Keep you in my arms

Chapter 228 Cruelty, Huh

She didn't take advantage of others, nor did she suffer losses. Even if she was afraid, she had to be as
imposing as others. Angela didn't changed a little.

He stared at her for dozens of seconds, tore the divorce agreement with her name and threw it into the
trash can. "Think twice before signing this agreement. Then we can go through the formalities

Seeing that he tore the original agreement and pushed it in front of her the new agreement that he
wrote, Angela was not convinced, but she could only pick up the new agreement and have a look. The
contents in it had changed a lot. In terms of property, he generously gave her a shop and a house, but
asked her to give up the visitation right.

"You have given birth to a Dari for the Yan Family, and the Yan Family will not treat you bad." He stood
in front of her and said indifferently.

Angela looked up at him, picked up the agreement and stood up. She slowly tore the agreement into
three pieces and said, "Edward, I divorced you without asking for a penny! Yes! I admit that it was too
much for me to leave without a word at that time. But if you hadn't deceived me many times, I wouldn't
have done that. I gave you the custody of Daria, but you didn't even give me the visitation right. Wasn't
you gone too much?"

Seeing her eyes widened as big as bells, he sneered, "endure pain? !"

She might take Daria as a drag on her?

Seeing that he mocked her, Angela felt depressed, but she didn't defend herself. She stood up and
picked up her bag. "Apart from killing so many lives in the kilns factory, you are the one who has an
affair! If you insist on forcing me, don't blame me for suing you in the court. At that time, it's not as
simple as only visiting Daria. What I want is her custody!"

Her threat made him smile, "huh! Custody?"

Angela didn't want to argue with him anymore. Before she opened the door and left, she paused and
said, "after all, we used to be a couple. I can give up the child to you. I just hope that you won't be too
cruel to me..."

She lowered her head and said in such a desperate and desolate tone. All of a sudden, his heart was
pulled into a ball. But the moment she left and closed the door, the sound of the door closing brought
him back to his senses. He lowered his eyebrows and sneered, "cruel... Huh..."

Who on earth was more cruel?

His calm and indifferent eyes were covered with a layer of mist. If Aaron saw it, he would be shocked.
Even he didn't expect that he would still have tears today.

When Angela walked down the hall, Anna held Selina's hand and said something kindly. The latter's
face was red and her eyes were full of shyness.

When they saw her coming down, the two of them stopped talking and looked over. Anna was originally
in a happy mood, but when she saw her, she pulled a long face and said to Kay, "Kay, don't let
everyone enter the home in the future!"

Kay cast a pitiful glance at Angela and lowered her head, "I'm sorry. I should have made it clear first!"


Angela was about to say something, but Anna shouted angrily, "don't call me mom! You weren't my
daughter-in-law when you left Daria behind three years ago!"

At that time, Anna didn't know what Edward had done to the Xu Family, but she knew what happened
to Vanessa! Anna just wanted her could compromise like what she did in these years and defend the
so-called dignity as a dissatisfied housewife.

At that moment, anger filled her chest, and she also felt guilty. She looked up into Anna's eyes and said
seriously, "Mom, I have no right to call you like this in the future. Three years ago, I signed the divorce
agreement, but Edward didn't want to sign it. I have decided to divorce with Edward, but we haven't
reached a consensus on the agreement yet. Daria my child. I hope Auntie Anna can understand me!"

"Who said Daria..."

Although Anna had a good temper, she felt heartbroken at the thought of her reckless son almost death
three years ago. But before she could finish her words, Edward, who was standing upstairs, interrupted
them, "Kay, see the guests out."