Keep you in my arms

Chapter 223 That Man

He thought of Daria's cute look and suddenly smiled at the child. Then he touched his head and said,
"if you feel pain, you must tell me."

His cold eyes were filled with spring breeze. Seeing his smile, Clark smiled, though he was sobbing.
Seeing that he had given her the business card and apologized sincerely, Nancy didn't say anything

Seeing that the child was fine, Edward wanted to find Aaron, so he left.

Angela found Eden and came back with Lesley together. Nancy told the two of them what had
happened just now. Lesley nervously held Clark in her arms and felt relieved after making sure that he
was fine. Angela, who was standing aside, also put the baby down and said with concern, "Clark, If you
feel any pain, you have to tell me!"

"Yes! That uncle had told me!" "I see." He answered in a sweet voice and began to tear the business
card in his hand.

"Uncle?" Lesley was confused. Where did this uncle come from?

"The man Clark bumped into just now." "He said that if there is anything wrong with him, we could
contact him."

"Did he leave his phone number?" Angela asked.

"A small card..." Only then did she find that the card was slowly torn into several pieces. "Alas! Clark!"

After tearing it up, he threw it into the air. After that, he didn't forget to giggle.

"Clark Zhang!" Lesley was really pissed off by her son. "How many times that I've told you don't throw
away garbage!"

"It's an airplane!" Hearing Clark's words, Angela burst into laughter. "Our son is so imaginative. He
might be an inventor in the future!"

Lesley had a headache, but she didn't want to teach him a lesson in public, so she said with a dark
face, "go get it back!"

"No!" Clark didn't like his mother to talk to him in this way. He not only refused, but also wanted to run
away. Lesley steadied him and glared at him. When Clark was about to lose his temper and cry, Angela
suddenly turned to Eden and asked, "do you want to play with brother's plane? Clark doesn't want it
anymore. You can go and pick it up."

Eden nodded his head, indicating that he wanted to play. As soon as he saw Eden say yes, Clark
became nervous and struggled to pick up the "plane". "Plane... That's mine..."

Lesley knew exactly what Angela was thinking, so she let go of him and said, "slow down! Eden doesn't
want your plane!"

Clark picked up the pieces of paper and held them tightly in his arms. Both of them wanted to see the
owner of the business card, but Clark didn't let it go for fear that the "plane" would be taken away. At
this time, Angela received a call from her brother, Barry. He said that he had arrived at the airport and
asked where they were.

"We are going out now. You can wait for us there!" After her brother agreed, she hung up the phone
and said to Lesley, "Barry had arrived. Let's go out!"

Clark was crying again. Lesley had no choice but to give up. "Forget it. I'll keep an eye on him and
don't let him lose the business card!"

After saying that, she looked at Eden again, only to find that he was looking at Clark of tears with an
indifferent face that didn't look like a child. She thought to herself, 'Clark is one year older than Eden.

Why does he look so intelligent? And look at my son...' She shook her head, thinking that it must be
because of her drunkenness that affected her child's intelligence.

Thinking of this, she felt a little guilty. It was because she had drunk that her child's IQ was affected.
She was really sorry for the child!

"Let's go!" Angela held Eden with one hand and pulled her luggage with the other.

"Clark! Let's go! If you cry, I won't take you with me!" Lesley said to her son.

Clark snorted coldly and said, "I'll walk by myself!"

Lesley was speechless: "......"

Outside the airport, Angela was looking for where Barry was.

"Sister! I am here!"

Barry shouted excitedly and waved at them.

In the past three years, she always wanted to go home. But she was afraid to come back. Back then,
she left without leaving a word for Edward except for a divorce agreement. She was afraid that Edward
would do something bad to the Xu Family, and also afraid that he would find her and question her, what
she afraid more was he would imprison her in the Yan Family again.

Over the years, except her brother, she had lied to other people that she had gone to the H City for
study. Although she would contact her family every month, her eyes were still wet when she saw her

When Barry saw his nephew, he was about to hug him. Eden turned his head to show his unwillingness
and only held his mother's neck.

"I'm your uncle! Eden, have you forgotten?" Barry often video chatted with him, so he smiled.

"Eden, this is my uncle! Yes? You can only recognize your uncle in the iPad?" Angela said with a smile.

"Do you have candies? If there are candies, Eden can recognize you." Clark's words could always
everyone and made them laugh again. Barry said, "yes, there are many candies in uncle's house!
There are also biscuits, teddy bear biscuits!"

He knew that Clark liked teddy bear biscuits very much. As soon as Clark heard that there were
biscuits, his eyes lit up. Then he reached out to hug him, and called in his sweet tone, "uncle."

"Ha-ha..." Angela smiled, "Clark is born to be a foodie. Every time he cries, as long as we put the
feeding bottle into his mouth, he will be quiet!"

"Alas..." Lesley said, "I even doubt if he is my biological son. I don't know if I held him wrong in the

Everyone laughed.

"Let's go back first!" "Dad and mom are so happy to hear that you are back! Barry said. Mom had
cooked a table of dishes, all of which are your favorite. I'm so jealous!"

"You ate so many dishes cooked by mother at home. Are you jealous of me?"

"Well... Absence makes the heart grow fonder. She was so nagging at home every day!"

The parents of the Xu Family were very happy to see their daughter and grandson back. After dinner,
they gathered happily all night. After lulling the two children to sleep, Angela and Lesley looked at the
children in bed, lost in thought. Suddenly, Lesley said, "Angela, do you think it's because I'm drunk and
disorderly that I'm pregnant with Clark, so his IQ has been affected?"

Lesley didn't know who was the father of the baby. She only knew that she was drunk and didn't know
whether she had sex with other people or other people forced her to have sex with him. Later, she
found that she was pregnant. Although she had given birth to the baby, she had been holding it in her
mind all the time. She was afraid that it was because she had drunk that her son was not as smart as

"Although drinking will affect children's IQ, that's just a probability problem. It's not necessarily what will
happen. What's wrong with Clark? He was so cleverness. Besides, we have taken Clark to a body
check. The doctor also said that everything is fine! "

"But why do I feel that he is as stupid as a fool in front of Eden?"

Retarded... How could anyone say that about her son?

"Eden is an introverted child, and Clark is lively. How can you compared them in this way? To be
honest, I really hope that Eden can be as lovely as Clark!"

"They grew up together. Why are they so different in character?"


"We're both not introverted person! Both of us have high IQ!"

"But their genes are not only affected by us!" As soon as she finished her words, Angela's eyes
darkened, and Lesley also found that she had mentioned something that she shouldn't have

In fact, Eden not only resembled Edward's character, but also his expression. Lesley had seen more
than once that Eden was in sound sleep, while Angela was staring at his face with tears gushing out in

"Aha! The child is finally asleep. I'll go and see who gave the business card he tore up today!" As
Lesley said, she rummaged through his bag.