Keep you in my arms

Chapter 211 Blood... It Hurts...

It was her who have sex with him. She wondered if another face appeared in his mind.

The pain of attachment was like Pu'er tea in early spring. It was hard to tell whether it was bitter or

The pillow towel had already been wet.

It was already autumn in September of the lunar calendar.

It was a sunny autumn day. Anna calculated the date and was going to pray, Angela said she was
uncomfortable and refused. In the afternoon, after lunch, she sat in the yard and watched the dream of
Red Mansions. She saw the chapter that the sisters gathered in the garden named for each other,
saying that the name "Lady Xiaoxiang" was suitable for Dai Yu. Dai Yu didn't say anything but lowered
her head.

Maybe she didn't like the name "Lady Xiaoxiang"! After all, the ending of the EH and NY was too tragic.

She couldn't help looking around the magnificent villa, as if it as magnificent as a palace. The autumn
in the South was not bleak, and there were many precious flowers and plants in the yard. There was
also a Chinese style courtyard in front of the ancestral hall of the backyard. The Xu Family seemed the
magnificent palace which lock her in. She didn't want to be the same as Dai Yu, lead to a tragic ending
because Bao Yu being together with Bad Chai. She wanted to climb out of the magnificent palace! I

Thinking of this, she couldn't help but touch her lower abdomen, which was still flat.

She had taken Chinese medicine for two months and her period was normal every month. Edward had
been having sex with her frequently recently. Logically speaking, she should be pregnant soon?

Suddenly, the phone on the table rang.

It was Shawn who called. She told her that Alexander's affair had made some progress and asked her
if she had time to go out and have a discussion. Angela put down the book immediately, put on a thin
sweater and went out.

In the dining room, Shawn took out the photos from her bag as soon as she came. They were all
intimate photos of Alexander and Iris, and some were even shoot on the bed.

"Oh my God... If second sister saw this, something big may happen!"

"This Alexander has gone too far! He was getting bolder and bolder to see Ella's tolerance for him as
connivance! Last week, I went to see Ashley. Ella looked much haggard. I asked her why Alexander
wasn't at home. She said he was on a business trip." Then she picked out some photos from the table,
which were taken by Alexander and Iris at the seaside. "His so-called business trip is to play with Iris in

What a crazy man!

Angela was so angry that she wanted to smash the glass and said, "he's gone too far!" Finally, she
calmed down a little and asked, "what's second sister's state?" "Alexander is good at coaxing women.
He only spent less time with Ella, but he gave her a lot of gifts for festivals. He won't leave Ella totally
alone. I'm afraid Ella is waiting for him to come back."

"It's really that he wanted to have both Ella and the mistress at the same time! He hoped that his
original wife and mistress could be on equal footing, so that he could maintain like this all the time? !"

"Huh!" Shawn sneered, "do you really think that Iris doesn't care about anything? Will she be not
interested in the position of the original wife?"

Then she took out her phone and handed it to her. "Have a look at this video!"

Because it was about Ella's privacy, Angela put on the earphone and played it. In the video, both the
picture quality and the voice quality were clear.

In a room, Iris sat in front of the dressing table and applied skin care products. It could be seen from
the bottles and decorations that it was Iris's room.

After applying the essence, she stood up and climbed onto the bed. Alexander was sitting by the
window and playing with his iPad. She grabbed his iPad and put it on the bedside table. Then, she took
off her nightdress with straps. She was naked except for a translucent silk underwear.

Damn it!

Angela couldn't help but feel angry. She had been married to Edward for more than a year, but she
couldn't be as open as Iris!

Then, Iris sat directly on Alexander's thigh and put her arms around his neck.

They were so familiar with each other!

She was so angry that she wanted to throw her phone away!

The bastard Alexander naturally wrapped his arms around her waist and pressed her under him. The
laughter of the two made her flesh creep.

Alexander was biting on Iris's smooth skin. Her charming breath came from the earphone, which made
her blush. When she was about to take off her headphones, Iris held Alexander's head and gasped,

"Okay..." He answered perfunctorily, but didn't stop.


Suddenly, Iris choked with sobs.

Alexander ignored her and took off her guard.

"I'm afraid..." Iris suddenly burst into tears.

"Baby, don't be afraid..." He didn't feel sorry for her at all. Instead, he coaxed her.

"You don't love me at all..." When he wanted to get her, she pushed him away and got out of bed

"What's wrong?" It seemed that it was the first time that Alexander had encountered such a situation,
and he was at a loss.

"I don't want to do this anymore! Hide! Hide! Hide! Let's forget it! Alexander!" While speaking, Iris wiped
her tears with the back of her hand.

Hearing this, Alexander frowned. Although he was unhappy, he still reached out to hold her wrist and
said softly, "didn't you say that you don't care about that?"

"I thought I wouldn't care..." She cried even harder and said, "forget it! It's all my fault. You're married. I
hate that we know each other too late!"

As she spoke, she angrily picked up his clothes, threw them on him and drove him away. "You'd better
go home! Go to see your wife and your child!"

Alexander's face was gloomy. Seeing that she was losing her temper, he frowned and said nothing.
After a while, he put on her clothes and went out.

But after he left, Iris picked up a pillow and threw it at the door, "idiot! What a fool!"

The video was gone.

"So... Does Iris want to snatch the position of the original wife now?" Seeing the disgusting couple in
the video, Angela wanted to get angry.

"Who will be willing to be a mistress all their lives?" Shawn picked up several more photos and
frowned, "but why did he give this group of photos?"

Angela approached her and Shawn directly handed the photo to her.

It was a photo of Iris and a woman. Wait! Why did that woman look familiar?

Seeing that she took the photo nervously and looked at it carefully, Shawn asked, "what's wrong?"

"Becky? What's her relationship with Iris?" Her eyes widened, and too many scenes flashed through
her mind, which was difficult to digest for a moment.

Hearing this, Shawn remembered, "Becky? Alexander's ex-girlfriend? No wonder I feel this woman a
little familiar."

"I don't think it's as simple as we think!" Angela frowned.

"Is it just a coincidence?" After saying that, Shawn muttered, "he gave us these photos specially to tell
us something..."

"What did you say?" She didn't hear it clearly.

"What? Oh! I don't think it's a coincidence? Is there anything strange here?"

After the two of them discussed for a while, the sun gradually set. So the two of them had dinner before
they left.

Angela walked to her car and was about to open the door when a voice came from behind.

"Angela, shall we have a talk?"

She turned around and saw Vanessa standing behind her. She begged with tears in her eyes.

Seeing her, Angela felt upset.

In the past half a year, only Vanessa took the initiative to look for her. She let her know that she married
into the Yan Family just to have a child. After that, the two of them had no intersection. She cast a
glance at Vanessa and was about to get in the car with a cold face.

In the past six months, Angela didn't make any move. After waiting for half a year, she couldn't wait
anymore. But she didn't expect that Angela seemed to be impulsive and thoughtless, but she was more
difficult to deal with than she imagined!

These days, she had left a lot of marks on Edward's body, including clothes, arms, perfume or
scratches. But Angela didn't come to get even with her?

She came to her voluntarily, but she gave her a cold look of contempt. It seemed that she had never
taken her seriously, which undoubtedly displeased Vanessa!

Seeing that she was about to get in the car, Vanessa walked up to her and grabbed her arm.

Angela thought she was shameless and didn't want to say anything more to her. She suddenly grabbed
her arm and Angela instinctively felt disgusted. She shook it off and shouted, "get away from me!"


Vanessa fell backwards. When she stepped back, she sprained her high heels and fell to the ground.

Angela casted a cold glance at her. As soon as she stepped into the car, she heard the woman behind
her say in horror, "it hurts... It hurts... Blood... It hurts..."