Keep you in my arms

Chapter 216 She Needs To Hide Her Strength

It's his freedom to do whatever he wants. It has nothing to do with me! ——

This sentence sounded disrespectful to Jonson. As for Edward, he only heard the disdain and the pain
of eagerness to leave the Yan Family.

He always wanted to keep her, but she just waited for the opportunity to leave. Why did they become
like this?

They looked at each other in silence for a few seconds, and then Angela walked passed by him
indifferently. Seeing them like this, Anna felt extremely sad, and because of the wound on her son's
forehead, she felt heartache, so she wanted to follow them into the room.

Kay had clean the room up. Angela pretended that the two didn't exist and sat in front of the table and
turned on the computer. Only then did she find that the computer was broken by herself. She had to
turn on the phone to avoid embarrassment.

Now that there was a mistress between the couple, it was inevitable for the daughter-in-law to be
angry. Anna had to deal with his son's wound. She found an excuse in the middle and said, "your father
just asked me to go there. I almost forgot."

Then she put the medicine aside and said, "Angela, please help Moo moo apply the medicine."

After Anna closed the door, she didn't mean to help him apply medicine. Instead, she changed into
pajamas and tucked herself in the quilt. Edward had to apply some medicine on his own casually. At
this time, someone knocked on the door. It was Kay. She came up with some dishes and said, "Angela
hasn't eaten yet!"

He was stunned. Then he took the dishes and said, "Okay, let me do it."

He closed the door and put down the dishes. He walked to the bedside and looked at her with her eyes
closed. He said, "her child may not be mine."

Maybe? Huh... Maybe... It meant that something really happened between the two of them. And the
baby in her belly might be his.

It was fine Edward said nothing, now his words made her cry.

"Angela..." In face of the treacherous crisis in the business world, he could be calm, but when he saw
her crying, he was at a loss. He didn't know how to explain it, so he had to keep silent.

Since she knew he was hanging out with other women, he had never explained. Even though after she
knew it, he still didn't explain to her and kept that relationship with Vanessa all the time.

She choked with sobs. She couldn't hear his explanation for a long time, so she cried even harder. He
had to bend down and hold her in his arms. She cried harder and harder, and finally she couldn't even

After crying for a while, she fell asleep. She had a dream. It was an ancient courtyard where men and
women were naked and entangled under the flowers. She was too shy to look at them, but when she
turned around and was about to leave, her back was sucked by a force.

She still saw the man and the woman. They were just Edward and Vanessa.

Her heart skipped a beat, and then she heard a child's laughter. On a lawn, a child was running and
laughing like a silver bell.

An hour later, she opened her eyes and saw Edward sitting on the sofa dealing with documents. The
latter sensed the sound and looked up at her. She felt dizzy and had no strength at all. She sat up and
was in a daze for a while. Then she said in a low voice, "I'm so hungry..."

Hearing that she was hungry, he stood up and walked over to her. "What do you want to eat?"

"Everything is fine." She said in a stolid face.

Ten minutes later, he came back with soup and rice. Angela didn't say anything more. After finishing all
the soup, she touched her belly and asked, "is there more?"

Seeing that she was willing to eat, he was happy and quickly said, "yes."

Angela had almost finished half a pot of soup. While taking care of her, Edward talked to the company
on the phone. She didn't know what the other end of the phone said, which made him frown and stare
at her. After a long while, he said to the other end of the phone, "ask them to wait for a moment. I'll be
there in thirty minutes."

Then he hung up the phone, walked over and kissed her on the forehead. "I'll be back after I finish my
work in the company."

Angela looked at his back expressionlessly after he smiled at her.

It meant nothing to her whether he came back or not!

She lowered her head and took another sip of soup before taking the bowl and chopsticks down.

Seeing her coming down, Anna asked Kay to help wash the dishes and then took her to the yard.

"Sometimes, life is always so unpredictable. Right or wrong doesn't seem to make any sense, but even
so, it will make you uncomfortable." Tears welled up in her eyes as she said here. "I know it's not easy
to wait. Maybe I won't be able to wait for that day in my life... Angela, I've waited for so many years and
my heart has already died. In the past, I always thought that I wouldn't be so empty after I had a child.
But later I found that there was no one in the world who would always be with me. If I really want to find
out who it is, it's just this bunch of flowers and plants."

She thought Anna would persuade her to forgive Edward and not to let the mistress to take the
advantage, but she didn't. Thinking about it, Anna, her mother-in-law, was really a tough woman, she
had been restraining herself since they got married. She didn't know whether it was because Anna
loved Jonson too much or because she didn't care at all.

"After waiting for so many years, I finally know that who I wait was myself, not others." She lowered her
head and smiled, "if I could understand this at your age, I'm afraid there would be no Moo moo and

She wait him for so many years and finally realized that who she wait for was herself, not others. ——

Angela pondered over this sentence for a long time. She smiled faintly and said, "I understand."

Although Anna didn't know what decision she had made in the bottom of her heart, when she saw the
light of wisdom in her eyes, she knew that she had made up her mind.

She was a little worried and said, "we are all looking forward to the baby in your belly... She had been
looking forward to it for decades. If possible, I hope you won't give up on him. Even if you don't want to
be locked up in the golden cage of the Yan Family, I will take care of the child for you."

Angela was also depressed. She touched her belly and smiled, "how can I give up? The Yan Family
can bring him too much. I'm a little envious of him."

It was just that she needed to hide her strength and bide her time!

Seeing this, Anna felt a little relieved.

In the following days, according to the normal life trajectory, Angela ate, exercised, slept, occasionally
read some literature or favorite books, and accompanied Anna to manage some flowers.

At first, Edward often didn't go to the company. Even if his mother was at home, he was afraid that she
would hurt herself and the child.

As for her attitude to him, although she was not as sweet as before, she would not ignore him. One
night when he came back, she was sitting in the hall and eating fruit with Anna and Hilda.

"Angela, you should eat more grapes, not dry grapes. In that case, my nephew's eyes will be watery
and big!"

Angela knew that it was a joke on the Internet. There were two photos. One was a child's big and bright
eyes, and the other was a child's small eyes narrowed into a seam. Then she said that the former child
has the mom who like to eat grapes when she was pregnant, and the latter child was born with the
mom like to eat dry grapes.

After hearing what Hilda said, she laughed and said proudly, "Dad is so handsome. The child will be
beautiful no matter what I eat!"

Since she knew that she was pregnant, it was the first time she praised him as before. He could not
help but feel happy.

It seemed that everything in the Yan Family was not messed up by Vanessa's pregnancy. As if nothing
had happened, everything was so peaceful and beautiful.

That night, he touched her belly, which was much fatter than before... This was his son or daughter!
She no longer rejected his intimacy.

It had been four months! She had endured it for so long! It was like a century. If he didn't touch her
during her pregnancy, how could she live for the next five more months?

The little pepper in his arms finally didn't resist him, and he couldn't help wanting to have sex with her.
She remembered that the doctor said that it was better not to have sex in the dangerous period. It had
been four months, and she had passed the dangerous period. Thinking of this, his hands began to