Keep you in my arms

Chapter 226 Go To The Yan Family

But... How could he and Maggi be uncle and niece?

At the door of the Xu Family, Angela was a little worried. "My house is not small, and there are spare
rooms. You'd better live here with Clark!"

Lesley didn't feel ease to live in Angela's home. She smiled and said, "don't worry. The food cooked by
aunt is so delicious. I will definitely bring Clark here from time to time!"

"Without Nancy's help, how can you take care of him alone when the new semester begins?"

In the past, it was Nancy who took care of Clark and Eden. When she came back to the Xu Family, her
mother would help her take care of Eden. But how could Lesley take care of Clark alone?

"I've asked. The teacher's apartment is not far from a kindergarten. Fortunately, we are college
teachers and have spare time during summer and winter vacations. We don't have to arrange so many
courses every day. I plan to send him to kindergarten. Or I can check if there is any after-school
supervision." Lesley said in an optimistic tone.

"If you really can't handle, you can send the child to me. Clark is so adorable that he can keep Eden
accompany." Darcy had also taken care of her children before. Back then, she was still a full-time
housewife, and she felt very tired. It was difficult for the two to take care of their children while working
these years!

"Okay! Thank you so much!" Lesley said with a smile, "the car is coming. We're leaving now. Clark, say
goodbye to grandma and godmother."


Clark waved his small hand, and Angela also taught Eden to wave his hand.

After sending Lesley away, Darcy asked, "when are you going back to the Yan Family?"

She asked Eden to play with toys in the hall and said, "Mom, can you go shopping with me?"

Her Daria must be three years old now! She heard from her sister that the Yan Family had sent her to
the early education class. Over the years, she had asked her elder sister to bring her many gifts, but
they were not sent by herself.

Thinking that her elderly sister would often go to see Daria and know more about the children, so she
invited her to pick the gifts for Daria together.

In the shopping mall, Angela picked several dresses and said, "Daria seems so thin in the photo you
showed me last time. This size should be okay!"

"As long as the tag is not removed, you can change the size if it is not appropriate."

Seeing that she had picked six clothes, Darcy quickly said, "Daria has enough clothes, and the child is
growing fast. Don't buy too many one time!"

"Then I'll buy some story books! Didn't her sister say that she would listen to stories every night? Oh!
By the way, there are also a milk bottle and a doll. I saw the photo that my sister sent me last time.
There are a lot of kangaroos. Daria likes kangaroos. Let's go there and have a look! "

As she spoke, she had already walked a few steps towards the toy city.

"Hey! You... You haven't paid yet!" Darcy also felt happy to see her excited, but she was too anxious.
These clothes hadn't been paid yet!

"I'll pay for her first." Said Shawn.

After returning home, Angela had changed more than six sets of clothes, and she always felt
dissatisfied. Finally, she wore a red silk dress and asked, "Mom, do you think Daria will like me wearing
this one?"

They had been apart for three years. This was the first time she went back to see her child. She hoped
to leave a good impression to Daria.

"So it's for Daria? I thought you did it for Edward." The woman said with a smile and couldn't help but
pay attention to her eyes.

Angela's eyes suddenly dimmed, and then she forced a smile and said nothing.

"I think this one is good."

They followed the voice and found that Angela's father was already standing at the door. Seeing that
everyone had seen him, he walked in, and his feet were still limping.

Angela's heart was cut by a knife. If... If it weren't for the fact that Edward had asked someone to burn
the kilns factory, her father's feet wouldn't have been smashed and he wouldn't have been disabled.

"Then this one!" Angela said while rolling up her hair. The loose hair and the red dress made her
looked very elegant.

"Angela, I have something to talk with you." As Walter said, his mother and sister went out.

"What?" Seeing that her father was serious, Angela suddenly became nervous.

His father never beat around the bush. He said, "I know you have already known the reason for the
accident of the kilns, and I also hate Moo moo. But I also knows that although WC Company doesn't
accept the guests he introduced anymore, he still secretly helps the Xu Family. After you left, he

thought you went back to our house and stood downstairs for three days. Your elderly sister couldn't
bear it, and tell him that you had left the S City. Later..."

"Dad, I know." Angela of course knew what her father meant. In the past few days, her mother had
mentioned these things intentionally or unintentionally, saying that people would make mistakes, and
that the two children were so young, and it was so sad to be separated from their parents.

She had thought about her child all the time, and nobody knows how she had suffered in the past three
years, but she couldn't overcome the barrier in her heart. If she told her parents what she thought
frankly, her parents would be very worried and keep persuading her to forgive Edward. It was better not
to respond so sharply.

"I will think about it. I just came back. I don't want to think too much for the time being."

Hearing his daughter's words, Walter didn't say anything more. He just said, "well, since you
understand, I won't say anything more."

Seeing her father limping out, Angela's eyes were blurred.

She specially chose the afternoon of the working day to avoid meet Edward. She sat in front of the
dressing table in shock for a while before she put on a light makeup and went out.

As soon as she went out, her mother bought two bottles of plum wine and chattered, "Moo moo said
the plum wine was delicious. Take these two bottles with you."

Angela didn't understand how her parents could do this? He was the chief culprit of the Xu Family!
Besides, Edward never drank!

"How could he like it? Why waste it?"

"Why are you so mean? He'd taken care of your daughter for so many years, but you are reluctant to
give him two bottles of wine?"

"She is also his daughter!" Moreover, she took care of Eden alone!

Eden was playing with toys on the ground. Seeing his mother leaving, he suddenly threw his toy in his
hand on the ground and cried. Angela didn't notice the strange expressions on other people's faces
when Eden was crying.

Angela was afraid that her mother would argue with her, so she quickly took the plum wine and said to
her sister, "let's go! If we don't leave now, Eden will hold me in your arms and won't let me go!"

Before Eden ran over, they had already gone out and closed the door.

Outside the door, the two heard the sad cry of Eden. Shawn smiled and said, "you are so cruel. He is
your own son!"

"Exactly! Look, I even left my own daughter at other people's house. I haven't seen her once in three
years!" Although she said so, there was a trace of tears in the corner of her eyes.

Shawn continued, "although Edward looks cold, he is not as cruel as you! People said that only
ruthless people can achieve great success. Now I believe it! "

"Are you blaming me for being irresponsible?" Although she said so, she was not angry at all.

"I admire you!" Angela's elderly sister smiled and continued, "have you ever thought that everything is
not like what you think?"

"Here we are!" Angela said when the elevator arrived at the basement.