Keep you in my arms

Chapter 213 Why

It was twelve o'clock in the morning. Although it was weekend, there were few people on the street.

Angela walked on the street aimlessly, like a broken puppet.

Originally, she had a very clear plan of her life, but God liked to joke with her. If Vanessa was pregnant
a few months earlier, or the baby in her belly didn't come so early. Perhaps she could get rid of it

She didn't know which child Edward was expecting more. Tears welled up in her eyes when she
thought of the happiness he showed when he picked up the test report.


Angela, what the hell are you expecting? Did you expect him to care about you more? Didn't he say
that she would be free after giving birth to the baby? Now that she had made up her mind, why should
she feel sad whether Vanessa was pregnant or not?

She stopped and lowered her head with a self mockery smile.

Again, she took out the test report from her bag. It was clearly written that her child had been nine
weeks old. She put her hand on her lower abdomen. She clearly didn't feel any signs of life, but she
was incomparably depressed because of the arrival of the child.

After a long time, she put her hand down from her lower abdomen and froze in a daze, not knowing
where to go.

She stared blankly at a car rushing over, turning sharply across the road and stopping in front of her.

"Why don't you answer the phone? !" Edward didn't turn off the engine. He walked down directly and
couldn't help but get angry.

He just talked to Vanessa for a few words. Why did she leave so soon? She always resisted and hated
him so much. Although she was pregnant, she looked painful. How afraid he was that she would hurt
herself and the baby?

"I just came out for some fresh air." She forced a smile.

His nervousness somewhat comforted her?

Seeing that she was safe, Edward didn't blame her anymore. He looked at her belly and said gently,
"it's late. Let's go home!"

Sure enough, it was because of the baby?

Her heart ached and she nodded expressionlessly.

It was difficult for her to fall asleep at night. Edward held her too tightly, just like the shackles of reality,
making her unable to breathe. She didn't know what time it was at night when she felt that the man who
was holding her woke up. Although Edward didn't turn on the light and moved lightly, she still felt that
he was putting on his clothes and going out.

The moment the door was gently closed, her eyes widened.

Maybe it was because of the woman's sensitivity, she got up subconsciously and stood in front of the
French window without wearing her shoes.

In the yard, the light of the car was on. Although it was dark, she still recognized that it was Edward's
car. The car gradually disappeared in the dark night. She walked back to the bed and picked up her
phone to check the time. It was three twenty-seven in the morning.

She stared at the screen for a long time before she put down her phone and lay back on the bed.

She put her hand on her belly and stared at the ceiling, tears welling up in the corners of her eyes.

Admit it! Angela, admit that you care about her!

It was not at this moment that she realized that no matter it was for Harriet or Greg, the so-called free
and easy was just because they didn't love her enough.

As for Edward, he had done something unforgivable. Even if she hated him to the core and looked
down upon her sadly, she couldn't help but care about him.

She didn't fall asleep until five o'clock in the morning with too much thoughts lingered in her mind.
When she woke up again, the dazzling light made her uncomfortable.

She looked at her phone subconsciously

"Twelve o'clock! ! !"

Damn! Damn! She missed all her classes this morning!

She quickly washed her face and changed her clothes and went downstairs. Anna nervously reached
out to hold her. "Why are you still so anxious at this time?"

"I'm late! I have to go to school before the class begin in the afternoon. Mom, I don't have time to eat!"
She pushed Anna's hand away and changed her shoes at the porch.

"Moo moo had already go to the school and help you apply for a leave. You don't have to go!" Anna
said, "you are different now. How can you not eat? You haven't eaten anything this morning. Your body
won't be able to withstand it if you don't eat! "

"What? Suspended? !" She seemed to hear nothing except this word.

"Okay!" Anna smiled and said, "you are weak, and you usually have to hurry up to do homework until
midnight. Moo moo is worried about your health, so she helped you apply for a suspended school!"

Why?! Why did he apply for a suspended school for her? She didn't want to be suspended from school!

Angela wanted to get angry, but she knew she shouldn't be angry with her, so she kept silent with a
long face.