Keep you in my arms

Chapter 208 You Want A Child And I Want Freedom

Why did she still feel sorry for him when he treated her like this? Didn't she wish him to die?

She closed her eyes but tears streamed down more fiercely.

On the other side, Chuck raised his fist and wanted to punch Edward again, but he saw that Edward
was staring at Angela and all his defenses and counterattacks were cancelled. Chuck's fist stopped in
the air. He looked back at Angela and found her crying.

She kept her eyes on Edward, trembling with tears. Her delicate appearance made Chuck heart ache.
He wished he could punch Edward a few more times, but he didn't want her to be sad. So he put down
his fist and stood up in anger.

Lying on the ground, Edward took a few deep breaths before he stood up. He walked up to Angela and
said, "Come home with me."

She just cried and wiped her tears with the back of her hand. Edward reached out to hold her wrist.
She didn't refuse and let him take her away.

Watching the two leaving, Chuck leaned against the wall wearily. He raised his head and for a while
pulled the corners of his mouth with self-mockery.

At the Glory City International Garden, in the apartment, Edward was sitting on the sofa, and Angela
applied medicine for him.

Occasionally, she used too much strength, which would make him squint in pain, but he didn't say
anything. The corners of his eyes and mouth were bruised, which made him feel pain.

Angela put down the medicine and said, "I'll call Mom, in case she gets worried."

"Okay." He watched her take the phone and leave, his eyes following her.

Angela briefly explained and hung up the phone. She turned around and said, "I'm going to take a

Edward was lost in thought. When she looked back at him, he was stunned. Then he nodded and said,

After Angela finished washing, Edward also went into the bathroom. Angela was lying on the bed, so
tired, but she was not sleepy at all. She heard the sound of water in the bathroom. After a while, the
sound of water stopped and she heard the hairdryer. More than ten minutes later, she felt he went to
bed and hugged her from behind.

The fragrance of the shower gel lingered around the two people. This kind of intimacy between them
was very familiar!

Angela didn't open her eyes. Edward rubbed at her neck and said softly, "You cried just now because of

She kept silent.

"I'm very happy." He smiled sweetly like a child who had got his own candy.

The room was silent, but he was very satisfied.

After a while, her red lips moved. "Edward..."

Hearing her soft voice, he shivered, "Hmm?"

"I hope I can do it as soon as possible..." Get rid of him as soon as possible.

Sooner... What?

He stared at her, confused. She turned around and looked at him eyes. Her eyes were red and swollen
like walnuts, and there was a trace of sadness in them, but they were also full of clam. "Have a child.
You want a child, and I want freedom."

So, did she want to leave him as soon as possible?

His heart twitched and he stared at her. The softness in his eyes instantly turned into anger, and her
shoulders were scratched painfully by him.

"I asked for it. I shouldn't have entered your room. " All of this might be her fate. Since she could not
resist, she had no choice but to adapt and get out of the bitter sea as soon as possible.

Was she so painful to be with him?

Edward was still immersed in anger and unwillingness, and Angela had taken off her clothes
voluntarily. For many times, he longed for her to take the initiative, but when he saw the indifference on
her face, he was angry from nowhere.

She wrapped around his neck with her bare arms, but he stared at her coldly all the time. She leaned
over, he turned his face away and pushed her away from him.

He got out of bed, put on a thin coat and walked out. Without looking back, he said, "You can sleep

Angela stared at the closed door and stunned for a long time. Then she lay on the bed, staring at the
ceiling without moving her eyes. After a long time, she closed her eyes.

On Friday, the sun at dusk shone on S University, making it covered with a layer of warm yellow chiffon.
Angela walked out of the classroom and said goodbye to her classmates with a smile. Then she walked
towards the bus station at the school gate.

They had been married for a year and a half, but she was still not pregnant. Yesterday, Anna took her
to see a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. The old doctor said that she was under too much
pressure and was in a bad mood, which might affect her. He also prescribed some medicine for her to
regulate her menstruation. Anna also found that Angela had a very different feeling when she got
married at the beginning. Recently, she often wore a cold face and smiled in a formal way. In the past,
she would take the initiative to visit grandmother, but recently, she rarely said that.

"Don't worry. Both you and Moo moo are fine. Maybe it's not the right time." What Anna said was more
like comforting herself.

Since she took the initiative last time, Edward didn't touch her anymore. He came back very late at
night, and sometimes she smelt the perfume on his clothes left by Vanessa. She even saw a small
lipstick mark on his collar, but she didn't mention it.

Sometimes she went to bed early, and sometimes she stayed up late to finish her thesis. She seemed
not to see him. The only difference was that he hugged her every night when they slept. She didn't
refuse but kept cold.

If a person was depressed for a long time, she would become silent. Today, she really wanted to go
back to have a meal cooked by her mother. Therefore, she called Anna and said that she would go to
her mother's house for dinner tonight, and then took a bus home.

At the dinner table of the Xu Family, Angela saw her brother was about to pick up the last piece of
potato and grabbed it.

"Mom! Look at my sister! " Barry said angrily.

Angela put the potato into her mouth complacently.

She always behaved well during meals in the Yan Family. It was the best feeling to be free! After
Angela finished eating, she lay on the sofa to rest. At this time, her mother's phone rang.

"Angela, answer it for me!" Shouted Mrs. Darcy, who was cleaning up.

Angela took a look and found it was Ella, her second elder sister. As soon as she picked up the phone,
she heard that Ella was very tired and asked, "Mom, are you at home?"

"Sister? It's me. "

Ella was stunned. "Oh! Did you go back to mom's house? "


After a moment of silence, Ella asked, "Are you free later?"


"I'll ask Shawn. Do you want to go out for supper?"

"HMM... Okay. " Angela had a bad feeling and asked, "Is there anything wrong?"

"Nothing. I just feel that I haven't had supper with you for a long time. Oh, Ashley is asleep. I'll ask Aunt
Wang to look after her. I can finally relax. "

"Do I need to call Mom?"

"No, thanks!" Ella said nervously, "Only you and Shawn are Okay."

At nine thirty, Angela washed her face and brushed her teeth. She met her two sisters as appointment.
It was almost ten o'clock, the best time for the barbecue stall to do business.

When Ella went to ask waiter to clean up the table, her elder sister Shawn whispered in Angela's ear,
"Did you tell Ella what happened to your brother-in-law?"

"How is that possible?! According to Ella's character, she cares about her husband so much. If she
knows that he has betrayed her, she will collapse. "

"I think there is something wrong with her!"

"I think so. She always looks like a sweet woman, but today she seems to be very depressed."

Shawn glanced at Angela and said, "There's also something wrong with you recently. You used to have
several updates a day, but you didn't have one in the past month."

Angela felt a little guilty, but she pretended to be calm. "I'm busy! I don't have time! "

"What are you busy with? Have a baby? " Shawn said ambiguously, "I heard that you are taking
Chinese medicine now."

Angela didn't want to mention it again, so she said, "Ella is back."