Keep you in my arms

Chapter 209 Why Do She Trample On Her Self-esteem

As soon as Ella sat down, a waiter brought her a dozen of beer.

She had always said that beer was harmful to health and skin. It was abnormal for her to order so
much wine today!

The two looked at each other in tacit understanding. Angela smiled and said, "Drink today? Aren't you
afraid that my brother-in-law will scold you? "

"He has no time to talk to me!" Ella said angrily.

Although Angela didn't know if Ella had found out that her husband had an affair, they had undoubtedly

"What? Did you have a quarrel? " Shawn teased.

Without saying a word, Ella opened several bottles of beer in a row.

"Don't open so much. I won't drink it today." Angela didn't like to paralyze herself with alcohol. She
knew that alcohol was not a good thing, and it would make her more unable to control her emotions.

"It's not for you!" Ella said angrily.

Ella were very straightforward. She laughed whenever she were happy, but when she were angry, she
always pulled a long face. In the past, Angela had been scolded by her a lot, and the two sisters had
quarreled a lot. Angela didn't say anything after getting angry by her.

Before they started to eat barbecue, Ella had already drunk a bottle of beer. Seeing Ella's behavior,
Shawn wanted to ask but didn't dare to ask, Angela ate the grilled eggplant in front of her silently.

Ella began to cry while drinking. Shawn and Angela didn't feel surprised and just watched her crying.
After a while, Shawn sighed.

"Have you known everything?" Ella asked in a choked voice.

"What do we know?" Shawn pretended to know nothing.

Angela kept silent.

"What should I do? What should I do? "

Shawn didn't know how to comfort her and could only sit aside and watch her cry. Angela couldn't
stand her crying, so she pounded the table and shouted, "Why are you crying?! Can't you live without
him now? Can you have some self-esteem? !"

"What do you know?! You live a luxurious life every day. What do you know?! Wu... Wu... "

How could that she not know? How could she not understand? Since the man wanted to cheat on her,
then divorce him! It was not that she couldn't support herself. Why did she trample on her self-esteem?

"Now that you are going to endure his unfaithfulness to you, why are you still crying? !" Angela really
couldn't understand why a woman could compromise to her husband's cheating.

"Now I'm injured. Can't you say something nice?" Ella raised her head and cried bitterly.

There were many people eating the midnight snack. The two of them were excited and Ella even cried,
which inevitably attracted a lot of attention. Shawn tugged at Angela's sleeve and said in a low voice,
"Isn't Ella here to discuss countermeasures with us? Why are you so excited? "

Only then did Angela see that everyone around them was looking at them, so she sat down again.
Shawn handed a tissue to Ella and said, "Don't cry here. There are so many people watching us!"

Ella wiped her tears and asked, "What should I do? Ashley is so young. How can I take care of her
myself? "

"Our brother is not married yet. Mom have time to take care of her. The problem is, mom is such a
conservative person. If she knows that you have divorced, won't she cry to death? " Shawn frowned.

"I think so too. He was not like this before. How could he be possessed? I don't think that woman looks
good. He must think that I have given birth to a child and is not as good as before. "

"Hey! It was not surprising at all. Although there are good men, we didn't meet them. HMM... That's not
quite right. In my opinion, Edward is a good man. " Shawn teased.

He was good?

Angela smiled.

"Let's make an assumption. What are you going to do if he has an affair?" Shawn asked her sister.


"Come on! He is from a rich family and he is good-looking. If you leave him, you will never find such an
excellent man! " Shawn said.

"So what? If you don't have money, just spend less. Everyone in the world can live without others. "

"It's different if you don't have a child!" Ella retorted.

The mention of the baby cut her heart into pieces.

"Even if I have a baby, I have the same choice!" Angela had made up her mind to divorce after she
gave birth to the baby.

"You haven't been a mother yet. You can't understand." Ella said, "But if I take the children, how can I
take care of her?"

"Child is a problem. How could you evaluate your youth in the past few years? It's undeniable that
having a baby will make it difficult for you to find boyfriend in the future. " Angela frowned and analyzed

"But I don't want to find anyone else..." Hearing this, Ella couldn't help crying.

"It depends on your own thoughts. If you can endure loneliness all your life, you can choose not to find
a boyfriend. You can make money by yourself and support you and your child. As for your physiological
needs, even if you don't have a husband, you don't lack it. It depends on your own thoughts. "

Angela's words made Ella cry again. Shawn winked at Angela to stop her.

"When you were with him, I told you that since he was nice to you when he was with another woman,
he might be nice to another woman when he was with you in the future. Time flies. Everyone will get
old, let alone having a baby. "

"Stop it!" Tears welled up in Ella's eyes again and she said angrily, "I'm not here to let you blame me!"

"I am not blame you!" Angela took a deep breath and wanted to scold her again, but Shawn stopped
her. She sat down and didn't say anything, but her face was gloomy.

Shawn sighed and asked, "What's Alexander's attitude?"

Ella shook her head and said, "I didn't ask him. He came back from a business trip a few days ago. I
helped him clear up his luggage and found condoms in it. We are about to have a second child. How
can it be useful? "

In other words, she didn't see anything with her own eyes. Angela thought for a while and said, "Maybe
it was used by you before."

Ella shook her head and said, "I've checked the date of birth. It is bought recently. It can't be used by

Ella was different from Angela. Facing her husband's affair, Ella wanted to know nothing, even if she
lied to herself. Because in her eyes, her dependence on her husband was the most important thing in
her life, and the so-called love was the meaning of life. However, Angela didn't think that love was the
most important thing in a person's life. Love was just the icing on the cake in one's life. If it became a
burden to one's heart, it would be better to give up!

At first, Angela wanted her sister to know nothing about it, but Ella couldn't deceive herself now. Angela
sighed and said, "If you really want to leave him, we can collect evidence. At least, we have to try our
best to sentence you a house. You can't rent a house with Ashley."

Hearing this, Ella sat there in a daze, unable to say a word, and two lines of tears kept flowing out.

At the same time, in the CEO Office of the DC Building.

Edward's face darkened when he heard the sound from the earphone.

Let's make an assumption. What are you going to do if he has an affair? ——

Divorce! ——

So what? If you don't have money, just spend less. Everyone in the world can live without others. ——

As for the physiological needs, nowadays, even if you don't have a husband, you don't lack it. It
depends on your own thoughts. ——

If you really want to leave him, we can collect evidence. At least, we have to try our best to sentence
you a house. You can't rent a house with Ashley. ——

So was she determined to divorce him?

So didn't she care if he was with her all her life?

So, even without him, would she go to find another man?

So, if she really divorced, could she have the heart to abandon her own child in order to marry another

It was she who broke into his room and disturbed his world and then left! Angela! You wanted to leave,
right?! 'I wouldn't let you go so easily!' Edward thought.

The blue veins on his hand floated up because of his strength, and his teeth were trembling with anger.
His eyes were like the murderous look of devil from the hell.