Keep you in my arms

Chapter 215 The Yan Family Will Treat You Well

Seeing that he deliberately turned his head away and ignored her, Angela's heart was filled with

There was a dead silence in the room. After a while, there was a knock on the door. Edward let go of
her and she wiped her tears quickly.

Anna stood outside the door. The moment Edward opened the door, she was shocked by the mess on
the ground. "This... What happened?"

Without hesitation, Edward said, "I knocked it over by accident."

"Oh..." Although Edward was indifferent, he was not a person who would lose his temper at will. How
could she not know that he was speaking for his wife? Although reproaching, she smiled and said, "you
are going to be a father. Don't you know to restrain your temper?"


"Your father is back. He asked you to go to the study." Anna said with a smile.

"Okay!" He answered and looked at Angela with concern. The latter turned her head away from them.

After Edward left the room, she bent down to pick up the things on the ground. Seeing this, Anna
quickly came over and held her hand. "Don't touch it. I'll ask Kay to come up and clean it up!"

"I've bought several pots of flowers recently. Would you like to go downstairs and have a look?"

Anna also heard the quarrel between the two people upstairs. Although she saw her red eyes, she
didn't say anything but asked kindly. She lost her temper and felt a little embarrassed when she was
seen. She nodded and forced a smile. "Okay."

In the yard, Anna pointed at the bare branch and said, "this is the rose. Although it is now bare, it will
be beautiful when it grows!"

At this time, Angela saw a green plant in a glass bottle with only water and no soil in it. One branch
after another, and the leaves were like calla lilies. There was a drop of water hanging down the sharp

Seeing that she stopped her looking on it, Anna said, "that's water drop Guanyin, known as calla lilies.
The blooming flowers look like the Bodhisattva, and its leaves will drop water by themselves, so it is
also called the dripping Bodhisattva."

'Drop water?' It was the first time that she had heard of it...

Angela was lost in thought. Anna introduced several other plants, such as the embroidery ball flower,
Magnolia denudata, and chrysanthemum...

Hearing this, she felt a little tired and said, "I'm a little tired. I want to go upstairs and have a rest."

"You haven't eaten anything since you got up. Shall I ask Kay to send some soup upstairs?"

Angela didn't like to eat in her room, but she had consumed a lot of energy when they quarreled just
now. She was indeed hungry, so she nodded and said, "thank you, mom."

Hearing that she was willing to eat, Anna smiled happily and quickly put the potted plant on the shelf.
Following her into the room, Kay happened to go downstairs. Seeing that she was a little flustered,
Anna asked, "what happened?"

"Mr. Edward and Moo moo quarreled and it seemed that they threw something away."

As soon as she heard her husband and son were quarreled, she couldn't help but feel nervous. "What

"I don't know. The door of the study is still closed." Kay frowned.

Although Edward didn't like what his father did, he seldom quarreled with him. Anna was so nervous
that she went upstairs in a hurry. When she walked to the middle of the stairs, she remembered that
Angela hadn't eaten anything. She turned around and said, "Kay, please heat up the soup for her!"

"Okay!" Kay looked at her strangely and said kindly, "wait for me for a moment."

"Okay." Angela replied, but she was worrying about what she said about the quarrel between Edward
and his father. After hesitating for a while, she went upstairs.

When she walked towards the study, she saw Anna standing at the door anxiously, and the sound of
glass breaking came from inside, as well as the roar of Jonson, "I shouldn't have kept her at that time! I
will never let the child of such a woman go into our family!"

"This has nothing to do with you. !" Edward replied coldly.

"What's wrong with you?! What do you mean it has nothing to do with me?" It could be heard that
Jonson was so angry that he even gasped for breath.

Anna saw Angela walked over, she pulled her hurriedly and said, "they are quarreling for the affairs of
the company."

How could she not understand how Angela felt when she heard that Edward made another woman
pregnant? No wonder she was so angry just now. She must have known something?

"I'm not tired." Unwilling to leave, Angela stood at the door and listened.

Anna was anxious, and then came the last warning of Jonson, "that woman surnamed Zhong is not as
simple as you think! The Yan Family won't admit the child's identity!"

Hearing this, Angela's heart was in her throat. She had mixed feelings. Of course she wouldn't allow
him to have a baby with another woman, but she never forced him to ask Vanessa to abort her baby. It
was a life. But deep inside, she was still a little selfish. How much she hoped that Vanessa's child could
never come to this world, even if he just ask her to...

There was a long silence in the study. After a long time, the door opened. With a gloomy face, Edward
opened the door and met her eyes which were full of sad but pretended to be strong.

She must have heard the conversation in the room?

He was stunned and took a step forward nervously. But the next second, he regained his calm.

There was a wound on his forehead, as if it had been broken by something hard. At this moment, the
blood was spilling out and slowly flowing down. There were even a few red drops on his shirt, but his
eyes were firm and there was no regret.

"Oh my God! Moo moo, you are..."

Anna's tears had already come out. Then she trotted to the stairway and called Kay, asking her to bring
the medicine box up. Angela looked at him in a daze. She felt out of breath because he didn't want to
let go of Vanessa's child. Seeing his wound, she felt even worse, as if her heart had been blocked by a
big stone. She also felt a dull pain as if she was stabbed into the flesh by many needles.

Damn it! Why would she still feel sorry for him? He was such a bastard. Shouldn't she wish that he
would be doomed eternally? What she feel sorry for him? Angela, you are such a bitch!

In the study, when Jonson was about to say something, he restrained his anger when he saw Angela
standing at the door. Then he said, "Angela, come in. I have something to tell you."

"Yes, father." She didn't look at Edward anymore. After calming down her painful expression, she
replied indifferently and walked past him.

After entering the room, she closed the door.

Anna took the medicine box from Kay and said to his son, "come here and let me deal with your wound
first! You silly child, why don't you dodge?"

It seemed that Edward didn't hear what she said. He walked towards the door of the study and listened
carefully with a frown.

"Moo moo..." Seeing her son injured, Anna's tears had already flowed out.

"I'm fine." Edward was afraid of missing the conversation between the two.

In the room, the two of them kept silent for a long time. Then, Jonson breathed a sigh of relief and said,
"you don't need to think too much. Just take good care of yourself and the baby. Just tell them what you
want to eat."

"Thank you, Dad." Although she said politely, it was too formal.

"I know it's Moo moo's fault, but... When men were outside, sometimes they couldn't control
themselves under the pressure of the society. Even so, the Yan Family won't treat you unfairly. In the
future, only your child can inherit the property of the Yan Family."

Forced by social pressure? Unable to control? Only her child could inherit the property? Huh...
Pressure was not an excuse. As for the property... What if she gave birth to a daughter while Vanessa
gave birth to a boy? At first, she thought he could be fair as an elder, but in the end, he saw that the
truth could not be changed, so he wanted to persuade her to compromise? Oh! How could she forget
that Jonson had done many things to hurt Anna?

"Father, you don't need to worry about me. Whatever Edward wants is his freedom. It has nothing to do
with me!" She clenched her fists. Although she felt difficult to breathe, she said it in a cold tone.

All the women around him, including his wife, had always been obedient to him. Even though her
daughter Hilda was a little bold, she didn't dare to talk to him like that. His daughter-in-law's words were
so harsh that he couldn't react in a while.

His face darkened by Angela's thorny words. Angela didn't want to hear from anyone else about
anything that persuade her to accept the fact that Edward had an affair, she nodded and said, "Dad, if
there's nothing else, I'll go out first."

After saying that, she ignored his sharp eyes and went straight out.

As soon as she opened the door, Edward stood at the door. He stared her with his fists clenched and
his eyes were full of anger.