Keep you in my arms

Chapter 218 Protect The Mother Or The Baby

Justin took out a fruit knife and walked behind her with a sinister smile. A chill runs down Angela's
back. She felt like she would fall off the cliff as long as he pushed her lightly.

At this time, a loud sound came. She raised her head and saw that it was Edward who kicked the door
open. His hair was wet with sweat, and two buttons of his shirt were unbuttoned. At this moment, his
eyes were full of murderous will.

"Edward..." She was so scared that she shouted subconsciously. Even she herself didn't notice that at
this moment, Edward was like a life-saving straw. She wanted to grab him, but the gangster's fruit knife
had been placed on her neck.


"Don't hurt her!" Edward wanted to take a step forward, but when he saw the knife against her neck
and heard her scream, he was so scared that he didn't dare to take another step forward.

"It seems that you are Mr. Edward!"

"Who the hell are you?" Edward's eyes were full of killing intent.

"Who? Huh... It's normal that you don't know me. You used to ask Mr. Chen to give me the money, and
after it's done, you asked Mr. Chen to help me to emigrate." His eyes suddenly turned cold. "You are
the chief culprit. I shouldn't have committed such a big crime!"

"I don't know what you are talking about!" Edward stared at him with extremely cold eyes.

"Hahaha..." He raised his head and laughed, "do you rich people really think that you don't need to be
responsible for anything after spending money?! You asked me to burn down the Xu's Kilns and kill
Walter. I said it was okay to set fire, but I didn't kill anyone. You agreed with just set fire eventually!"

Kill Walter?

Her heart trembled and she stared at Edward in disbelief. Although he looked calm, he could not help
but flash a trace of panic.

He frowned and suddenly asked calmly, "who sent you here?"

"Ha-ha... Isn't it strange that Mr. Edward said these words? Didn't you ask Mr. Chen to find me? Now,
you have achieved your goal. But I'm going to jail! Mr. Edward, the life of your wife and your baby is
worthless to me. I just want you to help me go abroad safely!"

"You got the wrong person!" Edward glanced at him and said coldly.

Seeing that he didn't admit it, Justin suddenly tightened his knife. Angela only felt a sting in her neck,
and the person behind her was angry. "In that case, I'll drag a person to my back even if I die..."

"Wait!" "If you want to go abroad, I'll help you!" Edward's heart was even to jump out of his throat, and
he was wet with cold sweat.

"So... Do you admit all your crimes?" Justin asked.

"I didn't ask you to kill anyone!" Edward retorted.

"If you didn't ask me to kill people, why should I bother? I have burnt the kilns and I can get the
money!" The latter roared angrily. The hand holding the fruit knife kept trembling with excitement.

Noticing that there was a red line on her neck, Edward tried to calm himself down and said, "you just
want to go abroad. As long as you let her go, I can sent you go abroad safely!"

"Get the plane ready first! You are so rich. You can use a private plane! And three million dollars... No!
Six million dollars! Six million dollars..."

The people behind her were ecstatic and flustered. Angela's whole body was trembling, and her
stomach began to ache. She looked at Edward sadly, and saw him looking to other direction in a
strange looking.

At this moment, she felt the hand on her neck suddenly move a lot. Just when she thought the cold
knife was about to cut her throat, she closed her eyes and screamed. She was too afraid not to hear
the man behind her also scream.

"Angela! Don't panic! Don't be afraid!"

"Ah... Ah..." She had never thought that such a thing would happen to her. She was pregnant and
would meet her child in a month. She didn't expect that her life would end.

"Angela!" Edward shook her shoulders violently and she opened her eyes which were full of horror.

The fear of death made her collapse in an instant. When she met the nervous and distressed eyes of
Edward, she was still as numb as a chicken.

On the other side, Aaron successfully stopped Justin, and the police also rushed into the room at the
right time.

When Edward untied the rope for her, he saw something flowing on her legs. When he looked carefully,
he was shocked.

It was blood!

"Angela!" He untied the rope in a hurry and picked her up when she fell.

Angela felt that all her strength had been taken away. Her eyelids were so heavy that she could not
open her eyes, and something was flowing out from her lower body. It was a little noisy around. Edward

kept calling her. She agreed, but she didn't seem to hear her own voice, and he kept calling her...

After a long time, there was a dazzling light in front of her. She felt a sharp pain in her belly, but it didn't
hurt after a while. She was dizzy and heard the doctor say something such as bad, pregnant, bleeding,
and the doctor seemed to ask, "protect the mother... Protect the child?"