Keep you in my arms

Chapter 210 Endure For A Long Time

"You just said... That woman doesn't look good either." Shawn felt that her words were somewhat
contradictory. Sometimes she said that the woman was not very beautiful, and sometimes she said that
she just saw the condoms in Alexander's suitcase.

Ella nodded with tears in her eyes, "I only saw that woman's photo."

"Photo?" Angela couldn't help but rolled her eyes.

"Yes..." Then she took out her phone and showed them the photo.

In the photo, the woman was covered with a quilt, only to reveal her collarbone, and Alexander was
lying on the back. Although he was also covered by the quilt, it could be seen that he was naked, at
least his upper body was naked.

The video was shoot from the woman's selfie. The two recognized that the woman was Iris whom they
met that day. It was obvious that she had a bad intention to send this kind of photo to the original one!

"Does brother-in-law know about it?" After finishing her question, Angela added, "that she send you the

"I didn't dare to say it. If I say it, the family will be broken up..." Ella closed her eyes and burst into tears.

She didn't want to blame her husband for cheating on her, but she was afraid of losing him. This
feeling... She had also experienced it before. But... If it were her, she couldn't accept that Edward had
to have her with another woman at the same time. In other words, she couldn't stand him being
touched by other women and then touched her again...

Angela also lowered her head and was pushed by someone slightly. She raised her head and asked,

"What are you thinking about?" Shawn said, "I called you several times, but you didn't answer."

"What? Oh! Nothing!"

Ella was drunk during the meal. When the two sisters sent her home, Alexander happened to be at
home and it was him who opened the door. When Alexander saw the two of them and his drunken wife,
her eyes turned cold.

Angela didn't like his expression. It was him who did the wrong thing. Why did he look at her

After handing her over, Alexander closed the door without saying anything. Angela couldn't help but
spit, "second sister, you are so blind to be with such a man!"

Shawn held her hand and said, "let's go!"

The two got off the elevator and walked out of the community. Seeing that she was still angry, Shawn
said, "although it's righteous for you to defend for the injustice as a sister, you shouldn't do it in such an
extreme way! After all, it's between the two of them. They have their own thoughts. You can advise her,
but don't get involved too much."

"But I really don't understand. Why would she indulge him? Don't you think that there are so many men
who don't cherish the people around them just because of being indulgence?" Angela's eyes turned red
and said reluctantly.

"Is it the best result that he divorce your second sister and be with the mistress?" Shawn retorted.

"I didn't mean that..." She wanted to refute, but she didn't know what to say for a moment. Just like her,
after she left, she gave up Edward to Vanessa. But even so, she didn't want to stand him being

"I know what you mean, but have you ever thought that your sister is different from you?! She is not as
independent as you. She cares more about family than her career. She values love as much as her life.
How can she leave your brother-in-law?"

"But I still don't understand... Ella was such a domineering and wayward woman. After knowing this,
she didn't want to protect her self-esteem to divorce, but was more afraid of losing. Losing... Is it really
that scary?" Angela said sadly.

She was also afraid of losing, but later she looked down upon it. Everything in the world should not
belong to anyone. Maybe it was fate that they met and fell in love. Maybe it was because their fate was
over and they finally broke up. Is it good just keep it naturally?

As you wish... Perhaps, some people just wouldn't let it go as they wished. They were destined to be
entangled with each other...

Angela looked up at the moon. It was the evening of the lunar month. In this era of materialistic, the
light of the city drowned the colors of the moon and stars. People in this era, do they still know what is
called "people have sorrow and joy?"

In the Song Dynasty which had lasted for more than one thousand years, Shu Shi, who had been
relegated, might not be able to see his brother for the rest of his life, but he still saw him in his lifetime.
He wrote a unique poem with emotion.

He hoped that they could live together for a long time...

In this era, everything had become easy to get. It was easy to support oneself, easy to see each other,
easy to get... When everything became easier, was it not so precious?

Edward wanted to have her to give birth to his child, so he got it. If she stayed with him with tolerance
all her life, would he think that she was not that valuable? If she left, maybe he could still keep a


It was already half past eleven when Angela came back to the Xu Family's house. Everyone had slept
at this time as usual. Unexpectedly, when she opened the door of the living room, the light was bright
and everyone was drinking tea around the sofa.

When she saw that Edward was sitting there and looking up at her, she was stunned.

What was he doing here?

"Why did you come back so late?" Said her mother reproachfully.

"Well, I was so careless that I forgot the time." She put down her bag and key, changed her shoes and
walked in, trying to behave as natural as possible. She said, "I'll take a shower first."

"Didn't you go out after taking a shower?" Asked her mother.

"One more time! There is a strong smell in the hawker stalls!" As she spoke, she entered the room.
Behind her, her mother sighed, "you naughty girl..."

In the past, when she saw him, she would throw herself into his arms like a child, even in front of their
parents. It had been half a year... He didn't feel her excitement anymore.

He watched her go straight into the room without looking at him from beginning to end.

After taking a shower, Angela sat in front of the dressing table, poured some lotion into her palm, and
then casually wiped it on her face and was about to go to bed. Just as she raised the quilt to make the
bed, she heard the sound of door opening, door closing and footsteps approaching from behind.

Then someone hugged her from behind.

"What delicious did you ate today? Shandong pancake? Or meat buns?" He remembered that when he
first asked her out, she ordered a table of snacks, which made Bruce very anxious. At that time, she
was very resistant to him and dated him with the wolf proof stick. It was one year ago...

She didn't say anything. She moved his hand in front of her collarbone and climbed onto the bed. "They
are all low-grade things."

In the past five months, she had been so cold to him. Facing her cold eyes, he tried to ease the
relationship between them. He smiled and said, "it's okay as long as it tastes good, isn't it?"

So, even if Vanessa wasn't a good woman, he didn't mind having sex with her, did he?

There were a lot of anger and resentment accumulated in Angela's heart, but she finally endured it.

After the baby was born, she could leave! After the baby was born, she didn't need to have any contact
with him anymore!

After she lay down, he also lay down. She knew he was taking off his clothes, but she turned off the
light as if he didn't exist. He seemed to be used to it. He put the clothes aside and went to bed. She
was still lying on her side with her back to him, and he held her from behind as usual.

She was so eager to get rid of him that she wished she could give birth to a child for him right away and
get rid of this torture. However, he didn't touch her much these days. When she was hesitating whether
she should take the initiative or not, his hand had already reached into her clothes.

Behind her ears was a soft and wet feeling. She knew he wanted her. She let him drive her away, but
when she thought that his lips might have just kissed another woman, and his hands might have
touched another woman's body, she felt a little disgusted.

She stiffened and put her hand against his pressed body.

But the next moment, she loosened her grip.

She had to endure to accept him, otherwise she could only be imprisoned by him for the rest of her

At first, she didn't refuse, but after a while, she began to reject his body. Fortunately, she cooperated
him in the end. When he heard the familiar gasp, the soft and comfortable feeling, the impulse he had
endured for a long time surged out like a flood.