Keep you in my arms

Chapter 214 Being A Tool To Give Birth To A Baby

"Moo moo asked me to make some soup for you this morning. Angela, have some? You have to do it
for yourself and the baby in your belly!" Kay also advised with a smile.

The people of the Yan Family were all happy that she was pregnant successfully. No one would care
about what she was thinking... But didn't they ask Edward to marry her just for keeping the link of the
Yan Family? She cared so much about their concern, which was her own hypocrisy!

"I'm not hungry. Angela was still putting on an angry face and ran upstairs with heavily steps.

In the past, no matter how angry she was, she would not contradict the elders. Half a year ago, she
became very strange. She didn't take the initiative to visit grandma in the YM Villa, nor did she want to
go out with her. She seldom communicate with them. She heard from Hilda that the two seldom went
shopping together since she studied in college. Hilda also felt strange about this, but she thought that
the two of them would still chat on WeChat, and because she was busy with the company and fighting
for Granny's property, she didn't think much about it.

"Madam, why do I feel that Angela is in a bad mood recently?"

"Yes..." Anna frowned.

"Did she have a quarrel with Moo moo?"

Anna didn't say anything, but she knew everything clearly. She smiled faintly and said, "maybe it's
because she's pregnant, and her mood fluctuates a little."

Not only in these days, but also in recent months, Angela had changed a lot. She no longer talked with
them without reservation. She just greeted them politely and responded a few words, and always
locked herself in the room. When she and Moo moo just got married, the two of them always played
and joked. Now, the way she looked at Moo moo was much more indifferent. When they just got

married, Moo moo was gentle and always with a smile on his face. Now he always looked

Kay wanted to say something, but she knew that Anna must have noticed it. So she didn't say

Upstairs, Angela closed the door, trembling with anger.

Why did her life become like this? She was a person, but why did she become a tool to give birth?
Because the Yan Family needed this child, she had to sacrifice her study. He didn't even ask for her

"Ah..." She couldn't help but feel collapsed and depressed. She reached out and swept all the things on
the table. When she heard the crisp sound of glass breaking, she felt a little comfortable.

She looked at the broken computer and the broken glass on the ground, as if she was seeing her own
miserable life. Her eyes were blurred and she sneered. She laughed again while crying.

She cried so desperately and laughed at herself that she didn't notice that Edward came in and
grabbed her shoulder. He shook her for a while before she came to her senses.

"Angela! What's wrong with you? !" He was so furious that he roared.

He lied to her, play tricks to ask her marry him, and stolen her true heart. He promised that he would
spend the rest of his life with her, but meanwhile entangled with another woman. It was not that she
didn't want to let him go, but that he needed her to have a baby. Why was her life controlled by him?
She endured all the pain, but why didn't he let go of her study?

"I want to study... Edward, you can't do this! I want to study..." She grabbed his collar and cried bitterly.

She raised her head and tears welled up in her eyes, which made him not bear to be irritable.

He tried to speak in a calm tone, "I know you are reluctant to suspend schooling, but now that you have
a child, you can't worry about it anymore. Don't worry. I know some people in the S University. The
school and your tutor have agreed to give you a one-year break. When the child is born, you can go
back to continue your study. They won't make things difficult for you. "

"I promise you, I won't be so worried and won't stay up late. Let me continue my class. At least let me
finish this semester, okay?"

Because of him, she had lost her freedom and dignity, and now she had become a tool to give birth to a
child. If she lost her study again, she would never live her own life!

She begged with tears in her eyes. Afraid that he couldn't help but agree, Edward turned his head
away and didn't dare to look into her eyes.