Keep you in my arms

Chapter 219 Her Child...

"We Xu Family don't have a relative like you! Besides, she is our daughter. Why can't we visit her? !"

"Mom! Don't talk too much to them. Let's call the police directly! Incorrect! My brother-in-law is already
the biggest suspect!"

"Don't call him brother-in-law! I originally thought he was a good boy, but I didn't expect him to be worse
than Alexander! 'Damn it! Damn it...!' What have we done wrong... Ahem, ahem, ahem..."

"Mom! Mom! Calm down!"

"Darcy, watch out your own body. And you, this is a violation of the law. If the final evidence indicates
that it was Edward who did such a thing, my daughter can't be your daughter-in-law anymore."

"Open the door! You bastards, open the door! I want to see my daughter... Boo... Hoo..."

Quarrels, knocks... All kinds of noises were coming from outside.

"It's so noisy..." On the bed, Angela's face was as pale as a white paper and her eyebrows were tightly

Hearing her murmur, Edward, who had been leaning against the wall, was focused on his nightlight on
her. And he subconsciously walked towards the bed nervously. He suddenly realized his tears, wiped
them and smiled at her. "You're awake?"

He held her warm hand tighter because of nervousness.

The cold touch lifted her up a little, and the weight of her belly was reduced. With a gentle touch, she
had been suffocated.

"My child..." She remembered that the man wanted to kill her. She screamed, and in a trance, Edward
was calling her. She responded, but it seemed that she didn't respond. Her stomach ached, and then
she heard the doctor was talking in a daze. According to the doctor, it seemed that...

"The baby is fine. Don't worry." He bent over and steadied her.

"Where?" She remembered that when her second sister gave birth to Ashley, the baby would be placed
on the bedside. Why wasn't her baby here?

"The baby is premature and weak. The doctor put him in the incubator."

His eyes were red, but they were so soft as if they could shed water. Seeing that she still wanted to ask
something, he said, "I know you have a lot to ask me, but you have to take good care of yourself now.
When you get better later, I will not hide anything from you."

In his eyes, pleading was more than sincere.

She had a vague sense of foreboding. After a moment of silence, she asked, "can I see the child?"

"Okay, ask the nurse to bring him here later." He smiled lightly.

The quarrel outside the door had never stopped. She asked, "I heard my mother's voice. What

"There are some misunderstandings. Mom got a little worked up. You are weak now. I'm afraid it will
affect your health." He said.

Misunderstanding? What kind of misunderstanding could make her mother want to hurt her?

She frowned and looked at him again. She was indifferent but worried. There seemed to be an
indescribable vicissitudes of life in her eyes.

"I'll tell mom to calm her down before letting her come in to see you." He suggested.


Edward said in a light and warm tone. Somehow, she felt a creepy fear. Perhaps it was because of
what Justin had said, or perhaps it was because he didn't allow his mother to come in, everything was
a little weird.

It couldn't be like that! It was not like what Justin said, Edward had no reason to hurt the Xu Family, let
alone to kill his father. Perhaps, her parents misunderstood him. He was afraid that it would affect her
rest, so they had such a dispute. Or maybe her mother knew that he had an affair and blamed him for
letting her down! Yes, it must be like this!

Seeing that she nodded obediently, Edward smiled faintly, kissed her forehead and walked out of the
room. When he opened the door, Anna and Hilda came in and smiled at him excitedly.

"Angela, you must be very painful, right?! What a small child! He is so fragile that I dare not hold him! "
"If I really hurt the child, my brother will definitely strangle me! Hilda said exaggeratedly. Alas... Now my
status in my brother's heart is even lower... "

"Ha-ha..." Angela smiled. Because of the C-section, her belly was stitched.

"Silly girl! Everyone was so small when they were born!" Anna also laughed.

She didn't know if she had seen it wrong. She felt that the two people's eyes were red, as if they had

"Angela, if you complete your month of confinement, you must make a curry chicken for me! I took care
of you the whole night last night!"

"Why are you still so childish? Angela has been married to your brother for more than two years. Why
don't you call her sister-in-law?"

"What! I know Angela first! She was used to calling her like that. How could she change? Besides, I
used to call you like that. Didn't you say anything?"

Angela forced a smile, but she didn't dare to smile.

Because of her weak body, Angela didn't say much and listened to Anna and Hilda talking about the
baby's name. Before giving birth to the baby, Edward had thought of several boys' names and several
girls' names, but he didn't say them out.

After a while, the door opened. It was her parents and brother.

Her father and brother didn't look well, and there seemed to be still anger. Her mother's eyes were red,
but she squeezed a smile when she saw her. "Does it still hurt?"

"I had an anaesthetic. It didn't hurt much, but I didn't have the strength." Although she said so, she
could still feel the pain.

"Have you seen the baby?" She asked again.

"Yes! Yes! " Darcy's eyes were soft and she smiled, "the expected date of childbirth is next month. We
are all frightened when it comes advance one month!"

Hearing her mother's words, she was finally relieved.

At this time, a nurse brought the child here, followed by Edward. Angela was excited to see the baby
and wanted to sit up to see him.

"Don't move! Just lie down and watch!" Seeing that she wanted to get up, Edward strode over to stop

The nurse pushed the baby into the incubator beside her and then retreated to a corner. In the
incubator, the child was sleeping quietly with his hands clenched into fists. His skin was very thin and a
little red, and blood streak could be seen. It was so small, just a little bigger than the slap of Edward.

Her eyes were soft and worried, and finally she could not help frowning.

"What's wrong?" Edward asked her. Hearing his question, everyone turned their eyes from the child to

"Is this really my child?" She was a little disappointed. "We are not bad-looking. Why is he a little ugly?"

Everyone was stunned at first, and then burst into laughter. The worry in Edward's eyes also
dissipated. He pinched her cheek and smiled dotingly, "silly girl!"

"You naughty girl! What are you talking about! Children were always like this when they were just born!
The same thing happened to Ashley when he was just born. He will grow in a few months." Darcy felt
both angry and funny.