Keep you in my arms

Chapter 220 Give Me Some Time

Angela glanced at her mother. Seeing her smile with tears, she couldn't help smiling.

Half a year later, she had recovered a lot. One day, she had a meal with her brother, Barry. They talked
about a lot of things. Compared with when he just came to the S City, Barry was mature and steady



"What about Daria?"

Daria was a nickname, because she said the child was so small, just like a bean sprout, so it was
called Daria. Then, he gave his daughter the name Daria Yan.

Angela lowered her head and kept silent for a while. She looked out of the window and said, "the Yan
Family doesn't need to worry about food and clothing, nor does she need to worry about education.
Edward and I have no feelings for each other for a long time. Living together like this will have a worse
impact on our child!"

"How about... Take over Daria's custody?" Barry really didn't want to apart from his niece. "Although our
family is not as good as the Yan Family, at least we could provide her the basic living conditions!"

She shook her head and smiled bitterly. "It's impossible for us to defeat him..." Taking a deep breath,
she continued, "my uncle also said that Justin was regarded as a suspect and the case was smoothly
investigated. But the leader suddenly said that this case could not be investigated any more. Recently,
Justin had admitted all his crimes and didn't mention anything about Edward. That day..."

Suddenly, tears welled up in her eyes, but she didn't continue her words. Seeing his sister's pale face,
Barry asked nervously, "what's wrong? That day? What happened?"

She shook her head and said in a low voice, "nothing. It's just his affair with another woman."

"What a bastard!" Barry was so angry that he put the cup on the table heavily, splashed water around.

"It's all my fault..."

"It's not your fault? He ordered someone to burn our kilns! Daria... If she knows that her father will be a
murderer in the future..."

"Stop it!" She wiped her tears and said firmly, "now that our house is ready, when I leave here, you can
move there. I have transferred the house property to him. If he makes things difficult for you, you can
call me."

"But... Will he really not make things difficult for you?"

"I don't know..."

From five o'clock in the afternoon to ten o'clock in the evening, Angela didn't know when she would go
back to the S City. When they walked out of the restaurant, the pedestrians on the street were
gradually scattered. The city was brightly lit. In the past two years, she had been confused, seduced
and made hard choice... It seemed like a cycle of reincarnation. Her life seemed to have returned to
two years ago. The precious thing in her heart had returned to her original relatives and dreams.

But it seemed to be different this time. Instead of being impulsive and resentful at that time, it was a
peaceful and deep attachment...

When she returned home tiredly, Edward had already taken a shower and walked out of the bathroom.
There was a towel hanging around his neck. He held her in his arms when he saw her.

"Where have you been today?"

"I had a dinner with Barry. He wanted to tell me about his girlfriend, so we eat until now." She said
calmly with a smile, "I just came back. I'm dirty. Why are you still holding me like this?"

"Okay." He let go of her and said, "I'm going to take a look at Daria first and then take a shower."


After taking a shower, Angela went to the baby's room to see the baby. Standing aside, Edward stared
at the baby with deep eyes, not knowing that she had come in.

She wrapped her arms around his waist from behind and pressed her cheek against his back. "What
are you thinking about?"

After a moment of silence, he turned around and held her in his arms. "Are you thinking about giving
birth to a brother or sister for Daria, so that she can have a companion?"

"Okay..." She raised her head and smiled, "we'd better give birth to a brother to her."

He lowered his head and looked at her carefully. He wanted to see something from her eyes, but found
that there was nothing but tenderness.

"Today... I've received the news that you've transferred the house where your parents live to my name

"Yes! The Yan Family has helped the Xu Family a lot. That's enough. We can't be so shameless
anymore." The last sentence was half joking.


"Yes!" She said, "you know, I don't like to owe others anything..."

He interrupted her, "am I someone else?"

"No, you are not. But I don't want our relationship to become impure!"


"If too many interests are entangled, the relationship will become impure. I heard from the elder sister
that you have entrusted your relationship to let my second brother-in-law live in the ward until now, and
you have settled all the accounts."

"I happen to have some shares of the hospital."

"That's enough..." She wrapped her arms around his waist and burst into tears. "That's enough,

There was enough love and hatred. She didn't want to bear everything he gave her, whether it was love
or hatred!

Thinking of the pain, Angela closed her eyes; when she was touched by her thought, she opened her
eyes again; her eyes were full of ripples, which made him put down his vigilance and doubt.

"You... Don't you want to ask me something?"

He said that he would tell her everything she asked when she recovered.

"No, I trust you." She said firmly with tears in her eyes.

He held her tightly and said, "thank you, Angela. Give me some more time. Everything will be over

That night, she seemed to have turned all the good things in her life into attachment. Love and hate
intertwined, and it was hard to tell whether the tears were out of sadness or pleasure. Her arm was
marked with his deep fingers. He wanted to relax, but he couldn't help but fall into it.

Her farewell, his panic, her concealment, his unspeakable... It turned into an unknown past in this
terrified night.

"Angela! What are you thinking about! The plane is taking off!" Lesley hit her as she pulled her

Holding the child in her arms, Nancy said worriedly, "I don't know if the child will get used to it or not!"

"She is not that fragile!" Said Lesley.

Angela and Lesley left the S City with the child and Nancy.

On the plane, Nancy was sitting in front of them with the baby in her arms. Angela asked Lesley, "do
you think... How will we do in the future?"

"What? How? Of course take our ease! Free and easy! Three years later, you will graduate. You may
choose to enroll in a Ph.D. program or become a tutor. Hmm... I will also teach hard to earn money,
and let the child will eventually free as same as us!"


Sure enough, Lesley was Lesley. She was calm and composed like a lake, and when she was happy
and unrestrained, she was like a floating white cloud.

She also looked out of the window at the clouds, looking down at the world, seeing the prosperity of the
world, and feeling the sadness of the world...

Three years later.

On the twenty-seventh floor of the DC Capital Group, S City.

"Mr. Edward, since William said so this morning, is the DL Project still going on?"

The man's face was covered with ice. Listening to the careful question of Lucas behind him, he
stopped and his eyes were cold. "What do you think? !"

Since the car accident three years ago, Mr. Edward had changed a lot. In the past, although he was
indifferent, he was not scary! Besides, if he offended him, he would lose her job in any minute!

"Uh..." His forehead was covered with sweat, and his hand holding the document trembled a few times.

"Do you think I will be afraid of him?" Another murderous look appeared.

"Of course not! Of course not!" Lucas finally understood what Edward meant and said, "by the way,
Assistant Yvonne said that Miss Vanessa was waiting for you in the office."

With a frown, a trace of disgust flashed through Edward's eyes. Then he gave him a cold look and said,
"how many times have I said that don't let anyone in? Lucas, do you want to