Keep you in my arms

Chapter 224 Edward Doesn't Want To Touch You

Angela knew that she was just trying to avoid this embarrassing topic, so she walked over too. Lesley
took out several pieces, but they were not complete. She didn't see any important information. She only
saw the CEO and the top three telephone numbers.

"Did he choose the information to tear? Where are the other fragments?" She checked his backpack
again, but couldn't find any other pieces.

"It's okay. I didn't find any injuries when I took Clark a bath just now." Angela comforted her.

"Yes, you are right! The child is jumping up and down all day long and loves crying. If there is really any
pain, he might cry more fiercely than the Yellow River."

Hearing her words, Angela couldn't help but chuckle.

On the fourth floor of the Mu Shadow, a tall man was standing at the door. His eyes were cold and his
eyebrows were furrowed tightly. After hesitating for a while, he knocked on the door. After a while, a
woman's voice came from inside, "who is it?"

"It's me." His voice was low, as if it had happened a lot.

"Oh! Don't you have the key?"

He put his hand into his pocket, but didn't take out the key. "Yes!"

"Damn it! Why don't you bring the key?" Vanessa opened the door and complained coquettishly.

Chuck walked sideways to avoid her and walked in, as if he was avoiding trash. Vanessa noticed his
disgust. She closed the door and followed him in. She sat down with her legs crossed. Her strong self-
esteem made her pretend to be arrogant. "What? Are you not interested in me since she came back?"

"I've never been interested in you." He said coldly and lit another cigarette for himself.

Vanessa's face darkened. She didn't pretend to be coquettish anymore and asked, "what are you doing

He put out the cigarette, threw it into the ashtray, blew out the smoke, stood up and walked towards

He never had any other expression on his face, even if the two were in bed. However, he wouldn't have
been so close to her if it hadn't been for that!

In this way, she did not forget to raise her head with a charming smile.

The money she spent on her face had never made her heart ache. She kept her figure so that no one
could tell that she had given birth to a baby and she was nearly forty years old. But he had never been
interested in it. He had done that with her just to better control her. But he didn't expect... How dare she
lie to him that she was a stone girl and set Angela up!

Vanessa's smile froze as she sensed the gloom in his eyes. Suddenly, he stretched out his hand and
directly strangled her neck.

Suddenly, she was deprived of air. She struggled with her hands, and her face gradually turned blue.

"C... let..."

Vanessa's begging and struggling were all stopped by him. Although her vision gradually blurred, she
could still see the resentment in his eyes and his tight lips.

"Gigi..." When she called out her daughter's name on the edge of life and death, he loosened his hand
at that moment.

"Cough, cough, cough..." She fell to the ground and took a deep breath. Afraid that he would pinch her
again, she rolled away from him.

"I've told you that it's Edward who has a grudge against you. Why did you hurt her?"

It was like the sound from the hell, which made her tremble with fear. She was weak all over. She still
sat on the ground and even supported herself on the floor. She felt that no matter how hard she
breathed, she felt that the air in her lungs was not enough.

Her neck was painful...

"I never hit women. You are the first one!" His eyes were full of bloodshot and his fists were trembling. If
she wasn't Gigi's mother, he would have... He would've really kill her!

Vanessa's strength was taken away, but she stubbornly stood up against the wall to steady herself.
Then she looked up at his murderous eyes and threatened, "don't forget that I'm Gigi's mother!"

At the mention of Gigi Zhong, Chuck raised his head and burst into laughter. "Ha-ha..."

He didn't expect that he would be cheated by a woman after so many years of hard work!

Vanessa touched her neck, her heart could not help trembling.

If it weren't for Gigi, she would have died!

"I underestimated you, Vanessa!" Chuck's eyes narrowed, showing his anger that he wanted to tear her
into pieces.

"Chuck, what do you mean?" She pretended to be innocent.

Normally, women would tremble with fear when they saw him like this, but she could still be so calm.
Chuck knew that his guess was right. But he still needed to get something from her again.

"What do I mean?" After a pause, he continued, Edward was reluctant to touch you. "You drugged him
and set him up, but you could only lie to him once! You cheated me by giving birth to Gigi. Why do you
ask me?"

She was stunned, and then touched her neck with an enchanting smile. "I don't agree with you! We
agreed to cooperate with each other and destroy the Yan Family. Why did it become I use you?"

"As I said, you hate the Yan Family and want to deal with Edward. How dare you let Justin hurt her!" At
the mention of this, he couldn't hold back his anger.

"But she is pregnant with the offspring of the Yan Family!" She retorted angrily.

"So what? !" She didn't regret it at all. Instead, she thought she should kill the baby in her belly. He
couldn't help but pinch her neck again. "Vanessa! Do you think that I will show mercy to you after you
give birth to Gigi! If you hadn't lied to me that she was the child of Edward, do you think I would have let
her born alive?"

Vanessa's feet were off the ground. She tried hard to grab his hand, although it's extremely difficult to
make a sound, but she still said, "you... like.... like... her..."

The mockery in her eyes irritated him, and he couldn't help but pinch harder!

If this woman was destined to die here today, he would leave here. However, his hatred of the Yan

All of a sudden, he loosened his grip and sneered, "don't you also have a crush on Edward?"

She almost death strangled by him two times, her whole body was trembling, but she didn't want to
show weakness. She raised her head and said, "I'm not as the same as you!"

"If you don't like him, why did you hurt Angela? You are jealous."

Her heart was stabbed hard, and then she lowered her head and laughed. "Ha-ha..." With a smile, she
raised her head and said, "Ha-ha... I like him? Why should I like him? If it wasn't for him and his damn
father, how could I live like this? I wish! I wish I could cut him into pieces, and cut everyone in the Yan
Family into pieces!"

As if she had lost her mind, her nails sank into the palm of her hand, spilling out bright red blood, and
her teeth chattered. "I will let them suffer ten times what they let the Zhong Family suffered! I'll pay
them back a hundred times!"

The hatred in her eyes was not strange to Chuck at all. All of a sudden, he couldn't help but take one
more look at her, with a flash of light in his eyes, this woman and Jonson...