Keep you in my arms

Chapter 217 One Corpse And Two Lives

In the past two months, in order to make Edward relax his vigilance, she had to show her resentment
against him, but she didn't want them to feel that she wanted to leave the Yan Family.

She had thought that if he didn't want to divorce her, she could leave alone after the baby was born.
The divorce certificate was dispensable to her. Anyway, she didn't want to marry any man in her life.
But before she left, she had to make the Xu family to achieve financial independent. She didn't expect
the Xu Family to be rich or powerful, but at least they could have the ability to survive.

Considering her parents' feelings, she only talked about these things with her brother, Barry. Barry told
her, according to the current performance, he could return the money to Edward next June for starting
the company. The house had been bought and was being redecorated, and WC Company could
survive without the help of Edward. As for the case of the accident in the kilns a year ago, his uncle had
said that there was sufficient evidence, they were only waiting for the criminal suspect to return the

All she had prepared secretly was a path led to a free and dignified life.

Angela was very clear that lack of forbearance messed up big plans. Although she felt disgusted at the
thought that he might have just had sex with Vanessa, she didn't dare to refuse.

"My child..." She was worried, but she also hoped that he could restrain himself because of this.

"This is our baby. I will be careful."

In the darkness, he held her smooth and warm hand and merged with her heart and body. He was so
satisfied. Angela didn't understand why she could feel his sincere care and love every time. They loved
each other so much, but she also felt deeply hurt.

In August next year, the trees were lush in the midsummer. Touching her round belly, she looked out of
the window and saw Anna was watering the flowers. The yard was full of green, and the breeze blew,
making it a little cold.

The expected date of childbirth was next month. When the baby was born, she could leave the Yan
Family. Time was a terrible thing. She had known Edward for two years, just like what happened the
day before.

The phone on the table rang. It was from her big sister.


"How about the prenatal checkups last week?"

"Everything is fine."

"Next month?"



Hearing that her sister Shawn kept silent for a while, she asked, "what's the matter?"

"In fact, it's your second sister's business..."

In the past six months, Ella and Alexander had been at odds with each other. Iris threatened Alexander
to divorce Ella with the child of Alexander. At the beginning, Alexander was determined not to divorce
Ella. But when Alexander knew that Iris was pregnant with a boy, he even persuaded Ella to accept this
bastard. Ella was so painful that she even wanted to commit suicide by cutting her wrist. Fortunately,
he found it early.

Life was always so dramatic. When she was rescued, the doctor found that she was pregnant. Her
baby was six months old now! In this way, there were more entangled with each other.

"Hmm... Just tell me. I won't be affected." She was eager to give birth to this baby, so she raised her
baby well and always thought the bright side of things.

"Actually, it's a good thing. Iris's baby was gone, not only that... And your brother-in-law..."

Hearing that she wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought, Angela asked in disbelief,

It would be a good thing if Iris's baby was gone, but judging from her tone, it was obvious that there
was something else. Did...

"It's Ella..."

"No! Your second sister is so timid that she is even afraid of bugs. How could it be possible?" She
explained, "it was a car accident. Your brother-in-law took Iris to the hospital for prenatal checkups.
There was a car accident on the way. Iris... Died with her baby."

"! ! !" Angela's eyes widened in disbelief, "how, how could it be? Then the car accident... "

"Is it an accident! The police also suspected your second sister, but after investigation, they found that
it had nothing to do with her. But..." She paused and said, "your second brother-in-law hasn't woken up
yet. The doctor said that there's no evidence indicates that when he might be wake up."

Ah... Second sister loved her husband so much, this would kill her?

"So, Ella... How is she now?" After all, they were sisters. How could she not worry?

"She cried for three days and now she has accepted the fact. Your second brother-in-law's parents
have also come to the S City. It's not a big deal in the economy, but they all have suffered a lot."

"What about mom?" Her mother was the most worried about her child. When she knew that her second
brother-in-law had an affair, she had cried for her second sister several times. This...

"Well... She cried with your second sister for several times. She cried as soon as she mentioned it. In
the past two days, the doctor said that Alexander's signs of life were very strong and there was still
hope for him to wake up. Only then did everyone feel a little relieved." She said, "your second brother-
in-law's parents also feel sorry for your sister. They scolded their son as they cried. If it weren't for the
bastard, such a thing wouldn't have happened."

Although it was a little unkind to say so, if Alexander really wouldn't wake up for the rest of his life, at
least Ashley and the child in her sister's belly would keep a descendant of the Liu Family. It seemed
that the Liu Family treated her sister and her child very well. However, Ella lost the care of her husband
only in her twenties, the rest of her life... Would be more suffering...

The two sisters sighed at the fickleness of the world. They talked for an hour. After hanging up the
phone, she could not help frowning. After thinking for a long time, she thought it might be a good thing
for her if Edward was not willing to divorce. Now the relationship between her sister and brother-in-law
was so bad. If her mother knew that she had divorced, she would heartbroken to death. Why didn't she
tell her parents that she would go abroad for further study, so she would left the S City for a few years?

She didn't expect that her second sister and second brother-in-law would end up like this. As a matter
of fact, Vanessa's belly was about the same size as hers... If she left the Yan Family in the future,
would her child be bullied?

Thinking of this, she touched her belly worriedly, with tears in her eyes.

"Angela, the sugar water is ready. You can go downstairs and drink it." Kay was already stood at the
door and called her.

She calmed down and replied her.

In the afternoon, she ate a few more biscuits and upset her stomach. Anna was frightened and took her
to the hospital for examination. The doctor said that it was because of the poor stomach and intestines,
it did not have much impact on the fetus with good recuperation.

"I'm going to pay the bill. Wait for me here." Anna walked to the cashier's desk, while Angela stood in
the corridor. She lowered her head and clicked on the phone. Suddenly, her mouth was covered by
someone. A fragrance penetrated her nose, and she lost consciousness as soon as her eyes

When she woke up again, she found herself in an abandoned house and was tied to a chair. The smell
of moldy came to her nose and she felt a little nauseated. She wanted to struggle, but when she looked
up, she saw a tall man standing in front of her.

The man was in his forties. He was about 1.7 meter tall with strong arms.

"Who are you? !" She was pregnant now, and she was afraid that he would hurt the baby and herself.

"Last year... Your father's kilns was burnt down, and I fled abroad. I came back this time just to take
something. I had planned not to come back for the rest of my life after I left this time, but it seems that
you are not going to let me go..."

The fire accident in the kilns? Fled abroad? 'So, is he the suspect of arson?'!

Angela's heart was lift up in her throat, and only then did she smell the strong smell of alcohol from
him, which made her more afraid.