Keep you in my arms

Chapter 225 The Baby Is Not His

However, no matter what kind of hatred there was between them, Angela was innocent. If she dared to
hurt Angela again, even Gigi couldn't save her!

"If it wasn't me, would Angela leave Edward?"

"Huh! If it weren't for those photos, would Edward be at your disposal?" He sneered, "just now,
someone hacked into my computer. The photo..."

Vanessa's heart was hanging in the air when she heard this. Then she crawled to the desk and turned
on her laptop. She clicked it and found that the photo was indeed gone.

What's going on? Her pictures! Without these photos, how could she threaten Edward?

Backup! She still had it in her U disk!

Seeing that she found the U disk in a hurry, her hand kept trembling. It took her a long time to insert it.
When she opened the folder, her computer was out of control at the moment.

"What's wrong with my computer?" She pressed the mouse hard and typed the keyboard a few more
times. The screen of the computer turned into black and white codes, and a series of codes were
moving. Before she could see clearly what the English letters in the codes meant, the computer
returned to its original state.

She nervously checked the folder and found that it was empty! Those photos were all gone!

"How can Edward be at your disposal?" If he didn't love Angela too much and was afraid that she
would be hurt, how could he have been dormant for so long?

"It's gone..." Her body was covered with cold sweat, and her strength was also taken away. Her face
was as pale as paper and she fell heavily to the ground.

Back then, in order to revenge on Edward, he gave these photos to her. All these years, he had never
spent a night without regret. If it wasn't for him, Angela wouldn't have... But now she didn't have those
photos, so she couldn't hurt Angela anymore.

Since he had achieved his goal, he had no reason to stay any longer. He gave her a cold look and then

The heavy slam of the door made her tremble on the ground. After a while, her casual eyes were filled
with strong hatred.

"Why? Why did the people of the Yan Family lead such a happy life while Vanessa had to suffer so
much! Since God is unfair, I can only fight for justice by myself!" She was so angry that she gritted her
teeth and said word by word. Then she calmed down a little.

Suddenly, something occurred to her. She stood up in a hurry, stumbled to the cabinet, and took out a
kraft paper file bag. She opened it and took out all the photos in it!

Fortunately... She had developed a set of photos!

She sneered and looked out of the window. Her eyes became distant. Not knowing how long it passed,
all kinds of painful scenes flashed through her mind, and finally all the viciousness was undisguised on
her face.

The sky in July was as clear as water. On the twenty-seventh floor of the DC Building, the CEO Office
was filled with a strong smell of coffee. With a cup of coffee in one hand and a phone in the other, he
asked in disbelief, "you mean, Gigi is not my child?"

"Yes, the test report shows that you and she are relationship of uncle and nephew." "What did you say?
Edward's hand could not help trembling. Uncle and nephew?"

"Yes! In other words, one of Gigi's parents is Mr. Edward's brother or sister."

In the past three years, Vanessa had often threatened him with the child. Now, he had deleted all the
photos in her hands and was no longer restricted by her. Back then, he had a paternity test and found
that Gigi was his child. Although he didn't want to admit it, he couldn't bear to let his child follow such a
mother. He wanted to take the custody of the child, so he did the paternity test again. He didn't expect
that the child was not his...

For the past three years, the huge stone had been weighing on his heart. Suddenly, he felt
incomparably relaxed.