Keep you in my arms

Chapter 230 It May Be Cruel To You

"What?" The person on the other end of the line thought she had heard it wrong.

"How about this Saturday! I will go to your home with my parents." He hung up the phone before Selina
could reply.

He stared at the screen for a while before he opened WeChat and clicked on Angela's wechat circle.
Her wechat circle stopped three years ago. The last photo she took on the plane was accompanied by
only four words: that's it...

After that, she didn't post anything. He stared at the dialogue box with her, just like every day in the
past three years, and threw his phone away angrily.

He pressed the starting button of the car and suddenly stepped on the accelerator to dust away.

Two years ago, he couldn't let it go. He went to H City, but saw her hugging Harriet downstairs.

She broke her promise, left him and went to another city. She had an affair with another man and
hadn't come back to see him and their child once. Why could she live such a free and easy life after he
had been tortured for three years?

Three days later, in the children's Park in the shopping mall, Angela and Lesley watched the two
children playing little balls inside. While making sure their safety, Lesley sighed, "since we have a baby,
time doesn't belong to us anymore!"

Angela asked with concern, "have you solved the problems of the kindergarten?"

"I'm still working on it. I won't know the result until next week!" "What about you? How is the thing going
on about Daria?"

Her eyes darkened in an instant, and then she raised her chin slightly to cover her sadness with a
smile. "Almost!"

If Lesley didn't find anything wrong with her, it would be a shame for her to be her best friend!

"Didn't you say that three cobblers with their wits combined equal Zhuge Liang? Why did you hide it
from me all of a sudden?"

Seeing that she couldn't hide it from her, Angela said, "Edward agreed to divorce, but he didn't allow
me to see Daria!"

"He don't allow you to see Daria? !" Lesley was a little angry, "what right does he have not to let you
see Daria?"

Lesley had always thought that it was Edward who ruined Angela. He was the one who insisted on
marrying her, and then he cheated on her! Angela didn't fight for anything. She just wanted to get her
freedom back. She even sacrificed her time with her child. He didn't feel guilty for taking her up so
much time. He didn't even allow her to see the child?

Angela knew that Lesley would definitely defend for her. She didn't dare to say that he didn't allow her
to see Daria, but not allow her to visit Daria.

Noticing that she didn't respond, Lesley realized that she was too excited. She calmed herself down a
little and asked expectantly, "did you see Daria last time?"

"Yes, I did. Her room was decorated very cute and warm. There are many dolls, a wall full of
bookshelves, and many models on it..."

"It seems that the Yan Family also loves her..."

"Edward is almost forty years old. Daria is his first child. They must dote on her very much!" Therefore,
in the past three years, except for missing her daughter, she didn't worry that the Yan Family would
treat Daria badly.

"What if they know the existence of Eden...?"

"I've decided to hide him from them. Now I can't even get the right to visit Daria. If I lose Eden again, I
really can't imagine what I will do." She looked far away and felt a little sad.

"Why can't you get the visitation right?" Lesley frowned.

Angela was stunned and realized that she said it by accident. Seeing the confused look in Lesley's
eyes and her inquisitive expression, Angela decided to tell her the truth. "Maybe he will marry another

Although the divorce was proposed by Angela, Lesley knew that she still cared about him. Seeing the
disappointment in her eyes, Lesley knew why she was in a bad mood.

"Then you... Agreed?"

"How is that possible?" She was also a little excited. "I won't sign it! Even if he gives me all the property
of the Yan Family, I won't sign such a ridiculous divorce agreement. Daria is my child. It's already very
painful for me to lose the custody. I can't accept that I can't visit her... "

"They've gone too far!" Lesley said angrily. She couldn't help but take a look at the child not far away
and frowned. "He doesn't know the existence of Eden, does he?"

"Yes! This is my biggest concern. Daria was only one child in the Yan Family, and she was a girl. If he
knows the existence of Eden, he will never let Eden follow my surname." Speaking of this, her eyes
were blurred and her hands could not help trembling.

Feeling her strong fear, Lesley held her hand and said, "don't worry. You brought Eden up. It's
impossible for Edward to take him away from you so easily. Besides, once you divorce him. There will
be no more intersections between you guys. He won't know the existence of Eden. And even if he
knows that you have a child, he may not think that it is the child of him!"

What Lesley said could always made her calm down a lot. But when she looked at Eden, she frowned
more tightly...

Seeing that Eden] and Clark had almost finished playing, the two of them went to take the children out
and said that they were going to have dinner together. After taking a few steps, Angela felt that
someone was looking at her behind. She couldn't help but stop and looked back.

"What's wrong?"

There was no suspicious person among the customers roaming around. She must have thought too

"I always feel that someone is looking at me. Maybe I haven't slept well recently and I have worried too

After the two of them left, the woman standing in front of the fence turned her head.

Vanessa stared at Angela's back for a few seconds, her eyes full of conspiracy. After a long time, she
seemed to see the success of the conspiracy and then smiled.

On Friday night, in the Old Story.

At the dinner table, Selina was so shy that she didn't know what to do. Her hands even trembled with
knives and forks.

It was strange that she wasn't nervous when Edward suddenly proposed to her and asked her out for
dinner alone!

"I might not be able to do what you think." He put down the knife and fork and suddenly looked up at

She was stunned and asked, "what... Look?"

"I have another woman outside. Even if I marry you, I won't break up with them." He said calmly.
Seeing her pale face and biting her lips with embarrassment, he continued, "Daria needs a dignified
and decent mother, and what I can give you is only the treatment of the daughter-in-law of the Yan
Family. As for love... I can't satisfy you."

Under the table, Selina held her dress tightly. She lowered her head down deeply and to hold back her

Since Angela left the Yan Family, Anna had invited Selina to the Yan Family intentionally or
unintentionally. Selina likes Edward. Anna always thought that Selina was a good girl. In the past three
years, he didn't ask or refuse her to go to the Yan Family, but he never showed any enthusiasm. As
soon as Angela came back, he suddenly said that he wanted to marry her, which made her feel a little
strange. But she didn't expect that the marriage he mentioned was such a marriage...

Seeing her trembling shoulder, Edward knew that she was angry. He could understand. After all, his
request was very excessive. But he didn't force her.

He wiped his mouth and stood up. "If you don't accept it, just pretend that we haven't seen each other. I
will try to explain to them tomorrow about tomorrow's parents meeting."

As soon as Edward turned around, Selina behind him shouted, "wait a minute!"

He paused, but didn't turn around. He heard that she got up from the chair and trotted towards him,
and then the person behind him suddenly hugged his waist.

He was not used to being held like this. He reached out his hands and was about to move his hand
from his waist. When he just about to raise his hand. The person behind him cried, "Edward..."

His hand stopped in the air.

"Maybe I can't escape your curse. I don't know what's wrong with me. I can't accept another person in
my life..." She sobbed, as if to vent all the emotions accumulated in the past few years. "I promise you,
I will be a good wife and a good mother."

There was a moment of silence in the room.

"Maybe it will be cruel to you... I won't have another child with you for the sake of Daria." He said lightly,
but he also felt that the person behind him was stiff.

If they really got married, he would leave a lot of things in the family to her, especially Daria. If she gave
birth to her own child, he was afraid that Daria would be ignored.