brought her here. She didn't expect that he would also be here and wait her for two hours.
She was a little surprised.

Before Angela could answer, Edward pulled her away. As soon as she stepped out of the door, her
other hand was grabbed.

Feeling the resistance, Edward stopped and turned around. When he saw that Chuck was holding her
wrist, his eyes were as cold as ice. "Let go of her!"

"Let her go? Since you have been with another woman, why don't you let her go?"


Before Angela could say anything, she felt that her wrist was loosened, and a gust of wind brushed
past, followed by the sound of bones and flesh colliding.

When she came to her senses, Chuck also released her wrist and gave a hard punch to Edward.

The two of them didn't say anything, and their cold eyes were filled with hatred and murderous will. The
moment when Chuck hit Edward's face, her heart rose to her throat. But strangely, she just trembled
and the word "stop beating" choked in her throat.

Edward was so angry that he pushed him against the wall, grabbed his collar and gritted his teeth.
Chuck sneered and pushed him away.

When it came to business competition, Chuck couldn't defeat him, but when it came to fighting, Edward
was not as good as him!

Edward also found that his strength was not as strong as that of Chuck. He watched him walk towards
Angela. When he was about to grab her wrist, Edward ran over and pushed him away, trying to attack
him again.

"Mr. Edward, I only defended myself!" Chuck had expected that he would lose his temper. He smiled
wickedly and started to fight with him.

At the beginning, Edward could barely tie with him, but after a few rounds, he was obviously at a

Angela stood aside and felt her heart ache when she saw Chuck punching on Edward's body and face.
She clenched her fists, trembling, but she didn't take a step forward.