Keep you in my arms

Chapter 221 She's Back

Everyone knew that the relationship between him and Vanessa was not simple. How could he dare to
drive her out?

Strangely enough, before meeting Mr. Edward met Secretary Xu, he had made people think that he
liked man. But ever since he married Secretary Xu, he had become a slave of his wife. They once
thought that Mr. Edward might sell the DC Capital Group for the sake of his wife!

A few months after Daria was born, Mr. Edward had a car accident all of a sudden and stayed in the
hospital for half a year. It was strange that Mrs. Edward didn't visit him once. In the past, he
occasionally saw her bring soup to Mr. Edward, and then he never saw her come to the DC Capital
Group again. In the past three years, Miss Vanessa often came here with soup and afternoon tea. At
the beginning, Mr. Edward didn't refuse. Who dared to offend his woman in the company?

"Don't think that Edward will keep you in mind after sleeping with you for several times. Which man
don't like to have fun? Over the years, there had been a lot of women who were daydreaming. You're
just another extra one!"

As soon as the two walked to the door of the CEO's office, they heard Vanessa ridiculing some woman
in an arrogant tone. Seeing that Mr. Edward stopped, Lucas couldn't help but stop. When he glanced at
his boss, he saw that his face was gloomy and his eyes were so cold that make people trembling.

"Let me be honest with you. Edward had already fed up with your face! Does the hyaluronic acid face
better than mine?" Maggi was not easy to deal with.

"You! ——"After a short pause, Vanessa asked in a calm voice, "don't forget who made you today?"

In the past few years, they had never seen Secretary Xu again, and Mr. Edward didn't mention
anything about her. And after that, there were also five women who have ambiguous relationship with

Mr. Edward. It was really curious people that what had happened to Mr. Edward and Mrs. Edward three
years ago!

"Lucas, what's wrong with the receptionist of the company recently?"

Edward gave him a murderous look, which frightened Lucas. He explained in a hurry, "I receive Miss
Vanessa myself, but the other one... I really don't know what's going on!"

As she spoke, Yvonne rushed over and reported, "Mr. Edward, a lady who called herself Maggi just
now said she was looking for you!"

"Assistant Yvonne, how can you let her in?" Although Lucas was anxious, he knew that Yvonne was
very careful usually and would not let anyone in casually.

"She said she is Mr. Edward's girlfriend! And there were pictures. I wanted to ask her to wait in the tea
room, but it was Miss Vanessa took her to the CEO's office!"

Well, that's Miss Vanessa's problem, not her fault!

"Mr. Edward... Look..."

Edward didn't respond the two and pushed the door open directly. The two people inside stood up
when they saw him. The two of them looked at each other, afraid that he would hear what they had just

However, Vanessa was not afraid of Edward. She walked up to him and said, "Edward, you look tired
these days. I made some soup for you. Let me lad it for you."

Then she walked to the tea table and was about to take out the soup.

"No, thanks! I'm very busy. You can go out now!" He sat at his desk and drove the guest away coldly
without raising his head.

Vanessa's hand froze in embarrassment. Seeing this, Maggi couldn't help but feel happy secretly. She
took out a watch from her bag and handed it to him. "Edward, I found this watch under the bedside
table today when I was cleaning. I thought it must be you who left it there the night before yesterday, so
I sent it here to ask."

He looked up and found it was really his watch. When he was about to go home that night, he found
that his watch was missing. He looked for it for a long time, but still couldn't find it. Thinking that Daria
was waiting for him to go back and tell stories, he left in a hurry.

"Put it down. You can leave now." It seemed that he didn't want to look at her for one more second.

She had planned to ask if he would go to her place tonight, but she didn't dare to make a sound when
she felt his disgusted tone. Hearing this, Vanessa couldn't help but snort. Then she picked up the lunch
box and left. When she passed by Maggi, she sneered at her.

Vanessa and Maggi entered the elevator one after another. Vanessa gave an arrogant glance at Maggi,
but the latter was not convinced. Then she sneered, "Mr. Edward has driven you out too, right? Why
are you so proud?"

"How stupid you are!" She said angrily. But on second thought, she chose her at that time was just
because she was stupid enough to pose her no threat? So she looked at her for a while and said in a
calm tone, "don't you feel something? When he looked at you, did he seem like looking at someone

Maggi was the Mu Shadow's new hostess. Vanessa had planned all this at the first sight of her. As
expected, after seeing her, Edward really followed her home.

It had to start tell from last month. According to Vanessa's arrangement, Maggi spilled the wine on
Edward by accident. He didn't take his eyes off her for the rest of late midnight. He followed her
secretly until three o'clock in the morning.

"Can I talk to you?"

In the corridor, she was opening the door with the key, and he suddenly asked behind her. Seeing that
he was hooked, of course, she was willing to let him in. In fact, Edward had been to her house four
times, but each time he just chatted with her. Such as which university she studied and what major did
she study. On the third day, he stared at her for a long time, but finally stood up and said that he
wanted to go back. She carefully walked him to the door. Suddenly, he reached out his hand and
covered her eyes with it. She was frightened and wanted to take a step back. He grabbed her arm and
said, "don't move..."

She felt that he was getting closer and closer, but in the end, he suddenly laughed and let go of her. On
the fourth day, when she was "drunk", he sent her home. Because his sleeve was stained by her, he
took off his watch and washed it. Just then, he received a phone call. When he came back, he couldn't
find the watch. He took a look at the woman who seemed to be asleep and left.

She thought he had taken a fancy to her when he asked her about her family, why she didn't go to
college, and whether she had thought of leaving the Mu shadow for further study...

Hearing this, all kinds of scenes flashed through her mind and she suddenly understood!

Seeing her pale face and the confidence was gradually diminished in her eyes, she suddenly felt a little
flustered. "I... I..."

"You can get some benefits from him, don't be too ambitious. It's possible!" The elevator opened.
Seeing her go out, Maggi followed her in a hurry.

"Vanessa, it's my fault. Please forgive me this time... "She begged. The arrogant and rude just now had
already gone away.

"Alas..." Vanessa sighed and continued, "just now... Hmm... Come to my room tonight. Let's discuss it

On the twenty-seventh floor of the DC Capital Group building, Edward dialed a number in the CEO's
office. After the phone was answered, he asked, "how's the matter with the photos going?"

"I've found out the source file. I'm about to call Mr. Edward! "

With his eyes darkened, Edward asked, "who gave it to her?"

"If I'm not guessing wrong, it's Chuck!"

It was him! ! !

"Shatter them all!" When he gave the order, he was so angry that he gritted his teeth hard!

"Yes! But, Mr. Edward, I can only delete three copies of the disk. The copy on Vanessa's computer, the
copy on her hard disk and the copy from Chuck. I can't do anything about it if they copy it."

"Okay! I know."

"Okay, I'll delete it right away!"

After hanging up the phone, his phone rang before he could feel relived after get rid of the
unwillingness of the past three years. It was Aaron who came back from abroad. He said he wanted to
have lunch with him and asked if he had time to pick him up at the airport. He looked at his watch and it
was time for lunch in half an hour, so he agreed.

In the airport, the plane gradually landed.

A woman in a silk dress trotted like a headless fly. She looked a little flustered. Another woman ran
over and asked, "Angela, have you found Allen?"

"No..." With tears in her eyes, Angela said in a panic, "I lost him as soon as I got off the plane!"

"Don't worry. I'll ask the staff if they can help us. Then I'll look for him with you!"

"No! You take good care of Clark. Don't lose another one!"

"It's okay! I'll let Nancy watch him!"