Keep you in my arms

Chapter 231 Can I Go To Your Home Now

You can't have a baby... He was depriving her of the right to be a mother. She wanted so desperately to
have a child of their own, but he actually said that he wouldn't let her give birth to his child.

Feeling that her hand was gradually loosened, he said, "I can't give in to that."

Selina let go of his waist, tears streaming down her face.

"Let me drive you home." As he spoke, he picked up a napkin on the table and handed it to her.

When he said he was going to marry her, she couldn't believe it, but it seemed that she had got the
whole world. But after hearing what he said, she knew that he just needed her to pretend to be a
member of the Yan Family.

At this time, the door was knocked. Edward signaled her to take the napkin, the latter didn't want to be
seen in a mess. She took the tissue and wiped her tears.

"Come in." the door was opened. A waiter pushed a cart in, followed by Bruce. As soon as he saw
Selina, his excited face suddenly turned cold. He couldn't help frowning, "Moo moo, this is..."

Edward introduced, "this is Selina, my friend. This is Bruce, the boss and chief of the Old Story."

"I heard that you brought a lady here for dinner. I thought Angela had come back. She said she wanted
to teach me how to make soup, but she didn't teach me until now. What I learned on the Internet is not
as delicious as what Angela cooked. I specially made goose liver to show my sincerity to learn the
sauce, alas... " Bruce said in French because he was afraid that these words would hurt Selina. Bruce
could tell Selina likes Edward.

Edward replied in French, "thank you, Bruce. But I don't think she will come with me again."

"Why?" He was surprised.

He kept silent for a while and didn't respond.

Although Bruce didn't believe it, he said in a low mood, "the goose liver is ready. I'll give it to you and
this lady."

Then he left dejectedly. The waiter put the food on the table and left.

When Selina studied abroad, she had practiced French. Although she couldn't understand the
conversation between the two, she could understand it in eighty percent. She looked at Edward, who
was staring at the night view outside the French window, with deep and sad eyes. After a long while, he
came to his senses and returned to his seat. "The goose liver made by Bruce is very authentic. Don't
waste it."

He... He hasn't let go of Angela...

Late at night, the lights in S City were as bright as daytime, and the Mu Shadow was full of hustle and

Maggi was wearing a close fitting skirt, showing the outline of her body without reservation. In the
room, Vanessa took a pile of clothes and threw them on the sofa.

"Your style is not what Edward likes. You can wear these from now on!"

She picked up one. It was a pure white Chiffon dress. The style was simple and generous, which didn't
match her heavy makeup. She said in disgust, "these look like white lotuses."

"It doesn't matter. As long as Edward cast a one more look at you, your goal is achieved. If you don't
like that one, you can wear this one!" Then she pointed at the jeans and white T-shirt beside her.

"Okay... I really don't believe that these clothes are so unattractive that they can attract Mr. Edward's
attention?" Without even drawing the curtain, Maggi took off her clothes and changed into jeans and T-


"And removed the make-up on your face!"

"Remove my makeup?" She was a little scared. After all, after removing her makeup, her face would be
greatly reduced. It was a society that focus on one's face. She couldn't let Edward see her dark and
yellow face.

"Edward likes the girl dignified and elegant. Your make-up is too thick."

"Oh..." It turned out to change to a light make-up, then it was ok.

Thirty minutes later, she helped her to put on her make-up. Looking at the woman in the mirror, she
said, "you can do the same from now on. Remember, don't wear heavy make-up! You don't have to
worry about the Mu Shadow's business. All you need to do now is to make Edward be interested in

Maggi didn't like her face in the mirror. Her face was in good shape, but except for the eye makeup,
other parts seemed not to be decorated at all. Though the foundation made her skin better, and her lips
were light pink.

"Okay!" Maggi believed that Vanessa was on her side, but she didn't understand. "Vanessa, why did
you ask me to seduce Mr. Edward?"

Although Maggi had many bad habits and arrogance, it was because she was stupid and easy to
control. Vanessa stared at her. After a while, she smiled and asked, "what do you think?"

She frowned and thought for a while. "Mr. Edward is so rich. I want to make a fortune from him!"

"Yes... He is so rich. How can she not make a fortune?" Vanessa said in a strange tone.

"Then why didn't Vanessa and Mr. Edward... Hmm... I mean, I heard from downstairs that Mr. Edward
often sends flowers to Vanessa, and he cares about you very much. Why don't you just stay with him?
Do you want me to try Mr. Edward's feelings for you?" If so, she'd better not be serious with Edward.
She was afraid that Vanessa would tear her apart!

"I'm old... I'm not as sweet and delicious as you girls in your twenties." Vanessa's eyes were filled with
gloom. Then she took another glance at the roses in the glass bottle.

She remembered that day when Edward drove her out of the office, she still received his flower that
night. In the past three years, she received flowers from him every day. She thought that Edward didn't
blame her. The second day, she went to see him again, but she couldn't even enter the office door.
However, she received flower from him that night. She contacted the owner of the flower shop and
asked. Then she knew that Edward had ordered a whole year's flower, one bunch for each day, for
Vanessa. In the past three years, he had also paid one-time for a year, asking the flower shop to send
flowers every day.

She also heard that the flower shop was about to close down. Seeing that the owner of the flower shop
was a single mother, Edward felt pity for her to give the business to her. Vanessa was so angry that she
couldn't eat or sleep the whole day.

Seeing that her face was sometimes gloomy and sometimes angry, she couldn't figure out what she
had said wrong. Afraid that she might lose her temper, she stood up and said, "Vanessa, I'm leaving

"Okay!" Vanessa also knew that half an hour ago, people downstairs said that Edward was looking for

With permission, Maggi left in her high heels. As soon as she entered Edward's room, she saw him
leaning against the sofa and squinting. He put his hand on the sofa, looking tired but not asleep.

A man was almost forty years old. How could he look like in his twenties? Other CEOs were all greasy
uncle, but Edward was more handsome than those male stars in the screen. Maggi couldn't help but
sigh, wondering why he didn't really like her?

He was woken up by her sigh. He opened his eyes and his eyes were clear.

"Sorry... I... I woke you up..." Maggi was in a panic.

The moment he opened his eyes, he seemed to be in a dream, but the next second, he was sure that
the person in front of him was real, not a dream. He sat straight a little and stared at her. After a while,
he recovered from the shock.

Maggi's face and mouth were similar to Angela's. What she dressed today was exactly another Angela.
At that moment, he almost recognized her as Angela. However, Angela was so bold that she seldom

Finally, he recognized she was Maggi. He stood up and asked, "can I go to your home now?"