Keep you in my arms

Chapter 229 Let's Have A Talk... About The Marriage.

She just came to see her child. How could they not tolerate her like this? The Yan Family didn't respect
her as Kay did. She raised her chin, trying not to give in and said, "Kay, don't bother. I know the way!"

After saying that, she left without looking back.

Everyone in the room was still immersed in the memory of three years ago. After a long time, Kay
asked, "the sweet water is ready. Should I bring it out?"

"Moo moo, it's hot today. Come down and have some." Anna said to her son, and everyone looked at
him. It seemed that he didn't hear her. After thinking for a while, he turned around and walked into the

Outside the villa, Angela was so angry that she gradually slowed down her steps, squatted down, held
her knees and cried.

Her Daria was a piece of meat that had been tortured her for nine months! Even if she hated her for not
taking care of her, she didn't even know who her mother was! They didn't want to recognize her, but
Daria couldn't even recognize her! Edward was too cruel! He was too cruel!

But I think Auntie Selina is a good girl. When can Auntie Selina be my mother? ——

Daria, don't talk nonsense! ——

I'm not talking nonsense. It's dad who said that! ——

"How can you do this, Edward?" Tears welled up in her eyes.

In the past three years, she had thought of everything between them every day. She had been worried
and scared every day. She was afraid that Edward would come to her angrily and threaten her with the
Xu Family and Daria. But gradually, she found that not only Edward, but also no one from the Yan

Family came to find her. She would feel guilty and sad. She lived in torment every day, even if she
knew that it was she who wouldn't let her go.

She thought it would be better after she had Eden, but he couldn't replace Daria. Eden gradually grew
up. His face, which looked like Edward's, recalled her bad memories again and again.

She couldn't help but come back in the end. Although she hated Edward, she couldn't help imagining
the scene of their reunion again and again in her mind.

Would he roar at her? Would he be sad? Would he blame her? Would he glare at her... But he didn't!
There was no love, no anger, no resentment, no scolding... There was only endless indifference and

This kind of indifference and alienation made her heart empty, but she also seemed to be pressed by a
stone and unable to breathe. She could not think of any other words except feeling uncomfortable.

After crying for a long time, she finally calmed down from the sadness. She stood up and stunned for a
while, like a puppet without a thread, she walked forward absent-minded.

The LH Garden was located in the suburb. Although it was not remote and empty, it was not as bustling
as the city. She walked forward aimlessly and turned left unconsciously.

In the lane, a car slowly came over and approached her.

In the car, Harriet felt a little strange when he saw her absent-minded eyes. He rolled down the window
and called her, "Angela? !"

The person on the sidewalk was still wandering forward absent-minded and expressionless. Harriet
called her several times, but she still didn't respond.

Angela was always smart. He had never seen her so upset before!

Harriet was so worried that he called her several times regardless of the honk of the car behind him.
Seeing that she was walking away without answering the phone, he began to be a little anxious.

He quickly put down his phone, turned around to follow her and parked the car aside. He caught up
with her and saw her walking mechanically to the zebra crossing. Perhaps there were few people in
this section of road. The car at the corner didn't realize that someone suddenly walked off the road.
With the harsh sound of brake, she was pulled back to the sidewalk by a force.

"Are you okay?" Looking at her panic face, Harriet asked her with lingering fear.

"Harriet?" She was in a trance.

"Why are you here alone?" His heart was stabbed when he saw her red and swollen eyes.

Angela was like a hedgehog. She always hurt others, and no one could hurt her. This was Harriet's
definition of her before. But three years ago, she disappeared from the S City without a word. He
searched all the way and found that he was wrong.

It turned out that no matter how smart and strong she was, she would still be sad and fragile. He didn't
know if she had been so sad and collapsed when he had left that year, but he knew that only Edward
could make her lose her soul now.

She didn't want others to see her fragility, so she lowered her head to avoid his eyes and smiled, "I, I
just passed by here, so I went to see Daria."

"Have you made an appointment with the Yan Family?"

The people of the Yan Family should hate her very much now. If she went there rashly, they would not
be kind to her.

She shook her head and said, "No. I just passed by and didn't want to make an appointment."

The Yan Family... They must have bullied her. Otherwise, how could she cry like this?

Harriet felt sorry for her, but he couldn't help her. He suddenly pulled her into his arms and held her
tightly. Angela was shocked by the sudden hug and didn't know what to do.

"The people of the Yan Family are not good! What is it to bully a woman like you? !"

Although Harriet was softhearted, he was a kind person. In the past three years, he had helped her and
Lesley a lot. Especially in the first year, she and Lesley rented a relatively cheap peasant house in
order to save some money. As a result, the man lived next door, who often had nothing to do and liked
drinking. Seeing that there were only women and two children in their family, he often wanted to harass
her and Lesley.

Harriet often went to their house after he knew it. Although they refused to let men in at the beginning,
they let him in as they thought of the man next door who had a bad intention. Although he was a soft
hearted man, he was a man after all. The renter live next to them was afraid of him. They didn't move
out until half a year later...

They were from the same hometown and also high school classmates. In the past three years, he had
become familiar with them again.

"Harriet, they didn't bully me. I just..." She just felt sad when she found that they didn't care about her
but she still cared about them.

But he didn't believe her. He held her head in his arms and said, "don't be stubborn! If they hadn't
bullied you, wouldn't you have fought back?"

Harriet's heart ached, and his anger was also real. It felt good to be cared for when she was sad! She
felt warm in her heart and raised the corners of her mouth slightly. "Even if they bully me together, I can

fight back, right? !"

"Alas..." Harriet let go of her, "aren't you going to give me a chance to show my ability?"

Harriet chased after her from S City to H City and didn't give up after three years. Even Lesley said she
admired him! Angela knew what he was thinking, but she had already had no feelings for him. At that
time, when Edward liked her, she pretended to be heartless. But now, she felt that she couldn't let him
go, but he fell in love with someone else...

"Harriet, this is not your style! Is it taught by Lesley?"

Harriet was a gentle and soft man. When a woman cried, he would be softhearted. He always hide
everything in his heart, but didn't know how to flatter. He was so good that people would easily forget
his good.

"Alas..." He sighed again.

"All right! Go home! Did you drive here? Drive me home!" She forced a smile and pulled his sleeve to
remind him.


The two of them walked to the parking car one after the other. Angela got on the passenger seat and
they drove away quickly. In a car on the side of the road, the man's hand held the steering wheel tightly.
He gritted his teeth, but finally he couldn't help but concentrate his anger on the palm of his hand, and
then slapped the steering wheel hard.

Edward took a deep breath to ease his anger, but he found that the fire in his chest was not
extinguished. He picked up the phone next to him, hesitated for a while, and then dialed.

"Hello? The woman replied cautiously.

"Let's talk... About the marriage."