Keep you in my arms

Chapter 232 She Will Be His Ex-Wife Soon!

It had been more than half a month since Edward didn't came to see her. She was already very excited
when he came to the Mu Shaw to see her. Now that he suddenly came to her home, she was even
more excited.

Getting on his car, she looked at it secretly for a while and sighed in her heart, 'I really want to always
take such a good car in the future!' Edward's family was so rich that she couldn't spend the money all
her life. If that he could marry her...

When the car stopped, she found that they had arrived at the downstairs where she lived. Then she got
off the car in a hurry and followed him upstairs. Following him, Maggi felt a little nervous, because
Vanessa had told her that she couldn't be impatient with Edward, but she could also try to take the
initiative. She was thinking about how to hint him later.

Edward stopped at her door and made way for her to open the door. Her hands were trembling, and
she didn't hold the key steadily and fall. He looked at her side face, especially her lips, which were very
similar to Angela's. seeing that she squatted down to pick up the key in a hurry. His mind was full of the
first time he saw Angela. She was so bold that she seemed not to be afraid of him or anyone else.

"Mr. Edward, you can come in now." When Maggi opened the door and saw him lost in thought, she
reminded him.

As soon as he walked in, he smelled a strong fragrance. The fragrance of cosmetics, skin care
products and perfume didn't smell like Angela at all. He frowned, but finally walked in and sat on the

Maggi poured him a glass of water and sat down next to him, trembling.

Angela had never shown such an expression in front of him.

He frowned and asked, "is there any wine?"

"Yes, yes!" She always had wine! But...

Taking a step forward, she turned around and asked, "Mr. Edward, I, I only have beer here, is that ok?"

Almost all the things the Mu Shadow had spent were foreign wine and red wine, and a bottle of wine
was worth tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. She felt the beer was a little
cheap and asked, afraid of being disliked by Mr. Edward.

Unexpectedly, he asked, "do you want to drink it?"

of course! Although the beer was not so good, she liked it!

She nodded. He asked, "how many bottles will you get drunk?"

What? How many bottles will she drunk?

She didn't understand why he asked, but she didn't dare not refuse. "About seven or eight bottles!"

In fact, her drinking capacity was average.

"Then take eight bottles."

"Yes! Okay!"

She went to the refrigerator and fetched three bottles. Seeing that she couldn't take all the bottles,
Edward went to help her.

"Mr. Edward, I'll go get it!"

However, when he walked to the fridge, he found that it was full of wine!

He was stunned and then took five more bottles from it. Maggi took a corkscrew to pry open all the
wine. Sitting on the sofa and seeing her bring the wine to him, Edward said, "drink it until you get

Maggi was stunned.

Mr. Edward is so strange. Until she gets drunk? Did he want to get her drunk? But it was the first time
that she had seen such a direct way to get drunk. Vanessa had told her that if she could make Edward
fall in love with her, she would never be able to worry about repaying her father's debt.

Thinking of this, she didn't ask anything more and said, "okay!"

Then she drank two bottles of beer in a row, sat aside and explained, "my belly will be a little swollen

After resting for a while, Maggi continued to drink. From beginning to end, he just sat aside and stared
at her, but his eyes were clearly looking through her at the other face.

After a little while, Maggi's sight became a little unclear. Edward who sat on the sofa also changed from
one to two, overlapping many times. Her brain began to short out. She didn't know who he was or what
she was doing.

Seeing that she blushed and there was no fear in her eyes, Edward stood up and approached her,
reaching out his hand to cover her eyes. Maggi was so drunk that she thought it was someone who
was playing with her. She grabbed his hand and grinned.

This smile made Edward stunned. The person in front of him overlapped the other face. His body
stiffened and his Adam's apple bobbed. He simply covered her eyes and pressed her against the sofa.

When his lips touched her cold lips, his heart was torn apart. He closed his sad eyes and indulged
himself in her cold lips. Just like the last night three years ago, he tightly held her shoulder and
breathed in the breath of the person under him.

The woman under him blushed and panted with her eyes closed, as if she was waiting for the
moisturize of the sweet dew. After he got a little fragrant, he grabbed the woman's waist and walked
into the room.

The sunshine in the summer afternoon was a little harsh. Sitting in his office, Edward looked at the
sunlight emitted by the glass window of the building, lost in thought and unable to calm down for a long

At this time, the telephone in the office rang. He answered the phone and it was from the front desk. He
asked, "Mr. Edward, there is a Miss Maggi who wants to see you."

He frowned and looked at his watch again. There was a moment of silence.

"Mr. Edward?" The receptionist didn't hear his reply and thought he didn't hear it, so she called him

"Let her in."

Ten minutes later, Maggi pushed the door of the CEO's office open, only to find that it was empty. She
closed the door and found no one inside, so she sat on the sofa. She looked around Edward's office
and then walked to the wine rack. After a while, she couldn't help surprising in her heart and said, "last
time, Vanessa said that this bottle of wine would cost more than one hundred thousand, right? There
are actually three bottles on the shelf. It's too extravagant! "

Then she looked at the paintings hanging on the wall and the jade ornaments on the stage, all these...
They must be very expensive, right? She could pay off her father's gambling debt with only two of

She was intended to take some, but pulled her hand back at the second thought. The biggest fish was
Edward. If he was willing to give her money, millions should be a small amount!

Thinking of this, she went back to the sofa and sat down.

At this time, the door of the CEO's office was knocked two times. Maggi stood up in horror. Suddenly,
the door opened. A woman in a T-shirt and jeans was standing at the door and she looked familiar. The
woman was surprised to see her and then asked politely, "excuse me, is Edward here?"

'Edward? Why this woman didn't call him Mr. Edward? Who is she?

"Who are you?" Maggi asked, feeling an inexplicable sense of danger.

Edward never liked women, especially don't like the woman come to his office. This woman could stay
here alone, she must have a close relationship with him. Now she raised her chin and arrogantly
questioned her, and her contemptuous eyes made her dislike her even more!

Angela rolled her eyes and said coldly, "his wife."

Although she would soon be his ex-wife!

Sure enough, the man's face turned pale. Then he said in a domineering manner, "huh! It turns out that
she is his wife! "

It seemed that the relationship between this woman and Edward was not simple, but... Since she had
made up her mind, she shouldn't care about it.

Without any expression on her face, Angela took out her phone and called Edward.

This morning, she had made an appointment with him to sign the divorce agreement at this time. Why
didn't he show up?

When she called him, his phone rang on the table.

Why didn't he even take his phone away?

She frowned and wanted to go to his room. At this moment, Maggi behind her said, "are you Mr.
Edward's wife? Since we meet today, let's make it clear."

Seeing that she was dressed in ordinary clothes and her face was not exceedingly beautiful, Maggi
instantly understood why Mr. Edward was looking for a woman outside! Mr. Edward had an affair with
another woman, naturally he didn't like his wife. In that case, she didn't have to be afraid of this woman!
It would be best if she could leave Mr. Edward, or she could get the position!